[Biluzao12345] Permaban appeal

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[Biluzao12345] Permaban appeal

Postby biluzao12345 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:59 pm #451773

Byond account and character name: Biluzao12345 = Apple Wentzel
Banning admin: MrAlphonzo
Ban reason and length: "be a love and tell me why you cremate someone and then went on a rampage" - Permaban
Time ban was placed (including time zone):2018-11-04 22:31:21
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Terry
Your side of the story: Well, that round took hours. There was a Security that I forgot the name, tasing me, then he put me in jail, then I was released and he was seen tasing another person again or he was tasing me, not sure. Then my friend Anna Maryza disarmed him and tased him. He put Anna in perma for disarming him. Then I got in EVA, I bursted Anna out and gave her a new identity and ID via Plastic Surgery. Then we wanted o seek revenge, I killed the guy that perma'd her for that STUPID reason and I cremated him, then I wanted to kill the other that arrested anna and did bring her to the sec that Perma'd her, but I failed anyways. The reason I cremate people is because, I know they will come back and they will kill me or perma me, and I'm afraid of it. I've also been killed for so many stupid reasons, or almost killed.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I've been playng alot in TG, and this is my first ban I believe. I already got a warning, but it was some time ago. I kind of regret what I've done a bit, and I want to play TG again. I know the rules, and I kind of regret what I've done.

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Re: [Biluzao12345] Permaban appeal

Postby MrAlphonzo » Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:58 pm #451972

I'll change it to a month ban.

The fact that you only "slightly" regret what you did is in itself problematic, but your gross exaggeration of how long ago your warning was is probably the most disappointing part of your appeal, as it was on the 28th of October. That is not "some time ago."

Clearly you don't know the rules, considering what you just did and how you justified cremating people. This should be plenty of time to refresh your memory.

The only reason this is being shortened, is because what you did has not justified a permanent ban given your history. An appeal made this haphazardly would get you nowhere, if you did anything worse.

Consider yourself put on a short leash.

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Re: [Biluzao12345] Permaban appeal

Postby subject217 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:11 pm #453724

Gonna mark this one as resolved.

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