Spriting & Mapping to-do list

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Spriting & Mapping to-do list

Unread postby LaKiller8 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 4:00 pm #457992


State of sprite licensing:
  • NicBoone: Remove, no permission.
  • Gorg: Permission to keep and distribute. Treat as CC-BY-SA.
  • Artouris: Permission to use, but not distribute.
  • Made by us: CC-BY-SA.

Note, all sprites in Apop's CM repo before going closed source, as well as any sprite that is a modification of one of those sprites OR a /tg/ or other open source sprites, are allowed and CC-BY-SA(-NC)

Sprites that have to be replaced and should be prioritized:
  • Resin wall/membrane/door (thick included)
  • Warrior and Defender sprites.
  • Ground, rock, and sand sprites on desert map
  • Dropship door animations
Sprites that would be nice to have/changed up:
  • Move the north-facing wooden barricade's sprite a bit north
  • Incendiary and m15 grenade boxes.
  • Wielded pistol and revolver inhand sprites.
  • RPL-Y cargo mech
  • Suit Storage Unit (EVA)
  • SecTech vendor
  • YouTool vendor
  • tool storage machine (ROBCO)
  • hydroponics tray
  • space violin
  • kitchen knife
  • Canister [Air]
  • tank storage unit
  • warning cone
  • gas turbine generators on Big Red
  • uranium pillars on Big Red (maybe have a control rod sprite instead of uranium walls)
  • Personal Computer on Big Red in Office Complex
  • mining drill
  • server rack
  • 3/4 sandstone and cultist walls


  • Replace all var-edited objects for coded variants.
  • Work unfinished maps. Desert Dam would be good for vehicle combat, and we could use a large one for no-Almayer game mode.
  • Cryo access in medbay made general medbay, not doctor-restricted.
  • bookcase sprites should have various filled variants because it looks bad to have libraries with 0 books on Big Red/ Prison
  • Big Red -biohazard closets use wrong perspective sprites in colony armory

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