[Subject217] fopat- Ban appeal

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[Subject217] fopat- Ban appeal

Postby Fopat » Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:27 pm #458316

Byond account: fopat
character name: Dont remember
Banning admin: Subject217
Ban type: Server
Ban reason: You have consistently proven to be someone who throws gigantic fits of anger when something doesn´t go his way, to the point of breaking several rules each time, including egregious OCC in IC repeatdly trying to hurt several random people. Just now you spawned as a free golem and proceeded to try to murder the other free golems because "Using my anger on innocent people". This is far from an isolated incident for you, as well. If your anger issues are bad enough that you cannot play on the server without griefing other people the moment something doesnt go you way, you don´t deserve to play where. Feel free to appeal this if you learn to deal with your anger issues.
Time ban was placed: 20:12:20 2018-11-30
Server you were playing when banned : Bagil
Your side of the story: There is some minor errors in the ban reason , because you cant say that always I do that ; I Get angry like , when : I Get trolled by the description of the itens , like I was a traitor I had traitor thing glasses and the description said that protected me from flashes and it did not , so I got angry and arrested ,
but I had a good talk with space gods and the detective , so I calmed down and even if I lost my objectives I had a funny round , so I liked that round , even if that descrition trolled me , And that is how I like to play , somethimes when Im a antagonist I talk to people that I will kill , Its something that I like . But the rest of the reason is true , I get Angry somethimes when shit goes wrong .
Why you think you should be unbanned: Really I like to play this game , and I learned so many things about this game that I cant leave ; I created nuclear fusion , creted generators , Genetics ; Created a toxins bomb , played as a nuclear operative , And I cant leave this game because of so many good shit , And yeah I get angry somethimes when shit goes wrong because I want to make things , to make the shifts fun , and somethimes have acess to shit . But there is shit that gets out of my path of discover , players . The problem is that Like I wanted some insulated gloves , so I asked AI to open the door and AI did it , AND THE FUCKING CHIEF ENGEENIR STUNNED ME AND PUT ME OUT OF ENGEENERING , see that action isnt breaking any law , your shit but It makes even a little bit a people angry and Im not talking only for me , im talking for people that sufer this shit , And in the same shift I go to another Place get fucked by another people , and another shift this appens , you see the anger just acummulates , and At some point one of two happens to me : I Turn insane and begin to break rules , like this appeal your I have lucky and find a guy that makes me thing and dont do this shit , What I am saying is that , to dont get at that point I need to know the risks of people and Dont fucking exploe because that gets me banned , and I like this game And I spend alot of time making a appeal because of my anger , And a last thing I wasnt going to kill that golems , like some months ago I probaly would kill them , but now , it really isnt worth harming to crtical / killing people because im angry , And I think I learned the lesson Lose is part of the game , thanks for reading this gigantic appeal .

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Re: [Subject217] fopat- Ban appeal

Postby subject217 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:37 pm #458421

While I'm glad that you made a serious appeal, you still seem quite upset and I cannot really believe that you have honestly learned and are going to change your ways a mere one day after you got banned. "Technically" you already appealed this ban and were denied, just yesterday. You should try playing on a different server. If you can do that and come back with a good record I'm willing to accept an appeal from you in about 6 months or so. Until then though, I am going to do the server a favor and deny this.

Something I'd also like to make clear here. This ban was for the account Folte. Fopat is the alt. Mostly just needed Folte in this appeal so it's easy to find later.
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Re: [Subject217] fopat- Ban appeal

Postby Arianya » Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:22 pm #458550

Looks resolved.
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