[DaxYeen] Zyad - OOC Chat Ban

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[DaxYeen] Zyad - OOC Chat Ban

Postby Zyad » Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:56 pm #465732

Daxyeen-ronald mcdonald ban evasion ooc ban

Zyad-Ronald mcdonald

Ban type Ooc chat and ghost chat

not understanding between ic and ooc a month
I basicly was playing as an ai i was not even talked too not even asked to state laws
or do anything so in ooc i said damn its boring when no one change your laws then if i remember right it was at that momen
i got banned from ooc or warned i cant remember exact moment buti said somthing ic in ooc

I know understand netspeaking what not to say in ooc whats ic and ooc and what not to say in ooc
or ic I understand why I was banned and now I understand what not to do to not be warned again I understand why the mod banned me and I understand what i did wrong
and as I understand it now I wont do somthing wrong in ooc again or ic
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Re: daxyeen ooc chat ban

Postby Dax Dupont » Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:16 am #465753

Use the format, also you have 1 note and two previous escalating bans for IC in OOC. Including some VERY round revealing IC info.

We've begun to be stricter on IC in OOC and OOC in IC and you really don't seem to be able to handle OOC, especially when after you do this:
- (F) [Common] A.C.T states, \"Lag strikes i am banned from ooc\"

You also have a bunch of notes and bans for netspeak in IC. When we bwoink you each time you go 'whats netspeak?' even though we explain it like 4-5 times by now.

I'm denying this and the headmins can decide whether to override.

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