[BlueNothing] sonictom6 - Job ban that I believe has run its course

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[BlueNothing] sonictom6 - Job ban that I believe has run its course

Postby sonictom6 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:27 pm #467240

Byond account and character name: Sonictom6 - Jonathan Edgarson

Banning admin: BlueNothing

Ban type (What are you banned from?): Captain - Head of Security - Head of Personnel

Ban reason and length: "Multiple innocents killed and rendered unrecoverable as captain." - Jobban

Time ban was placed (including time zone): 2018|08|16 02:21:21 GMT

Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Bagil - Round 90097

Your side of the story: I made honest, brash mistakes as the captain, and killed people I believed were antags, and gibbed/cremated them, taking them out of the round. I believe the number of people was around three, and I genuinely believed they were antags, though I understand 100% that I shouldn't have acted in such an extreme manner with so little evidence, as it resulted in people permanently being taken out of the round after doing nothing wrong.

Why you think you should be unbanned: The ban occured roughly six months ago now, and after playing security roles for quite a while since aswell as just generally playing the server more, I believe I've learned my lesson not to act so harshly. Since the jobban itself, I've not recieved another ban at all, or warning in regards to performing such an action. I believe that I should be given another chance at these roles now that I understand not only the fact that I shouldn't EVER gib/cremate someone without concrete evidence that they are largely in the wrong, but also that I now know not to be so brash as a whole as roles such as captain.

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Re: [BlueNothing] sonictom6 - Job ban that I believe has run its course

Postby subject217 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:01 am #467246

BlueNothing isn't around to handle this ban anymore. At any rate, it looks good to me, so you're unbanned.
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Re: [BlueNothing] sonictom6 - Job ban that I believe has run its course

Postby TribeOfBeavers » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:20 pm #468015

This appears to be resolved.

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