[Coconutwarrior97] SpookyPurpleCat - PB'd for defensively removing a valid hunter off the white ship

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[Coconutwarrior97] SpookyPurpleCat - PB'd for defensively removing a valid hunter off the white ship

Postby PurpleWitch » Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:42 am #487698

Byond Account and Character Name: SpookyPurpleCat - Len Hollow
Banning Admin: Coconutwarrior97
Ban Type: (What are you banned from?): All servers.
Ban Reason and Length: Permanent Ban. “Killed an officer, Athena Hunt, then dragged their corpse into lava on lavaland. You asked Athena to leave several times, they did not and so you killed them. That is not appropriate under escalation. Considering past incidents involving athena I beleive this is metagrudging, and a failure to learn how to follow escalation properly. I feel a permanent ban is appropriate”
Time ban was placed (including time zone): “2019-03-11 03:59:37”, whatever timezone the server uses.
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Sybil
Your side of the story:

So, from the beginning. William and I start as engineers, we both talk for a bit, joke around, and then decide to go find the white ship. We grab materials, grab hardsuits, fly off into space after setting up the engine.

Fast forward, we find the white ship. It’s the delta station white ship, so it’s the cool u-shaped design of the white ship. We secure it. We both agree that it would be a private ship, our ship, and we proceed to clean it up. We got the experimental autolathe, protolathe, and circuit printer along with the research console boards from the derelict, so we proceed to set that up in the white ship’s cargo bay. Then we realized we need to make a pit stop for parts, somewhere along there I mentioned that we should invite Brisco and Zoey onto the ship.

We dock at the station. We’re moored, so I PDA Brisco and ask if they wanted to be our whiteship cook, and they said they’ll be there and so I saw Brisco and stuff getting his stuff onto the ship. During this time I was talking over engineering radio and then noticed Ratman on the station, and he was talking to someone who was threatening them to hand over their gun or something or they’d be killed. It was sort of strange seeing a ghost role on the station, as I knew that they weren’t meant to leave the base at all. Soon after that encounter I sip some Nuka Cola and zoom to Engineering to grab some parts, but before I do this I hand Brisco my retro laser gun and told them to protect the ship and prevent anyone from entering. I get parts, rush to the ship with the help of Nuka Cola, and we sit on the ship for a bit. Then, Athena comes in, infecting all of us with the disease that was currently attacking the station. I told Athena to leave, many times, after which they refused, and walked away as I tried to pull them out passively out of the ship. As said in the admin helps, I told Athena to “get out once.”, but that’s false, as it can be proved in logs that I gave them many chances to leave the ship, knowing that there was an epidemic on the station that William and I were trying to avoid getting infected.


After which, I try to disarm them, and try to pull them out of the ship with nonlethal efforts.

[2019-03-11 02:57:51.216] ATTACK: SpookyPurpleCat/(Len Hollow) has grabbed Yenwodyah/(Athena Hunt) passive grab (NEWHP: 87.7) (Abandoned Ship Medbay (97, 10, 5))

[2019-03-11 02:57:54.661] ATTACK: SpookyPurpleCat/(Len Hollow) has disarmed Yenwodyah/(Athena Hunt) (NEWHP: 87.7) (Abandoned Ship Crew Quarters (96, 19, 5))


After which I nailed them with a toolbox, to try to get them to leave, which they then stun me, which invoked a lethal reaction from Brisco, as the provided player is known to remove people from rounds for the slightest thing.

BrokenOculus/(Brisco Masada) has shot Yenwodyah/(Athena Hunt) with the laser (NEWHP: 27.5) (Abandoned Ship Medbay (93, 10, 5))

After which, Brisco unloads the retro laser gun into the invader which then lethally kills them. After that, a borg (HK-7 something) rolls in, and watches Brisco unload into them. Brisco shakes me up, and the borg says:

[2019-03-11 02:58:22.695] SAY: Moist Cookie/(HK-47) "uh" (Abandoned Ship Bridge (92, 12, 5))

[2019-03-11 02:58:24.814] SAY: Moist Cookie/(HK-47) "thats human harm" (Abandoned Ship Bridge (92, 12, 5))

After which I realize that the borg just watched us kill off a known shitter, who was at the time human, both Brisco and I were felinids, meaning that the borg could flash and kill both of us since none of us had flash protection. I, in defense, state that the “human” we just killed was a changeling. After that, the borg starts to follow me as I drag the body, and doesn’t stop following me until we change the ship location to lavaland, and when I went outside the ship, the borg was STILL following me, so I throw the body one block into lava, which then my pursuer says,

[2019-03-11 02:59:07.984] SAY: Moist Cookie/(HK-47) "perfect" (Lavaland Wastes (153, 26, 5))

After watching me throw Athena one tile into lava, easily retrievable and not quite too far from the lavaland base, HK goes back to the ship and continues to clean, afterwich I then go back to the ship myself.

Why Athena was on the ship? I don’t know, but they were told to leave many, many times. From what I’ve heard so far, they were on the ship trying to valid hunt Ratman, who was not on our ship at all until after they were shot up by Brisco. What I don't understand is why they wouldn't leave when told, and why they even brought a ghost role to the station just to try to kill them anyway.

"Killed an Officer" it wasn't even me that killed Athena, it was Brisco who killed them. This can be proved in logs.

“Considering past incidents involving athena I beleive this is metagrudging”

“Past events”, was when Athena was trying to ban bait in the past, I did say I really hate him, but that doesn't mean I'm going to metagrudge them and get banned. Also, I acted in defense for throwing them in the lava because the borg was following me and staring me down watching what I do with the body, so I didn't have an option, because I didn't want to get valid hunted by a borg because a known shitter boarded our ship. We all know that Athena is known for removing people from the round for the slightest thing(even went to the extent of bringing Ratman to the station, just to valid hunt them, as said by the player who played Ratman that round), so Brisco acted in defense in lethaling Athena to death for stunning me, because once you're stunned you can't do anything and you're at the hands of someone who will go out of their way to remove you from the round cause "lol valid".

Why you think you should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned, because one, I was not the one who killed Athena; that was Brisco, who lethally shot them to death, not me. Two, Athena was told to leave many times, I even tried to drag them out, then tried to disarm them, so they’ll fall over, so I could pull them out of the ship, again. The ship was docked on the station, he would’ve been fine to leave. I don’t understand why they didn’t leave, they had no reason to be on the ship to try to ruin our thing we had going on. They are literally known in the sybil community to start screaming once things don’t go their way, which can be referred back to when they were getting executed and were beginning to mock their executors by calling them valid hunters in IC chat (refer to player Nox for more information on that scenario)

Overall, I don’t think I should’ve been permanently banned for “killing” someone that I didn’t even kill, and was in self defense keeping a player locally known in the sybil community to ruin things, out of our ship. I know I threw them into lava, but it’s not like I had a choice with the borg breathing down my neck watching me the whole time with the body. I wasn’t the original person to kill them, nor did I have intentions to lethally remove them from the ship, only to get them to run away from our ship / stay away from our ship.

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Re: [Coconutwarrior97] SpookyPurpleCat - PB'd for defensively removing a valid hunter off the white ship

Postby Hulkamania » Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:56 am #487704

I'm going to post a few lines from the round beforehand as I think they are relevant.

[2019-03-11 01:12:57.933] SAY: SpookyPurpleCat/(Len Hollow) (DEAD) "as soon as a ghost roll spawns im just directly going to kill tyrone and athena" (Labor Camp (23, 41, 5))
[2019-03-11 01:13:01.164] SAY: SpookyPurpleCat/(Len Hollow) (DEAD) "god i fucking hate athena so much" (Labor Camp (23, 41, 5))
[2019-03-11 01:13:19.742] SAY: SpookyPurpleCat/(Len Hollow) (DEAD) "were all allowed to metagrudge if athena can" (Labor Camp (23, 41, 5))
[2019-03-11 01:14:21.084] ADMIN: DSAY: Hulkamania/(Depressio The Clown) "I'm going to go ahead and advise you not do that." (Medbay Central (158, 100, 2))
https://tgstation13.org/parsed-logs/syb ... /game.html

This was the round immediately proceeding the one where the ban occurred. I personally made note to the administration team that you seemed to have a grudge you were harboring against Athena, so when this incident occurred the following round this more than likely factored into it.

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Re: [Coconutwarrior97] SpookyPurpleCat - PB'd for defensively removing a valid hunter off the white ship

Postby Okand37 » Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:31 am #487712

Keep in mind the following is an assumption, as I have no prior interaction with you personally. I do not mean anything ill or hostile by posting this, but I feel it's a very real issue that needs to be addressed.

It's a reoccurring trend that we get a player who create a position for themselves where they become both popular and controversial for a number of reasons. The most telling message are because they often put an emphasis on popularizing themselves and their character.

While not an issue in itself, people who thrive off of attention--both negative and positive--in an attempt to take the center stage tend to prove themselves as problematic players. We're often wary of these characters for their in-game conduct, but there's a more pressing undertone to address. Individuals who cultivate this "know-me-at-all-costs" reputation are often compensating for another struggle in life. We usually see these issues crop up in the form of rule-breaking because its easy to take out your frustrations on the game and other players because the hurt is still there.

My main concern behind you being unbanned is that the personal issues or struggles you may be suffering with won't suddenly have been erased. You're only subjecting yourself to the same negative environment that will hamper your ability to cope with and hopefully grow past these issues, instead reinforcing negative habits.

I think you would be better off seeking healthier environments and being mindful of those you surround yourself with. These are obviously assumptions, but I feel they're something you should consider personally if this is the case.
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Re: [Coconutwarrior97] SpookyPurpleCat - PB'd for defensively removing a valid hunter off the white ship

Postby Arianya » Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:51 pm #487776

While the intent is benevolent, I'm going to point out that giving your opinions on other players involved in an incident are absolutely peanut posting (and give the incorrect impression that metagrudging is okay if done to the right person).

The issues other players may have with their conduct is absolutely something that we are interested in and should be dealt with, but it's not relevant to the ban appeal in question. Metagrudging is metagrudging regardless of the target. If you have concerns about another player's continued conduct it is better to advise an online administrator (or a head admin via forum PM) then trying to take things into your own hands and ending up banned.
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Re: [Coconutwarrior97] SpookyPurpleCat - PB'd for defensively removing a valid hunter off the white ship

Postby Nervere » Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:22 am #487922

Hi, I've had my opinions on this ban but I didn't really want to get involved, but now, due to Haku's malicious actions, I have been forced to.
For all intents and purposes for this thread, the person I refer to as, "Haku" is SpookyPurpleCat, the creator of this thread. That is the name that he originally went by here, that is the name I assign him.
I apologize for the messiness of this post, I have shifted around the order of it several times so it is chronological and makes sense.
Needless to say, this whole sequence of events has left me very stressed, which may make some parts of this post confusing or unclear. If you have any questions, please send me a forum PM and I will edit this post with more details.

This is a long post I'm about to make, here's why it matters.
I wrote this entire post below and then realized it's long as hell and you probably don't read it. I'm going to sum it up in this blurb so you know why it's important.
The long and the short of it is that Haku recently faked having his Discord and Steam accounts hacked, and then accused me and Shezza of hacking him.
This post is to prove that Haku is completely full of shit, and is a bad actor in this community.


Recently, Haku had supposedly had his Discord and Steam accounts, "hacked". I had my heavy suspicions that this was not actually the case, and he was doing that thing he always does where he fishes for attention by making up stories about himself.
Regardless, it was not really any of my business so I did not look into it, I really have better things to be doing with my time.
However, things took a turn later on today when his discord account, which was supposedly "hacked" and "deleted", magically came back online. Below is a picture of his account on his catgirl metagang server when it was "deleted":

I looked into how it could be possible that a deleted Discord account came back online, and I found this in our bot logging channel on our Discord server:

Yes, it appears that, instead of actually having his account hacked/deleted, Haku changed his profile picture to a default one, and then changed his username.
Before you say: but wait! Maybe that's just what happens when Discord deletes an account! That's not true, and I tested this myself.
I created a Discord account called GenericDumbUsername, joined the /tg/ Discord server, changed my profile picture, waited a minute or two and then set my account for deletion. There were no logs similar to Haku's when I did this.
The account:

The logs after I deleted the test account:

As you can see, there's nothing there.
There are several things to take from this test:
- Firstly, Haku's account immediately turned into a default Discord avatar and changed the name to "deleted account" upon "deletion". This does not make sense for multiple reasons:
- This did not happen with the account that I tested it on.
- Discord does not immediately do this to deleted accounts.
- I'm pretty certain Discord has a grace period where you can stop the deletion of your account after it's set for deletion. It doesn't IMMEDIATELY get deleted.
- My test account, which was ACTUALLY set for deletion, produced none of the same avatar/name change logs as Haku's account did when his was "deleted". This indicates that his account was not hacked, he merely changed avatar/username.
- If you want to verify my test for yourself, our Discord bot software is Nadekobot, you can verify my methodology for testing yourself on your own server.

Haku also claimed his Steam account was accessed by this same person, and that he has the person's IP address. This was provided as proof:

This does not hold up, however. If you reverse search the IP of the supposed attacker, you will see that this IP address is literally not even in use. (mso edit: More authoritative info on ip assignment)
In fact, I'm pretty sure that IP, if it were real, wouldn't even be located in the United States, contrary to the geolocation of the IP seen in the screenshot (US.)
This tells me that this image was actually made using inspect element, and Haku's Steam account had not, in fact, been hacked.

As I said at the start of this post, I do not give a shit what Haku does in his free time or what drama he likes to make up. However, after he "recovered" his account, he started spreading accusations that it was either me or Shezza who had hacked his accounts.
Here is proof that he has been spreading this lie. Timestamps intentionally edited out to protect the individual who sent this to me:

Given that I KNOW that Haku faked his account deletion as per my evidence above, he is now using the fake drama that he created to try and accuse me and another community member of illegally accessing his Discord/Steam accounts. I shouldn't have to remind anyone that hacking someone's account is considered a felony in the United States, so I do not take these accusations lightly, and will not tolerate someone spreading malicious rumors about me.
I cannot even fathom how pathetic, evil, and stupid you must be to fake hacking your own account, and then accuse two people who you know did not do that of the crime you just faked against yourself.
So, that being said, I do not have anything else to say but this:

Haku, you are a subversive member of this community and a malicious actor wherever you go. Your appeal is denied, you are not welcome back, stay the fuck out forever.
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Re: [Coconutwarrior97] SpookyPurpleCat - PB'd for defensively removing a valid hunter off the white ship

Postby Coconutwarrior97 » Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:39 am #487928

Nervere has pretty much covered the situation surrounding the fake deletion, but I wanted to brush on the ban reason myself since I was the banning admin and would like to leave some kind of reply.

An officer was searching your ship for a syndicate comms agent, and thus had a valid reason to be there. You decided that by being there they suddenly somehow became a threat to you, and then attempted to remove them, they arrested you and Brisco killed them. The only reason I can see for you to feel threatened by Athena is due to previous interactions with them in other rounds. It also seems to me like your decision to throw them into lava was heavily influenced by your interactions with them in previous rounds. All this amounts to over-escalation prompted by metagrudging.

The main problem I had with your behavior is that its not just an isolated incident but something thats been repeated over and over. Heres some previous notes for example, the earliest from july of last year:
"Spaced someone they killed as a non-antag, rightfully defended workplace but the spacing was too far, warned to be more careful next time."

"Killed a scientist for reasearching high efficiency parts when he wanted to make a gygax to fight a blob. He sat in his lab all shift instead of actually helping to fight the blob. He's been banned before for killing people for minor reasons, and has been given punishments that reflect it, but he has still has not learned his lesson. "

"Tased and threatened an officer with a mech because they were messing with a catgirl detective. When the security officer returned and fired a ion rifle they then killed the officer with the mech. When another security officer made another attempt with the ion rifle you killed and cremated them. You cannot kill security for doing their job."

In regards to the metagrudging part of the ban you've also been warned once and noted specifically regarding athena the round prior:
"Told not to bring up previous rounds as reason to not trust someone."

Watch for metagrudge with Athena Hunt/Yenwodyah."

This, in addition to what you told me in ahelps:
“Im pretty sure you already know how athena is like, and you know that athena would go to remove me from my ship just because”

This is quite easily the most textbook metagrudging behavior I've personally ever witnessed. You've received plenty of warnings for both metagrudging and overescalation, and have shown you really haven't ever learned why what you do is wrong. This permaban is about your accumulated history and not just this incident on its own, and now additionally with this honestly absolutely disgusting behavior Nervere explained. This appeal is denied, goodbye.

Ahelp logs from:

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