[pointlesswaste3] Urist Earthson - 7 day ban?

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[pointlesswaste3] Urist Earthson - 7 day ban?

Postby Foxblade » Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:26 am #488629

Byond account and character name: Galaxyfalcon, Urist Earthson
Banning admin: pointlesswaste3
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Sybil
Ban reason and length: 7 days, killing non-antag as non-antag
Time ban was placed (including time zone): 0:47:51 on 2019-4-7
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Sybil
Your side of the story: Was in a feud with botany since they didn't want to give us (kitchen) some ingredients we asked for (were also turning people into golems or something creepy?) Anyways, someone came into the kitchen and started leaving a whole bunch of little mushroom men that were hopping around biting. Me and the other chef thought we were under attack, so the other chef started attacking her and I joined in the commotion. Gibbed the body for meat when we realize we'd killed her. The janitor and medbay had been bringing us a lot of bodies so it didn't seem out of place to just throw the body in the gibber and turn them into pizzas.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Someone invading your area doesn't seem so uncommon, figured it would be better to act first and ask questions later, overall didn't seem that out of place for something to be happening on ss13 but maybe you shouldn't attack anyone unless you know for sure they're an antag even if they're messing up your area.

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Re: [pointlesswaste3] Urist Earthson - 7 day ban?

Postby Okand37 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 3:15 am #488647

To clarify, the ban reason is as follows:
Banned from the server for 10080 minutes - Killed and gibbed a non antag, AS a non antag. Provided no reason, and disconnected during ahelp. Please explain on the forums.
Are you being the neighbour Mr. Rogers would've wanted you to be?

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Re: [pointlesswaste3] Urist Earthson - 7 day ban?

Postby SaveVatznick » Mon Apr 08, 2019 3:32 am #488657

I was the one you killed. Reading your story, you have either mis-remembered things or are willfully misrepresenting the situation.

First of all, we had three botanists, and for the first half of the round we were definitely growing ingredients for you. I personally never heard you request anything in person, nor over the radio, nor had I interacted with you or the other cook personally, but I made sure to stock the fridge in your kitchen. We had also grown plenty of cabbages and other things you'd use.I don't think there was a basis for a feud at all based on that, considering you never said a word or came by the hydroponics lab at all, and we certainly did give you the basic ingredients of cooking despite you making no effort to request any.

My first interaction with you was to show you Walking Mushrooms, which don't attack people (but do attack each other), because I thought you could use them as a meat source. Both of you did let me into the kitchen, and saw what I had to show you. After killing the activated mushrooms , you suddenly blocked me into a corner and told me something along the lines of "human meat is the best meat" before you and your chef buddy simultaneously knifed me to death right after speaking those words, and then fumbled around before gibbing my body. I didn't fight back. I don't know how you two concluded that you were "under attack" from me "invading your space" when you let me in so I could give you something useful. Furthermore, I don't know how both of you could come to the same conclusion without saying a word to each other at all. Both of you also stabbed me well-past dead, so I don't know what this "when we realized we killed her" stuff is, unless you're trying to make yourself sound more sympathetic. No one in botany messed up your area, or even set foot in it before I did, as far as I know. After I died, I noticed you went back to harass the other botanist, even going to the lengths to throw an IED through the window and then break into the room yourself. You also were definitely around to see him drop some empty golem shells on the floor, so again, I think you're misrepresenting how you perceive him to be "turning people into golems or something".

Whether you're sincerely misreporting things due to a lack of game knowledge (perhaps you're newer to the game and don't know what certain things do) or not, a cursory reading of the rules would tell you that the premises under which you killed me are flimsy at best. Honestly, it seemed like you were just looking for a reason to make a spaceman horizontal and are now feigning ignorance, but that might be out of line for me to say on my part.

Long story short, you both wordlessly coordinated together to stab me to death and gib me the first time you talked to me.

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Re: [pointlesswaste3] Urist Earthson - 7 day ban?

Postby Foxblade » Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:58 am #488670

I'm sorry, I'm new here and I think I misunderstood what was happening. We had been having words with some folks from botany (not you I presume) and when I saw the other chef strike you I feared that we had come under some kind of attack. I can accept the ban if that is justice, but I will admit that I am fairly confused and wasn't sure that I had acted in a way that was against the rules (from what I perceived). I think it is out of line to suggest I'm feigning ignorance on purpose but I imagine there are enough griefers here purposefully causing problems that it must be common to see. The other chef was even more new than me, and asked me to show him a few things (that's when we starting gibbing bodies) since he didn't know to to perform certain functions (cooking, processing food, etc) so as people continued to deliver bodies we threw them into the gibber. We closed the shutters after a while when someone started harassing us, throwing grenades into the kitchen and causing us to slip. I believe it was either the clown or the janitor but I wasn't sure, since they were both throwing things in throughout the match. Anyways, sorry to ruin the round, I know I was panicked and I'm not sure about the other chef, but when I saw him striking you I feared the worst.

At any rate, I clearly don't understand the rules or the game mechanics well enough so I need to spend more time practicing or reading, regardless of the ban being lifted or not.

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Re: [pointlesswaste3] Urist Earthson - 7 day ban?

Postby pointlesswaste » Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:22 pm #488733

it looks like you did not understand that sort of thing is unacceptable, but are willing to abide by the rules in the future

i'll reduce it to 3 days.

please refrain from unprovoked murder as a non-antag, and definitely don't gib non-antags as a non-antag in this sort of situation. the normal thing to do if a fight escalates to murder is to take the victim to cloning and explain what happened.

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