[Nervere] Brille65 - Wronlgy banned

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[Nervere] Brille65 - Wronlgy banned

Postby Brille65 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:07 am #496345

Byond account and character name: Brille65 / Benjamin Hawkeye Pierce
Banning admin: Nervere
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Permanent game ban
Ban reason and length:
"On Round 109654, killed a scientist and (maybe?) the clown for defending against an intruder in science. Later, carded the AI without authorization and was executed by security and the captain. Was talking about their conflict with the captain mid-round in OOC. The constant rulebreaking from you, respecially regarding rule and escalation, has not seen any improvement, so it is my opinion that our community is better off without you"

Time ban was placed (including time zone): 31.5.2019 21:40:15 (UTC +1 i guess?)
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): All of them
Your side of the story:
This ban reason is total bullshit. Thanks for at least take the 5 minutes to check whats even going on,Nervere!
I was the RD, one of "my" Robo guys said the clown broke in and as a punishment he wanted to borg the clown. So i was helping him by keeping him down. Shortly after that i saw how 2 guys where attacking one of the dudes that i gave a Job because, oh wonder, nobody felt like playing HoP. I think that workers name was Till Lindemann. I only got one of the assaulters because the other one was too fast and i wanted to borg him aswell for his doings. So, if Security would not jump into that situation the guy would have survived, but because they interfere the guy probably died. not sure since i was kinda in jail.
"Later" someone in Command-Chat asked me (OKAY, he did not ask me directly but i THINK i am the only head with an Intellicard and the possibility to restore an dead AI? ) to check if the AI is okay. In case of you people ever played this game actually, you might know that when the AI is dead or so you have to use an Intellicard to restore it in the RD's office. So i took JUST IN CASE the Intellicard with me. My Mighty Quest of checking the AI got slowed down by the fact that i forgot how to access the AI Satellite on this Map... so it took a bit longer. Then, when i was finally in front of the AI Satellite, the Incompetence in Person, a.k.a. the Captain showed up and decided that i am a Rev or an Traitor or what ever and executed me. Every try to actually talk to him failed. I think i heard how he said i should have gone to security and resolve stuff and GUESS WHAT, i JUST CAME FROM THERE AND I GOT SET FREE APPARENTLY. But i bet you admins checked that, right? right?? The only thing that in this whole "Ban message" is true is the OOC stuff. Alltho all i did was answering an question from some dude who asked whats about the Rev-thing... and in my opinion that what i said is not much more then calling out Shitcurity which happens in nearly every round so make sure you ban away those people too.
So i hope i did not (maybe?) accidentally started the Holocaust, Vietnam and 9/11 and at least remove the perm ban.
Its okay if you hate me but please dont Meta-hate me ingame.

Why you think you should be unbanned:
Besides that OOC thing i am innocent and i demand to get unbanned or AT LEAST remove the perm ban...

Thank you for your time.

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Re: [Nervere] Brille65 - Wronlgy banned

Postby Nervere » Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:16 pm #498136

There's a lot of things wrong with this appeal, and it demonstrates that you don't understand our rules.
The clown breaking into science isn't good cause to kill and forcefully borg him. You may not have been the main perpetrator of that one, but you were certainly participating.
Further, a conflict between your three subordinates (the new hire + the 2 roundstart scientists) is not good cause to forcefully borg both of them. Even just talking to them would have demonstrated that there was a misunderstanding: the two roundstart scientists believed the new hire was a greytider breaking in.

You deciding to card the AI and then getting smacked down for it isn't really my concern, and isn't why I mentioned it in the ban reason. It's to give context to you deciding to go on a rant in OOC mid-round.
It's another example of how anger tends to fuel your gameplay, and your blatant IC in OOC coupled with your unjustified kills and lengthy note history leave me convinced that you aren't capable of following the rules.
Here's your note history, for reference:

Most people should notice a pattern here, and I am no different: a history of poor escalation causing people to be removed from the round unfairly.
I remain convinced in my reasoning for this ban, and do not believe there was a misunderstanding, you've changed, or that you understand what's wrong here, so I am denying this appeal.

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