[MrAlphonzo] Iratus - Bag of holding bomb as nonantag

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[MrAlphonzo] Iratus - Bag of holding bomb as nonantag

Postby Iratus » Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:06 am #497194

Byond account and character name: Iratus / Tomoko Kuroki
Banning admin: MrAlphonzo
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Server? Host?
Ban reason and length: Bag of holding bomb as nonantag, permanent
Time ban was placed (including time zone): ~0340 EST
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Not sure, I dont see it on the BYOND browser
Your side of the story: This was at the end of the round or close to it, and there was all kinds of strange things going on. I was nearly killed twice by random explosions and after I was being attacked by a ninja with a beam sword I put them together, not knowing how huge of an explosion it would be. I've never done it before. This was also after there were holes blown in the shuttle and people were being set on fire or exploding.

Why you think you should be unbanned: At that stage in the game I wasn't sure what mattered or didn't matter, as I was deafened by several explosions and literally people exploding randomly. The acting captain detonated in the galley for no apparent reason (as I saw him say something in the death chat before I was banned) and it seemed like things were going completely pear shaped. The shuttle was already not going to be space worthy and as I was going to be killed by the space ninja whatever it was I did what I could to take him with me. As for why, exactly, I should not be banned permanently, I was performing my job in R&D in accordance with (IAW) rules and roleplaying, I was not doing obscure research tiers or paths, and I was quickly attending to any tech requests put through by Mining and Sanitation. I took care to report misdoings and didn't cause trouble, and made sure to avoid doing anything untoward since I was not an antagonist and merely wanting to survive. I've had a few bad experiences on the server just as a new person it it from grievers and also being surprised by the Changeling within moments of first starting, causing immense panic when my character suddenly changed and I was being beaten, arrested, and more or less removed from all forms of roleplay beyond "Help me I've become an elderly black man." I know now NOT to do something like that ever again. With the attack of the burning clowns I was trying to find something to calm my characters nerves, and yet chems stood there talking rudely to me after asking politely a few times while they probably were making some strange drugs.

I can only imagine this will be denied and I won't be playing for at least a year, which is sad considering I've been following /tg/13 for a while lurking in threads wondering about how best to join as I was learning different things. I've been on /tg/ for well over a decade and it feels weird as hell admitting to that. I'm in the Navy so being able to play here from time to time would be a nice break from things when I'm able to get access, like I currently have for a while. I can only apologize and say that ignorance got the better of my judgement, and it won't happen again. I've been on a few other servers that were not at all helpful and within a few minutes of asking a simple question I had an admin sending me angry PMs about what I was doing talking in OOC with genuine questions that weren't meta or IC/OOC at all, but felt more like them just being pricks. MrAlphonzo paused OOC and gave us a rundown of what to do in cases of non-antags killing people, and also how to ask questions appropriately, which I felt was immensely helpful and a good mark of character for a server admin. Again, I'm sorry if this was seen as grieving or a major violation with malice. It was not at all my intention and there won't be a second time.

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Re: [MrAlphonzo] Iratus - Bag of holding bomb as nonantag

Postby MrAlphonzo » Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:13 am #497264

I checked your ckey and assumed that a clean record with a few hours was just some ban evading shitter looking to get his rocks off with a shuttle bomb.

But writing an essay at 5am to get unbanned has left me impressed.

I'll lower this to a day for each person your dumbass killed, with a few extra days cause that was really fucking dumb.

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Re: [MrAlphonzo] Iratus - Bag of holding bomb as nonantag

Postby Hulkamania » Tue Jun 11, 2019 1:43 am #497500

Playing with mysterious bluespace devices with little familiarity can sometimes lead to less than expected results!

If you think something has the potential to kill someone, but you're not really sure of the full destructive power of it, just be sure to ahelp rather than go for an impromptu test.

Locking this thread now.

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