Suggestion for Transformative Crossbreeds (Xenobiology)

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Suggestion for Transformative Crossbreeds (Xenobiology)

Postby SpaceCitizen » Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:50 pm #497388

This is my first post and a long one at that. Since I do not know whether the bottleneck in coding is time or ideas this might be a waste of time, because it will lead to a lot of work. With that aside, lets begin.

The main idea is turning transformative crossbreeds into an up-/sidegrade option for other crossbreeds and a few normal ones to encourage experimenting. So here is the list.
Tier 0:

Transformative Grey: "aka the boring/lazy one"
When used on a reproductive crossbreed consumes both and mutates it to a version that no longer needs to be manually fed, but rather takes one monkey cube at a time from the tile it is on until 4 are consumed, upon which point it produces extracts and goes dormant, similar to the standard reproductive crossbreed.
(-This upgrade would cut down on braindead repetitive labour.
-Would make industrial Grey crossbreeds even more useful as you could just put a filled one on top of a "Transformative Reproductive?" (-pile))
Tier 1:

Transformative Orange:
Burning Grey:
The slime can be fed regular extracts to change its colour. It will also use the corresponding minor Luminescent effect on itself and its master every once in a while. (Feeding a new extract will eject the old one)
Burning Orange:
Option A: Also include Tirizene to slow stamina regeneration
Option B: Increase radius/duration/intensity.
Burning Purple:
Instead contains a random mix of Narcotics.
Burning Blue:
Bigger radius and decreases temperature more.
Burning Metal:
Also destroys floors.
Burning Yellow:
Option A: After 2 seconds a 2 range 10 damage pulse is created, originating from the original point of use.
Option B: Creates a few (3+?) extracts. When one is used it shoots a lightning bolt to every other extract in a decent radius and line of sight, shocking everyone it passes through. Each hit Extract then pulses for 10 damage with a range of 1. Has a short cooldown.
Burning Dark Purple:
More plasma, I guess.
Burning Dark Blue:
After a minute the used extract becomes a "smoldering" extract. Reducing cold for the user (similar to a onesided stabilized orange). When extracting enough cold it reverts to a (transformative) burning dark blue.
(Instead of a constant rate, using 10% of the temperature gap rounded up could be used so it is more useful and recharges faster the more extreme the cold is.)
Burning Silver:
Food contains regenerative jelly instead.
Burning Bluespace:
Just increases the radius.
Burning Sepia:
Creates a rewind polaroid camera. Lets you take 5 pictures. Each picture lasts for 5 Minutes. When used the picture disappears and the person on the photo reverts to the space/state he was in when the picture was taken.
Burning Cerulean:
Creates thee potions instead.
Burning Pyrite:
Becomes reusable, but has a cooldown. (4min?)
Burning Red:
Makes everything hostile to everything. (including megafauna in lavaland)
Burning Green:
The Armblade can now be toggled on and off.
(Maybe give a minor health bonus to the limb.)
(Bonus: Should also work with The bonus of Transformative metal)
Burning Pink:
The small beaker now contains 15u synthpax.
Burning Gold:
Nor will they attack friendly players (fellow cult members)
Burning Oil:
Bigger radius.
Burning Black:
Lets you transform back and forth freely.
Burning Light Pink:
User gets 4u Pax, everyone else 6.
Burning Adamantine:
Option A: Becomes onehanded but with worse stats.
Option B: Stays twohanded but gets reflect similar to the adamantine armor
Option C: Becomes a twohanded spiked shield, just increase damage.
Burning Rainbow:
Option A: Increases Damage (to 18 or 20 to down an unarmored target in 6/5 hits)
Option B: Now always uses the damage type the target is least resistant to. (Bad since it would always(?) deal cellular damage.)
(Naming: rainbow/chromatic Wakizashi/Messer depends on what nerd direction you want to go in.)
Option C: It becomes a twohanded weapon "(Ö/No)-dachi/Zweihänder with 30-35 damage per swing.

Transformative Purple:
Regenerative Grey:
Also heals every Slime, Slimeperson and Luminescent in the room.
Regenerative Orange:
Increases area to 5x5 does not affect friends (fellow cult members etc)
Regenerative Purple:
regrows limbs slowly.
Regenerative Blue:
Wets and freezes the floor.
Regenerative Metal:
Extract can be toggled in hand. Either makes the locker inside or outside only openable.
Regenerative Yellow:
Option A: Recharges all items
Option B: Charges the person for 20 sec. When hit will electrocute the openable.
Regenerative Dark Purple:
Also gives a purple backpack, cloak, flu mask and (also purple) sunglasses.
Regenerative Dark Blue:
Fire and Lavaproofs. (who would ever need this?)
Regenerative Silver:
Overfeeds the target. (Nice with transformative stabilized silver)
Regenerative Bluespace:
Everything in a 5x5 area is teleported randomly. (increases confusion while you are teleported to the place the extract was created)
Regenerative Sepia:
Gives X-Ray vision for 1 minute. (Simulating that you already experienced this before and know what is happening)
Regenerative Cerulean:
Spawns a clone of the target that can be controlled by a ghost. (When used in hand a ghost can already poses the extract, so the clone is good to go.)
Regenerative Pyrite:
Target becomes transparent/invisible for some time. (free escape)
Regenerative Red:
Injection similar to a Survival Medipen.
Regenerative Green:
Will revert species back to what it was at round start.
Regenerative Pink:
Adds more narcotics, be even more happy/high.
Regenerative Gold:
Produces a "life" coin. Can be flipped to randomly heal or damage you. (50/50 chance unless you are "Lucky" turning into a 2/1)
Regenerative Oil:
Falshbangs everyone in range. (Like a flashbang with flash and bang)
Regenerative Black:
The duplicate will stay alive for longer, potentially occupying your assailant.
Regenerative Light Pink:
The target also becomes your faction. (Similar to love potion.)
Regenerative Adamantine:
Additionally you become reflective to laser fire.
Regenerative Rainbow:
Effects last 15 sec.

Transformative Blue:
Stabilized Grey:
Slimes LOVE you. When you have cellular damaged or are hungry slimes next to you will heal you and share nutrition with you. (Do not think about how they do it)
Stabilized Orange:
Increases temperature adjustment rate from 5 to 8. (*read Stabilized Black for secondary effect)
Stabilized Purple:
Option A: Heals faster when you are damaged. (0.2+0.2*(Total Damage/100)
Option B: Healing now includes cellular damage and reduces radiation (This hardly ever comes up, so maybe include it into Option A)
Stabilized Blue:
You no longer slip on ice.
Stabilized Metal:
Can be used to temporarily turn you into a golem of chosen material in your inventory, slowly consumes said material until 1 is left. (Could work both as a disguise and an emergency option if you are exposed to more space than you bargained for.)
Stabilized Yellow:
Works with stabilized Black and its upgraded version.
Stabilized Dark Purple:
Works with stabilized Black and its upgraded version.
Stabilized Dark Blue:
Allows you to instantly extinguish burning people when interacting with active help intend and free hands.
Stabilized Silver:
Reduces/negates fat penalties. Your fat acts as a shield. (Also fear the MINT toxin!)
Option A: When fat you take ~10-20% less brute damage
Option B: When fat Damage is subtracted from your nutrition/fat until you are not fat anymore. (Gluttony would be proud)
(Potential bonus: Increases toxin purging from 3u to 5u.)
Stabilized Bluespace:
Looks like the normal version but teleports you somewhere NOT safe for your species. (A nice way for antags to "help" their high value targets)
Stabilized Sepia:
Also speeds up actions that have a progress bar. (This includes strangling)
Stabilized Cerulean:
Option A: Clone comes with the same equipment you wear (Jumpsuit, External suit, Back, Mask, Shoes, Gloves, Ears, Glasses, Hat. But NOT things you have in your pockets, backpack or hands)
Option B: You can customize you clone. (Becomes a nice decoy)
Stabilized Pyrite:
You can choose your colour.
Stabilized Red:
Option A: Also immune to slow, due to cold.
Option B: Works with stabilized Black and its upgraded version.
Stabilized Green:
Let's you choose your look. (This might be OP)
Stabilized Pink:
When damaged you produce a puff of pax halting aggression. 2 min cooldown.
Stabilized Gold:
Your Pet companion improves your mood. (A lot.)
(Bonus: You feel/become "Lucky". Better chances when gambling or at coin tosses)
Stabilized Oil:
before exploding sucks everything into the center, like Liquid Dark Matter.
Stabilized Black:
Strangles faster, grip is harder to break.
WIth upgraded stabilized orange: While strangling adjusts temperature 5x faster and transfers the heat/cold to your target. (Make others freeze for you in space)
WIth upgraded stabilized Yellow: occasionally shocks your victim for burn damage. (disables electric equipment? (Headset/sensors))
WIth upgraded stabilized Dark Purple: Cooks your target. (can husk)
WIth upgraded stabilized Red (Option B): Slows your target makes it harder to break grip.
Stabilized Light Pink:
People in critical condition are injected with chemicals that kill them faster. Lexorin. (Become the "Sanitöter" (Wordplay on medic=Sanitäter and slay=töten)
Stabilized Adamantine:
Option A: Increases damage reduction to ~8-10%
and/or Option B: Immunity or high resistance to electric shock. (You are covered with metal, should work like a Faraday cage)
Stabilized Rainbow:
Option A: Inserted extract will refill over time (10min?)
Option B: You can insert two extracts. they will both be activated on crit. First inserted should be used first. (FIFO)
(NOTE: When wearing both an upgraded and a normal stabilized extract only the upgraded one should be in effect, so you do not double up on any bonuses)

Transformative Metal:
Industrial Grey:
Option A: Produces more Cubes with per cycle. (boring)
Option B: Now produces Gorilla cubes with lower output and/or
higher input. (Fun)
Industrial Orange:
Produces "deluxe slime zippo"s at a rate of 1 zippo/10u.
deluxe slime zippos can be used as getto welding tools. (Having an even hotter flame than a normal slime zippos.)
Industrial Purple:
Now produces autoinjectors with 20u regenrative jelly that can be used like a Hypospray but can not be refilled. Increases cost per unit to 10.
Industrial Blue:
Option A: Produces "tiny" sized extinguisher with 25u capacity and increases cost.
(Even smaller than the Miniature Fire Extinguisher, might be fun when refilled with more nefarious liquids)
Option B: Produces a "small" sized extinquisher with capacity 40u and increases cost. (An Upgrade to the Miniature Fire Extinguisher)
Industrial Metal:
Option A: Cost decrease and/or output increase. (boring)
Option B: Produces Glass. In theme with the vanilla extract. (My preferred option)
Option C: Produces some other form of metal at higher cost. (Silver, Gold, Alien alloy? -Could be nice when miners don't do their job.)
Industrial Yellow:
Batteries now created at 25 to 75 percent capacity at. (straight up upgrade)
Industrial Dark Purple:
Option A: Now produces a sheet of plasma per 5u and at a higher speed. (Since there are many new upgrades industrial slimes getting more plasma seems like a nice, albeit boring upgrade.
Option B: Can now be fed with plasma sheets. Doubling or maybe tripling them after digestion.
Industrial Dark Blue:
Now produces potions that increase fire resistance (armor:"fire" value) by 10%.
(I am not completely sure how fireproofing potions act, besides granting immunity to ashstorms.)
Industrial Silver:
Can now be "used" in had to cycle between its normal function, "drinks only" and "no drinks" option.
Industrial Bluespace:
Produces Telecrystals at a rate of 1 crystal per 100u liquid plasma.
Industrial Sepia:
Produces ammunition for the rewind polaroid camera. (Transformative burning sepia)
Industrial Cerulean:
Input reduced to 4u per extract enhancer. (boring)
Industrial Pyrite:
Produces bananium
Industrial Red:
The produced orb can now be eaten to restore blood. But makes you vomit.
Industrial Green:
Option A: The autoinjector comes with more slime jelly.
Option B: Produces many Darts (5u capacity syringe) with 5u slime jelly. Can be thrown to inject people (or loaded into a dart/syringe gun)
Industrial Pink:
(I have not even seen this thing, so I did not come up with anything)
Industrial Gold:
Now produces random bars for 20u. (For when those miners all die to megafauna)
Industrial Oil:
Does not consume the Industrial oil corssbreed, but turns the "transformative metal" into an "IED-Trigger-Modifier". When used on an IED lets you reliably set its fusetime. Maybe even give the option to use alternate methods like voice activation, timer or Proximity sensor. Adding an alternate timer that detonates at a set round/shift time would be interesting, too.
Industrial Black:
Produces slime-brand cigars for 10u. (Just copy item/clothing/mask/cigarette/cigar/cohiba and add 30u regenerative jelly and 8u krokodil.
Industrial Light Pink:
Produces donut boxes. Bribe Security! (Make it usable to create poisoned donut boxes?)
Industrial Adamantine:
Option A: Just reduces liquid plasma cost by 50% (
Option B: Produces mythril at increased price. (Would require to add mythril golems at least)
Industrial Rainbow:
Let's you use the "Transformative Industrial Rainbow" extract to choose which slime core you want to create. Doubles liquid plasma cost. (It is very unlikely that this thing will be created very often, but it still seems useful)
Burning green: Turns the armblade into a metal armblade. +5 damage and/or minor armor for the arm. Usable on the extract or the armblade in case you already used the burning green extract.]

Tier 2:

Transformative Yellow:
Charged Grey:
Turns into a revival potion similar to "Strange Reagent". (Maybe increase the allowed damage from 100 to 125?)
Charged Orange:
The effect repeats itself every second. (Lasts three seconds.)
Charged Purple:
Option A: The packet contains 10u Curare. (Or other rare toxins)
Option B. The packet contains 15u omnizine,10u regenerative jelly and 10u tricordrazine.
Charged Blue:
Creates "10u Mutadone+" (Mutadone with a metabolism rate of 0.1 or lower to prevent mutation for some time)
Charged Metal:
Spawns 20 glass, plasma glass, reinforced glass, reinforced plasma glass, titanium glass and plastitanium glass.
Charged Yellow:
Creates a "defence matrix". An upgrade for armour that gives it an electrical field that stuns/(elector-)shocks attackers using melee weapons. (1 charge/minute)
Charged Dark Purple:
When used transformes all plasmagas/liquid in a room into sheets.
Charged Dark Blue:
Creates a two use radiation-shielding potion.
Charged Silver:
Option A: Spawns 2 food of your choice (reads: two gatefruits)
Option B: Not only spawns a slime cake but also drinks, and two Slimeperson friends that decay after a short time. (Now you can celebrate you birthday even without friends)
Charged Bluespace:
Spawns 25 bluespace polycrystals.
Charged Sepia:
Option A: Creates Obscura goggles. (lets you see ghosts)
Option B: Creates Obscura lenses. (lets you see ghosts, usable on goggles)
Charged Cerulean:
Option A: Creates an extract megamizer that can be used on crossbreeds. Boosting uses to 4. (you use two crossbreeds to add 3 charges so it is still worth it)
Charged Pyrite:
Option A: Spawns three honkbots.
Option B: Spawns H.O.N.K..
Option C: Spawns a lot of nothing for your mime.
Charged Red:
Creates a three use acid proofing potion. (after all acid does burn damage so it seems related)
Charged Green:
Allows you to toggle between the chosen slime form and your normal form.
Charged Pink:
A potion that turns whoever drinks it hostile to everyone else? (allowing everyone to hunt the victim)
Charged Gold:
After one minute delay spawns a megabeast, unless used again to disarm.
Charged Oil:
Sucks everything in a "large" area in before the explosion. (Similar to Liquid Dark Matter)
Charged Black:
Choose your species.
Charged Light Pink:
Creates a flashbang that pacifies all cyborgs it flashes.
Charged Adamantine:
Option A: Spawns three complete golem shells of random metal.
Option B: ?Nothing?
Charged Rainbow:
Spawns one random slime of each tier.

Transformative Dark Purple:
When combined with a Self-Sustaining extract becomes a Self-Sustaining-"Transformer/Factory" of said colour. E.g. When used on a Self-Sustaining-Rainbow extract permanently becomes an extract that can be fed two Rainbow extracts to produce one Self-Sustaining-Rainbow extract. (So instead of using ten extracts and one adult to produce four Self-Sustaining extracts all you need is two (of the adults colour) to produce one.)

Transformative Dark Blue:
Chilling Grey:
You can slowly pass the barrier and also get nutrition if starving or hungry and minor healing.
Bonus: Puts out fire. (not really necessary)
Chilling Orange:
Bigger ring of fire. Also prevents friendly fire. (Friends as in fellow revs/bloodbrothers/pets/golems or people otherwise enslaved)
Chilling Purple:
Gives 10u of slime jelly to everyone in the area. (I am not satisfied with this one to be honest)
Chilling Blue:
Instead becomes an infinite gas mask.
Option A: Also make it immune to acid.
Chilling Metal:
You can freely pass the walls.
Chilling Yellow:
Overloads the APC.
Chilling Dark Purple:
Exchanges the atmosphere in the room with a perfectly breathable mix. In case you are a plasmaman that is.
Chilling Dark Blue:
The block of ice is stronger.
Chilling Silver:
Creates luxury ration packs, which are extraordinarily tasty. (If only the cook was that competent.)
Chilling Bluespace:
On activation lets YOU warp to someone on the list. (They will be notified beforehand.) Not consumed on use.
Chilling Sepia:
The user is also immune to the time stop. However the duration is now 30 sec*(Number of people on the list) / Players(*.75). With a cap of 30. (e.g. If you have 20 out of 80 players in your list it will stop time for 10 sec)
Chilling Cerulean:
Only starts to fall apart once it has entered critical condition.
Chilling Pyrite:
You can place coloured "dark" crystals. (Less potent Shadowshrooms)
Chilling Red:
Affects players, instead of slimes. While in effect players can only use harm intend.
Chilling Green:
Also makes your blood acid and your "body" acidproof.
Chilling Pink:
Creates a slime buddy of the opposite sex. Occasionally hugs you. If given medicine, will use it on you if you enter critical condition. (Otherwise its just ERP bait)
Bonus: Make her Ghost controlled.
Chilling Gold:
Can be thrown at people to catch them. They can escape the ball by resisting, destroying the crossbreed. If released capture device stays intact.
Chilling Oil:
Blinds and knocks down everyone but the user.
Chilling Black:
Turns you into a golem type of your choice.
Chilling Light Pink:
If placed on someone else can only be removed by you or by operation. If placed on yourself can be removed by everyone.
Chilling Adamantine:
Adds a Helmet to the Armor that can be put on like Hardsuit ones.
Chilling Rainbow:
The Walls can be passed but will quickly do random damage to people who do. (Rainbow Knife damage but faster and harder hitting)

Transformative Silver:
All versions now also consume drinks.
Bonus(I): Increase active times by 50% when in possession of upgraded stabilized silver crossbreed.
Consuming Grey:
Extract produces cookies that contain Lipolicide.
Option A: Call them "diet" cookies. (People know what they get)
Option B: Make them look like regular cookies (Traitor option)
Option C: Make the Extract usable to change between Option A and B
Consuming Orange:
Also lets you ignore damage from heat/fireproofs you for 10 seconds. (Overlaps with regular adamantine cookie...which is bad.)
Consuming Purple:
Option A: Increase healing to 7.5 and add eye-healing.
and/or Option B: Add non stacking healing over time effect. (Maybe 5 points of all damage over 30 seconds (Turns to 7.5 over 45 sec in case Bonus(I) gets implemented and is active.))
Consuming Blue:
Turns into 15 seconds of immunity to all slipping.
Consuming Metal:
Adds a shield to the cookies effect, preventing the next 5 points of brute damage. (Same 10 seconds duration as the main effect)
If Bonus (I) is implemented and active increase shield to 10 points of brute damage.
Consuming Yellow:
While active prevented electrical damage loads batteries and equipment.
Consuming Dark Purple:
Option A: Toxin AND healing is treated as healing.
Option B: Toxin and Healing is treated as Toxin. (should look like a regular cookie or health cookies)
Consuming Dark Blue:
Also lets you ignore damage and slow from cold for 10 seconds.
Consuming Silver:
If you are not fat already will make you fat right away.
Increases upgraded stabilized silver crossbreeds damage resistance by 50% (that's ~5-10 Percentpoints) for one minute.
Consuming Bluespace:
Now teleports you in the direction you are looking. Distance is still random.
Consuming Sepia:
While performing an action the speed bonus constantly increases, starting at 5% bonus speed and open ended. (More useful the longer something would take regularly.
Consuming Cerulean:
Cookies also feed people around the person consuming it.
Consuming Pyrite:
75% chance to colour you. 25% to make you transparent(-ish) for 10 sec.
Consuming Red:
Restores 10% blood. Has a tiny chance (1-2%) to summon a friendly blood demon.
Consuming Green:
Only vomits Toxin and medicine above the Overdose Threshold. (selective puking.)
Consuming Pink:
People hug you back. Gives positive mood.
Consuming Gold:
When eaten, saps 50 credits from the account and gives it to the cookie creator. (There is no such thing as a free lunch)
Consuming Oil:
Slowed people become flammable similar to being splashed by Welding Fuel.
Consuming Black:
The skeleton is so spooky people get bad mood from it. (potentially slowing them down.)
Consuming Light Pink:
You are only pacified for half the duration.
Consuming Adamantine:
(I suggest changing the regular cookie from burn resist to chance to reflect to be in line with the armor properties)
Has higher chance to reflect lasers. Negates slow from damage taken.
Consuming Rainbow:
Option A: lets you choose the cookie
Option B: Including upgraded ones.
Option C: also choose cookie appearance.

Tier 2.5:

Transformative Bluespace:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented
(Alternative/bonus: Extract is used to "mark" items. Once marked the item can be teleported into your hand whenever you want. (maybe implement it similar to the internal storage but the storage is "infinite" and items are "translucent". When clicked teleports the item))

Transformative Sepia:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented

Transformative Cerulean:
The resulting extract can no longer be used up. instead it will show 0 uses left and regenerate at the usual rate. (This is just a fail-safe version you can give to incompetent people)
Option A: also increase Maximum stacks or decrease cooldown so it has some real use.

Transformative Pyrite:
Option A: When combined with a Prismatic crossbreed lets you spawn glowing orbs of the corresponding colour. (Give it a cap of active instances or a lifetime) The rainbow variant lets you choose a colour. (Might be too similar to chilling pyrite)
Option B: Creates a three(?) use potion. When applied to a piece of equipment lets you change its coulour at will.
(Do people even create the regular Prismatic crossbreeds???)

Tier 3:

Transformative Red:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented

Transformative Green:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented

Transformative Pink:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented

Transformative Gold:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented

Tier 4:

Transformative Oil:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented

Transformative Black:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented

Transformative Light Pink:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented

Transformative Adamantine:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented


Transformative Rainbow:
-Crossbreed not yet implemented

I hope you find some of the ideas interesting.
I tried to implement some synergies between crossbreeds and make the dull ones more appealing. In case it was not clear: Unless stated otherwise both the transformative crossbreed and the crossbreed it is used on should be consumed, creating a new one.
PS: In case you think this post does not warrant a new thread, please move it to where it belongs.

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Re: Suggestion for Transformative Crossbreeds (Xenobiology)

Postby Farquaar » Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:06 pm #497597

Holy cow

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Re: Suggestion for Transformative Crossbreeds (Xenobiology)

Postby knacker48 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:12 pm #497692

I'm never gonna remember all of this

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Re: Suggestion for Transformative Crossbreeds (Xenobiology)

Postby ATHATH » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:02 pm #497706

Why use chilling pink when you can just use a medibot (which can also be pAI controlled, remember) instead?

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Re: Suggestion for Transformative Crossbreeds (Xenobiology)

Postby adamkad1 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 8:06 pm #498375

ATHATH wrote:Why use chilling pink when you can just use a medibot (which can also be pAI controlled, remember) instead?

Bots only give you that much chems, they cant heal toxins damage from slimes, etc

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Re: Suggestion for Transformative Crossbreeds (Xenobiology)

Postby knacker48 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:25 am #498576

adamkad1 wrote:
ATHATH wrote:Why use chilling pink when you can just use a medibot (which can also be pAI controlled, remember) instead?

Bots only give you that much chems, they cant heal toxins damage from slimes, etc

By toxins damage from slimes do you mean clone damage? Cause I'm pretty sure slimes do clone not toxin damage

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