[Atlanta-ned]- McSpanky.com .Ban Appeal for murder

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[Atlanta-ned]- McSpanky.com .Ban Appeal for murder

Postby McSpanky » Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:57 pm #497667

[Atlanta-ned]- McSpanky.com .Ban Appeal for murder

BYOND account: McSpanky.com
Character name: Rando A. Mallory
Banning admin: Atlanta-ned
Ban Type: Murder -according to admin-. 7 day ban.
"Ban Reason: You need to read and understand escalation policy if you want to continue playing on this here. Killing someone for shoving you a few times isn´t okay."
Applied on 2019-06-11. On 19:18:06 (server time) time zone, for me UTC-5.
Server: Terry.

My side of the story:

I was playing as the CMO. Close to round end I get two patients, both for radiation, I had already defib, the first one -an engineer- so I gave him meds and put him to stasis while I made more, and took care of the other patient. The other patient, was a golem, while I was giving him anti rads, and anti toxins, a fellow medbay companion, I believe the geneticist, or viro, Nacho Vidal. Was stealing from said golem, told him to stop stealing from the fucking golem (not exact quote). Whereas he kept doing it, for quite some time, when I finished patching up the first one. I took the golem´s stuff and tried to hid it in a locker, Nacho, wasn´t having it. He pushed me several times, and I knocked him with the baton (which is not a lethal method) even thought I told him earlier to stop, I didn´t retaliated violently, until he chased me down medbay, so I shot him lexorin with chlorate hydrate. That´s my side of the story, didnt saw Nacho man again, saved the golem, gave him back his mining stuff and round ended.

Why do I think I should be unbanned:

This is a hard part, for I don´t want to sound biased for my own benefit. My problem here, is the reason why Atlanta-ned decided to ban me, he didn´t mind my side of the story when I got bwoinked, neither did he asked the reason, solely focusing on bad escalation. As he believes I do not understand these rules. I believe Nacho wronged me, when he started stealing from the golem. I tried to difuse the situation first by telling to stop as the CMO, by batoning him, and lastly, by shooting him a syringe. I believe is a shame some admins, repart bans like the bread of every day, not minding sides (as I think happened in this case). Then again, I´m not entirely innocent, had I seen Nacho again I would had tried to revive him -homewer this is mere especulation-. To conclude I believe the reason for this ban was wrong and that it was a bit excessive. Or I could be just plain wrong. Appreciate if you took the time to read this shitty esssay, and I ask for tolerance, since English is not my first language. Godspeed.

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Re: [Atlanta-ned]- McSpanky.com .Ban Appeal for murder

Postby Atlanta-Ned » Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:48 pm #498143

I’m unwilling to lift or reduce this ban. You have demonstrated a consistent inability/refusal to understand escalation and are far too eager to jump to lethal resolutions.
Feedback pls (Don't bother though, because I am perfect)
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