A Kingdom Under 15 years of Fire - 2

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A Kingdom Under 15 years of Fire - 2

Postby srifenbyxp » Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:15 am #524755

I remember when this game was supposed to be a title released of the Xbox 360 - but boy howdy those sneaky Koreans kept pushing it back and back due to god knows what. If you already know what KUF is or at least played the Korean/English version a few years back you'll be pleased to know that they kept all of the features that made the game good and turned it into an MMO. Hack n Slash dynasty warriors mixed in with some RTS is balls tingling excitement, you also can't hack n slash through all of your problems so you have to command troops in the middle of a massive cluster of evil fucks which makes it even more fun. Use personal and troop skills to not get your ass beat, microtransaction is only for cosmetics. Five different classes, which sadly three of them are elves for god knows why. But just be a giga-chad and go gunslinger - survivability low? More like fun murdering swatches of enemies. There's PvP involved too as well, at the moment it's $30 on steam but you get a decent welcome gift.

1. Dynasty Warrior + RTS = Something pretty dam cool
2. PvP
3. Not pay to win - pay to style on you. (Outfits to look cool)
4. Massive - MASSIVE shit going on all at once in RTS missions
5. Guilds? But yeah guild.
6. A good amount of different troop selections

1. It cost $30 on steam.
2. The story isn't all that interesting compared to the prior story when the game was in beta or any other games in the series.
3. MUH GENDER LOCKED CLASSES - but why elves?
4. Take's a bit to get to the main player hub of the game world, still making my way to it after 3 hours.
5. Good Troops are a fucking Gatcha
6. "MMO Mode" - busy body missions, kind of boring.

Skip to the 18:00 minute mark
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Re: A Kingdom Under 15 years of Fire - 2

Postby Timbrewolf » Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:51 pm #529268

I remember looking forward to this.

Has it really been 15 years?
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