Free golems: Where did they come from?

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Free golems: Where did they come from?

Postby ironsnake345 » Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:32 pm #525656

So, I'm planning on FINALLY adding a wiki page for the Free Golem role, similar to the page for ashwalkers but less antaggy. The only thing is, obviously, I can't just make it exclusively full of mechanical stuff, I have to include some fluff as well. That's where I run into a problem. From what I can tell reading the available in-game fluff, I can piece together a few things, but the whole story is a bit up-in-the-air. Here's what we know about the free golems:

1) They were created by a research director, through apparently xenobiological means. There were at least four of them to begin with.
2) The research director commanded them all to "yeah, go do whatever" which essentially freed them to their own devices, permanently. The golems worship him because of this.
3) The free golems later gained ownership of a Donk Co. transportation shuttle with two cargo compartments full of NT-standard mining gear, complete with an ORM, autolathe, medical supplies, and point redemption console.
4) The available point redemption console has some extra options, tuned towards research and xenobiology.
5) The golems managed to obtain an autolathe-compatible golem creation disk, which allows them to manufacture golems from raw iron in an autolathe.
6) The golems all have cool names consisting of the material they are made of, and some other mineral-or-lavaland-related name.
7) The golems and their Donk Co. transportation shuttle ended up in lavaland.

This of course leaves some details up to interpretation. Why was the research director making golems? Where did the golems find a Donk Co. transportation shuttle? Was it pre-loaded with NT-standard mining gear, or did they smuggle the mining gear on? Are the four golems on the ship a small regiment of the original group constructed, or were they the only ones? Where did they get a golem creation disk?

I encourage you all to weigh in on this with your own thoughts. Of course, I'm going to share my ideas for how the whole situation played out, but I'd still like to hear some other theorycrafts before I write the actual article. My ideas below are spoilered, so that it's easier to resist reading them if you want to form your own theory completely unrelated to my own.

Alright, so here's what I'm thinking. Each point, expanded upon, with my theory.
1) The RD on a certain NT top secret research station (which may or may not be related to Space Station 13) decided to do his RD thing and take part in some xenobiology. Eventually, he began creating golems, which was ultimately his goal in the process. He honestly cared more about making golems than helping the station. At first, he created four.
2) The RD had some fun with his own personal unit of adamantine helpers for a bit, but as their requests for orders got annoying while he was trying to study more about these mysterious golems and the mechanisms that created them, he exasperatedly said "yeah, go do whatever." The golems then promptly ran rampant on the station, essentially becoming metal-skinned assistants.
3) After some time with the original four golems (and some extras made by the RD attempting to learn more about how golems come to exist) the crew began to complain about their new "blue tide." At roughly that time, he received word that a Donk Co. transportation shuttle was on its way to deliver mining supplies to the station. Taking this opportunity, he grabbed all of his golems that he could round up and a duffle bag full of stolen goodies and made a break for cargo, using a couple blue toolboxes worth of tools to hack their way in and flee the station, mining supplies in tow. The additional golems he created were either integrated into the station, or thrown into the incinerator.
4) Many of the stolen items that the RD escaped the station with were handy for research, including science goggles, monkey cubes, a fancy bedsheet that he was fond of wearing as a cape, a trigger guard modification he'd designed for use by golems, and even machine boards for an R&D setup. He loaded these into the point redemption console, for fun, before setting up the autolathe and ORM on the ship.
5) Before he escaped the station, the RD's additional golem creations and research into golemancy produced his magnum opus: a golem creation disk, which contains all the information necessary to manufacture golems from raw iron, as opposed to expensive adamantine.
6) The golems all named themselves after point seven.
7) Eventually, the RD accidentally piloted the stolen Donk Co. shuttle into lavaland, where it crash-landed deep inside a rock formation. Satisfied with himself, he bade his creations farewell, claiming he was going on a walk. Resonator in hand, he traveled the wastes of lavaland in search of more fun stuff to do, until he was eventually overcome by a swarm of legions. It was at this point that the golems, now fully independant, gave themselves cool names and built a golden shrine to their god, the liberator. Some time later, you died, and became one as a ghost role.

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Re: Free golems: Where did they come from?

Postby deedubya » Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:51 pm #525662

The free golem ship is basically a reference to the standard aimless scientist main, making a shitton of stuff without reason or purpose. That's why their main commandment is "do whatever". That's what most non-traitor xenobio lads tell their mobs and golems as soon as they spawn in.

As for the lore you have in mind...keep in mind that once they have a spirit, golems are essentially immortal. A golem that's been alive can't return to being an inert shell. The four golem shells on the free golem ship couldn't have been sentient at any time. It doesn't make sense mechanically or lore-wise.
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Re: Free golems: Where did they come from?

Postby Taylork2 » Mon Nov 25, 2019 7:05 pm #525705

It should also be noted that legions corpses can be golems pretty often and have various pieces of gear on them, usually for engineering and science and often have references to the Liberator in form of the cape.
This means a few things, the golems have been on lavaland for quite a long time. In order for the ship to be buried in rock AFTER every living golem had left the ship means that the Golem Ship has been on lavaland for at several years to potentially centuries.
The four golem shells inside the ship were backups/more golems from the golems who died on lavaland when it first arrived.
Since they inherit some memory such as knowledge on the Liberator, golems inherit at least some vague/general knowledge from their creators.
Lore wise, golems created by either a creature intending them to be free, or when animated but in the absence of their creator, they will default to being a free golem.

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Re: Free golems: Where did they come from?

Postby ironsnake345 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 3:40 am #525838

As much fun as I had writing up my own mini-story, this makes more sense. Thanks, guys! (Still, I do wonder how the RD got his hands on a Donk Co. transport shuttle and a ton of mining gear.)

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