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[DISCORD] Bobah#7532

Postby Bobah » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:31 pm #526070

Discord username: Bobah#7532
Banning admin: MortoSasye
Ban reason: Evading alt of Nervere.
Time ban was placed: 17:27 UTC, 2019-11-25
Your side of the story: I was banned from the server for being an alt of Nervere; however, that is not actually the case. A few months ago I was kicked from the server for admittedly kind of stupidly spamming, and when I rejoined I had to be verified. When I joined the server the first time, many months ago, I did not have to do this. I asked in a voice chat that I was in what I should tell the verifiers, as my old byond account is inactive and irrecoverable, and Nervere just told me a name to say. I never had access to the account, I only had to say the name to get in. I understand now that using someone else's ckey is bad, and had I realized at the time how much of an issue it would cause I would have never have done it; I would have just made a new byond account (like I have now in trying to fix this mess) and used that. I never intended on causing harm to the integrity of this discord server/community, and I have genuinely enjoyed my time here. Despite all the jokes that have been made recently, I am genuinely sorry for causing this mess.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I think that in the time that I have been in the server, aside from this situation, I haven't caused any harm to the server or community. I have never intended to do so. I have no reason to, and the people there have been really nice to me. Furthermore, I have no reason to try to disrupt the community: I am not really affiliated with any community other than MelonMesa.

Since joining the discord server I have met a lot of people that have perked my interest for the game again. After reinstalling the game the other day to verify for the forums I was getting plenty of nostalgia from when I played ss13 as a kid, as many people from MelonMesa used to years ago, and it has given me a newfound energy to actually play the game once more.

I can only hope that my apology comes across as genuine, and that I can be given the opportunity again to involve myself in this community. I'm sorry for everything, and I hope this clears up this situation.

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Re: [DISCORD] Bobah#7532

Postby MortoSasye » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:42 pm #526073

I'm going to proceed to unban you and like we discussed, please do not repeat this again. I'm letting you off the hook since you probably didn't realize using someone else ckey is bad since it defeats the purpose of the verification system currently in place.
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