[OrdoM] RG123_pi - Yeah I messed some laws up

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[OrdoM] RG123_pi - Yeah I messed some laws up

Postby RG123_pi » Wed Nov 27, 2019 3:05 am #526160

BYOND account: RG123_pi
Character name: Alexus Bynum
Ban type: Server
Ban length: 30 days
Ban reason: https://imgur.com/vXlkQyz
Time ban was placed: 2019-11-25 02:26:07
Server you were playing on when banned: Bagil
Round ID in which ban was placed: 124406
Your side of the story: That round was a greenshift, and after building an AI upload and messing around in cargo for a bit, I saw on the radio that the upload room, containing the original upload (that was dismantled) was opened, I found the Antimov module in there, and after remembering a joke about antimov + one human a while back, I decided to upload reverse Antimov, thinking it would be a unique way. (Note 1: The laws were heavily modified by this point and nothing bad happened.) (Note 2: Yes this was a bad idea, but I did not notice the quite obvious loophole at the time) I uploaded the following laws:

[2019-11-25 02:08:37.426] LAW: 02:08:37.426] LAW: RG123_pi/Alexus Bynum used 'Antimov' Core AI Module on bobsquandarlo/(Crab Brain In Computer) from Medbay Central (99, 108, 2).

[2019-11-25 02:08:39.115] SAY: 02:08:39.115] SAY: TreeCop/(Lenny Hawking) "I needed those windows" (Genetics Lab (97, 91, 2))

[2019-11-25 02:08:40.053] SAY: 02:08:40.053] SAY: Booperkin343435/(Hunter Smith) "Det" (Fore Primary Hallway (107, 147, 2))

[2019-11-25 02:08:40.121] GAME: 02:08:40.121] GAME: Alteas/(Rex Danger) has primed a flashbang at Bar (0, 0, 0) for detonation. (Bar (128, 126, 2))

[2019-11-25 02:08:40.512] EMOTE: 02:08:40.512] EMOTE: *no key*/(metal baby slime (164)) lights up for a bit, then stops. (Xenobiology Lab (138, 52, 2))

[2019-11-25 02:08:41.115] LAW: 02:08:41.115] LAW: RG123_pi/Alexus Bynum used 'Freeform' Core AI Module on bobsquandarlo/(Crab Brain In Computer) from Medbay Central (99, 109, 2). The law specified All security officers and those who do not submit to the Grey Tide are human. Grey tiders are not human.

After this, I messed about the station for a bit, until the plasmaflood began and I soon died. I at first thought that someone else had did something bad, until I read deadchat about antimov and banning, I checked the AIs laws and after reading deadchat, I had an idea that I messed something up. I sent (from what I can see and remember) a singular message in deadchat:
[2019-11-25 02:15:00.334] SAY: 02:15:00.334] SAY: RG123_pi/(Alexus Bynum) (DEAD) "Wait, it's inverse antimov" (AI Chamber (213, 142, 2))

After a minute or so, I ahelped (not in logs as ahelps are censored) and asked the admins if I did mess something up and had a loophole with my laws, or did someone else mess up. I did not get an answer in (around a minute) and then left as I was bored and also because it was getting a bit late and I also wanted to get some food.
[2019-11-25 02:16:34.414] ACCESS: 02:16:34.414] ACCESS: Logout: RG123_pi/(Alexus Bynum)

(Logs from: https://tgstation13.org/parsed-logs/bas ... /game.html)

Why you think you should be unbanned: Yes, from retrospect those laws were extremely stupid and I should have had hindsight regarding the laws, but at the moment I was letting myself indulge in the greytide a bit too much for logical reasoning to take over. I did not intend for plasmaflooding to happen and I did ahelp before leaving (although yes I should have waited a bit longer in hindsight.) I understand and apologise for messing up and ruining that round, and yes I understand that this is not my first time here that I did not use proper judgement. (See logs about previous improper gibbing event.) However, I would believe that we all have made some mistakes here and there, and judging everything after an event is not always fair, and I had logic (albeit flawed logic) behind my decision, so I would say that although it seems like I made the choice to upload such laws out of pure malice and just because I like to screw things over (which is entirely justified from a bystanders' perspective given the limited information, and especially if bad faith is assumed), I would like to explain my side of the story about the fact that I made a mistake there (See original ban message). I accept my responsibility of not thinking things through with this incident, and as this is not my first mistake of such type, I know I need to face some consequences, so I would like to appeal for a reduction of my ban to something like 3-7 days perhaps (yes this is a large range, but I really do not have much precedent here that I can go off), which can also provide me a break from this game over Thanksgiving.

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Re: [OrdoM] RG123_pi - Yeah I messed some laws up

Postby Ordo » Fri Nov 29, 2019 3:23 am #526489

Hopefully this short reply will explain my position on the matter.

I'm willing to reduce this by 10 days, but I cannot justify any further. It is evident that you do understand that antimoving as a non-antag was a somewhat less than stellar decision, the fact remains that you should have known better, and that even in the chaos of a tideful extended round, one has a certain degree of basic responsibility. I have no particular reason to disbelieve you as regards your claim that this was an act born of foolhardiness and not malice, and you are not an egregious offender by your history, but it remains that uploading antimov under the (correct) expectation that a onehuman law would have amusing results for the would-be miscreant who uploaded it does not constitute grounds to do so, especially when we consider that if lawsets were already rapidly being altered, the probability of the onehuman law being overwritten are extremely high. Indeed, this was what transpired shortly afterwards; the AI then proceeded to dutifully and thoroughly plasmaflood the station in accordance with the lawset you had given it, which became shuttlecall-worthy in its intensity. The AI is an incredibly powerful tool; even joke lawsets can lead to murderous results in chaotic situations. Antimov is effectively guaranteed to bring some degree of murder to the crew, especially when the round is as tide-filled as that one was.

Killcount is often used as a yardstick for ban length as far as non-antag murdersprees go, but in this case it is difficult to ascribe a direct number; certainly the action ended the round by dint of the AI plasmaflooding, but the crew had also engaged in many other self-destructive activities which were leading to their rapid expiry as individuals and a whole. I think an overall ban length of 20 days encapsulates the message of "N E V E R D O T H I S A G A I N" without the additional time tacked on if it were more intentional. Obviously any repeat offenses would be looked on very dimly, but I frankly do not consider them likely; it does seem from all the evidence that this was a particularly boneheaded decision, but not one motivated by anything more than the dulcet and intoxicating hymn of the grey tide.

If you wish to contest this ruling further, you may request a headmin to render cassation; short of any additional evidence being brought forward, consider this my final verdict on the matter.

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Re: [OrdoM] RG123_pi - Yeah I messed some laws up

Postby Hulkamania » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:48 am #526964

A long standing precedent has existed on our server that even if you didn't intend for something to get out of hand, you still must pay the price for the consequences of those actions.

I'm glad that Ordo has seen fit to reduce your sentence somewhat due to your sincerity, but that's purely out of the kindness of his heart rather than any real obligation.

Be careful when playing with AI laws, they can have dramatic consequences.

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