[Phuzzylodgik] Sarcomata - Ban Appeal

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[Phuzzylodgik] Sarcomata - Ban Appeal

Postby Sarcomata » Thu Nov 28, 2019 4:10 pm #526409

BYOND account: Sarcomata
Character name: Red Larson
Ban type: Server ban -Eu Events Hall
Ban length: 3 days
Ban reason: Playing as an non-antag engineer, intentionally delaminated the SM engine, resulting in the destruction of the engineering and a shuttle call.
Time ban was placed: 2019-11-28 04:35:04
Server you were playing on when banned: Eu Events Hall
Round ID in which ban was placed: #124625
Your side of the story: I played an engineer for almost hour and a half that round and was the only one that set up the SM in the first place. It operated at very peak efficiency for the most of the round (it didn't delam or reach any sort of high temp, kPa at all) and the setup was pretty robust with 5 maxed out coolers. I also upgraded most of the engineering and provided assistance whenever required for that whole round. As it was getting really late and I was up all night (it was around 5:30 AM for me as I am UTC +1) I tried switching to co2 and pluoxium mix for the SM as I've never tried other gases before (co2 turns to Pluoxium which is super safe). As I was the only person managing and securing the SM up to that point I did a pretty good job and engineering was both safe and functioning (the rest of the station was pretty much bombed and destroyed and people were killing each other willy-nilly without being antags). Shuttle was called a couple of times at that point and I thought I'd try something I've never tried before leaving - wanted to see how a singulo could be created. My thoughts were: "We were already leaving, and the round is pretty much done, so let me try something I've never tried before or knew anything about." As I've said, I am pretty new to the game itself and engineering specifically.

In hindsight, I didn't know the shuttle got recalled or something as I was busy fiddling with atmos shit which I know nothing about.

I see that I've made a really bad mistake, and it wasn't my intention to end the round - only to learn how all that shit works (or doesn't work).
As anyone can check - up to that point the engineering and the SM was in peak condition and I've tried my best to keep it as such. Only as the round was ending( as I perceived it, and being severely exhausted - 5:30 AM) I made that bad decision.

I am truly sorry for that, and I understand now how that was a bad call and a bad move that ruined the game for other people, which wasn't my intention. And I apologize for any misgivings this might've caused to other players.
Please appeal my ban as I believe I have learned my lesson and deign not to repeat it or experiment with such things if I am not an antag.
Thank you very much for your time and effort in reading through all this.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Kind regards.

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Re: [Phuzzylodgik] Sarcomata - Ban Appeal

Postby capn_monkeypaw » Sat Nov 30, 2019 12:37 am #526586

For your benefit and that of those reading, here's the full note for this ban:

Code: Select all
Banned from the server for 3 days - Playing as a non-antag engineer, intentionally delaminated the supermatter engine, resulting in the destruction of engineering and a shuttle call.
When messaged by admins, provided a single dishonest response before disconnecting.

You received a day's ban for each of these three actions:

  1. Intentionally trying to delaminate the supermatter as a non-antagonist.
  2. Lying about the above when asked.
  3. Disconnecting immediately thereafter.

You switched three freezers to heaters, injected plasma into the cooling loop, and switched the filters to keep plasma and CO2. You went way out of your way to cause a delamination.

Here's what the engine room looked like shortly before it exploded:


As none of the above is in dispute, I don't see any reason to lift or reduce the length of this ban.

Appeal denied.

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