Can i get unbanned? banned by Skoglol btw

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Can i get unbanned? banned by Skoglol btw

Postby Apyr1 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 1:27 pm #549445

BYOND account: <Apyr1>
Character name: <Lace Surrname>
Ban type: <I dont know any types of bans so i will say that this is my first ban on this game>
Ban length: <PeRmAnEnT>
Ban reason: <Teaming? Defending myself against security? I dont know.>
Time ban was placed: <2020-03-10 19:55:17>
Server you were playing on when banned: <Event Hall>
Round ID in which ban was placed: <132122>
Your side of the story: <Sup the guy who is reading this
So , i saw the game because Sseth did the review
I said , cool , its like barotrauma
and since they made the new shitty one and you cant play the old barotrauma this is like the old barotrauma
So i told my friend
Hey , wanna play this?
He said , sure
so we jumped in on the Event Hall server , played for a bit ,
after a while we learnt how to do stuff , he became a botanist and i was the enginner , once (the round we got banned)
I came to visit him , i just stayed silent in the botany room and observed since i had nothing better to do
After a while there was a pandemy in the hall
One security guy wanted to come in
we knew he was infected so we didnt let him
he had a baseball bat
then he broke in and started beating some guy
so i pushed him and we killed him
then all of the security people went in front of the botany and started breaking in
So we ran in the tunnels behind , then we asked the guy that was like satan in botany , he grew wheat that was drug and healed you at the same time , if he didnt want to add us on discord
he said fuck off and ran away , he wanted to turn us to the cops so we beated him to death
After that admin texted me whats my relationship to Zmrd
my friend btw
so i said that i know him one day just for the memes
then after like a hour he wrote some huge text and said something about a metagaming
it was late in the night and i was sleepy so i read shit and didnt know what metagamign means so i just said yes
then he said we will get permabanned
end of the story >
Why you think you should be unbanned: <Well , so i asked a bunch of people , most said absolute shit , then i realized that i should ask the HEAD ADMIN because he might tell me something usefull
So i was like , hey can i get unbanned ? , he said: go apply on the forums
i said
I did yesterday but they only approved my retarded appeal and not the serious one
He said
So i was chatting with him how i got banned for "metagaming" because i was playing with a friend
he said
yea you got banned for breaking the rules
and i said i didnt know you can get banned for playing with a friend
he said :Golly officer, I sure didn't know speeding was illegal
tell me how that one works out for you
So i was like
when you get stopped by a policeman for speeding
he like what , takes 2 points out of your driving license
you still have the driving license
so lets say me and my friend got stopped for speeding for the first time
but we got our driving licenses taken
and we are never getting them back
so i said it to the head admin
he was silent for like 5 minutes because he knew he was fucked
so after outplaying him he looked at some top 100 epic destruction quotes on the internet
and found some shit about me not being funny or something like that
so i laughed that it took him 10 minutes to find that
then he started using threat because he ran out of arguments
Then i texted my favourite adming Skoglmao and he didnt answer
Why should i be unbanned? : Justice, should have just taken 2 points out of my drivings license >
References of good conduct: <So in here i should write if i played on any other server during the time i was banned
Which is bullshit cause when i was banned i played on the Event Hall server hiding in a locker
So i didnt play on any other server
now , "References of conduct" : Uhm , i saved a botanist from being murdered by a security officer , i also helped a guy beat another guy that stole my insulated gloves ,
I repaired botanists doors after breaking them ,and defended them from waves of angery security officers that tried to kills us because we knocked out a security officer that tried to kill us for no reason .>

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Re: Can i get unbanned? banned by Skoglol btw

Postby skoglol » Sat Mar 14, 2020 6:35 pm #549509

The full ban reason is: Banned from the server permanently - Metacomming with Zmrd on discord. Asked others to join them on discord in IC chat. Killed a few people together as non-antags.

See viewtopic.php?f=7&t=25916#p549341 for my response to Zmrd's ban appeal.

You two were quite clearly communicating on discord during the round, about things that were happening in the round. You have admitted as much by now, and this alone is grounds for a permaban. You also broke several other rules during the round, like killing people as a non antagonist for little reason.

Since yesterday you and your friend have been messaging a lot of our admins as well as a couple headmins on discord and had the rules surrounding this explained to you in detail. If anything is still unclear to you, refer to rule 1, 2, 3 and 6 here:

That said, you also decided it was a good idea to PM me a picture of a baby getting killed during the massacre of Nanjing as a meme. I was already convinced you were not the kind of person we wanted to keep around, but that cemented it.
Appeal denied, you may try again in 12 months.

Picture, for posterity.

Note on your other malformatted thread by Hulkamania, one of our headmins: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=25915#p549441

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