[Togopal] <lilpumpooh> - permaban

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[Togopal] <lilpumpooh> - permaban

Postby lilpumpooh1 » Sun Mar 15, 2020 7:24 am #549634

BYOND account: lilpumpooh

Character name: i forgot its been a long time.

Ban type: server ban.

Ban length: permaban.

Ban reason: alt of lilpumpooh.

Time ban was placed: 2018-02-02 (20:51:29)

Server you were playing on when banned: sybil i think i cant remember exactly.

Round ID in which ban was placed:82963

Your side of the story: made an alt a long time ago cant remember all the details.

Why you think you should be unbanned: its been over 2 years and i would like to play again

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Re: [Togopal] <lilpumpooh> - permaban

Postby Vekter » Sun Mar 15, 2020 11:36 am #549665

For clarification's sake, what happened was that you were banned for the following:

Banned for 43800 minutes - As a security officer name "Im Dummy Gay", silently beat a fresh player to death on the arrivals shuttle. When questioned about it claimed "it was like 30 misclicks" and "we all make mistakes".

The next day, you logged in as key gayboi12 and were banned after four rounds as an alt account. Your original ban wasn't a permanent ban - you were banned by togopal for ban evasion.

Since togopal retired, let me see if I can help you. Have you played on any other servers since then? You didn't have too good of a history as a player here.
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