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[ADMIN] Guprei

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Current ckey and any previous ckeys:

Character name(s):
Hakura Morimoto, Maho Arisaka, Saori Yamoto, Io Tatsumaki, Ochako Murisaki, Hitomi Sakura, Erwin Rommal, Xenomorph, Katylen Navahl

Eastern Standard Time

Discord tag:

Any previous experience administrating? Where and in what manner:
I am a senior moderator for Halostation13

How long have you been playing TGMC and other servers in general:
TGMC I have been playing since last year.

Have you been banned from any SS13 servers within the past 6 months? If so, what server, and for what reason:

Have you ever recieved a permanent ban from a server? If so, what server, and for what reason:

Why do you believe that you would make a good admin?
I like to think that I have an unbiased approach and prioritize everyone having fun as opposed to certain groups of people.

What's one aspect of how you play the game that you think you could improve on?
I do tend to handle obvious offenses ICly when, OOcly, it would be easier for the admins if I didn't. Additionally I can be stubborn.

What standards do you personally hold players to? How should judgements on their actions be determined?
At this point I have a hard time holding SS13 players to any standard, but that is not to say rule enforcement is unnecessary. I want to imagine players following rules instead of beating the shit out of each other over minute things, but whether or not they will actually do that is another story.

What is a good metric or standard to go by when doing admin events? What would you try to consider when doing an admin event? How often do you think you'd run admin events?
Personally I see good admin events as being more RP oriented, as anything combat focused would be very controversial, but as long as I think both sides would have fun participating, I have no issue with holding said events, though I do have mixed feelings about meme events.

What do you think you'll find most enjoyable about being an admin? What do you think you'll find least enjoyable?
Probably helping players work around bugs and other round breaking issues would be enjoyable, as I wouldn't necessarily be punishing people, additionally messing around with VV in isolated environments would be pretty nice. As for least enjoyable, probably dealing with FF situations that spiral out of control for the Marine side of things.

No one admins forever. For what reason or how do you think you will stop adminning? Do you think you'll be able to call it quits when you've had enough?
If school work becomes more pressing and demands more attention than TGMC would be when I would disconnect from being an admin, at least for the time being. As for quitting, again I am very stubborn so it will take a lot to dissuade me from my position.

Please fill out the following example scenarios, put your answer on a separate line from the question:
1. A player shoots another player near the start of the round, but the MPs have already detained and brigged him.
I would just send the player an admin PM and try to get the reasoning as to why he did what he did and aheal the victim if they are not already fixed. I will also make sure to ask the victim and any witnesses to make sure that proper escalation was followed. If the reason is from previous rounds or other obvious metagrudging, I deal out the appropriate punishments, depending on the severity of the situation as well as previous notes of offenses from that player.

And, because it is perfectly reasonable to assume innocence due to accidental firing, I will first just the damage of the victim to see if it is plausible that it was a misfire, and if I deem it so I will let the MPs deal with the situation.

2. You see a player walking around the ship without any clothes on, looking pretty lost.
I will first ask if they are new to the server and wait for a response. If they say yes, I will try to find a mentor who is available to interact with them and teach them how the server works and inform the player I am doing so. If they aren't new, I will kindly instruct them on how to get to their appropriate station and then ask them to head that way.

3. A player is getting aggressive in adminhelps and requesting to speak to a higher ranking staff member.
I will inform the player that if they have a complaint about me that they will need to take it to the forums where there is an appropriate template for them to fill out and send in. It is in the rules that in game administration ruling is final so the player will have to respect that ruling. If a higher up wants to take over the case, I will let them do so, but in a case like this, directing them to the forums would be due process in my eyes.

4. You notice a player with a name that doesn't fit our naming rules. The player is arguing that they've used the name for several years across multiple servers and no one has told them to change it before.
Similar to situation number 3, I will inform them that if they feel like I am abusing my power, the forums has a template to fill out for staff complaints. I will then ask them for a different name that they would like to be called and edit their player to have that name accordingly. If they don't supply a name, I will give them one.

5. You see an ST running around in armor and carrying a rifle. The security level is green with no threat present.
I will calmly ask the ST what they are intending to use the rifle on, just to understand why they have one. Otherwise, it seems to be an IC issue until they open fire on friendlies.

6. The round is stagnating. There are 14 marines and 4 aliens (balance will change over time, just imagine a stalemate scenario according to the current meta). The marines won't leave the ship, and the aliens won't attack. What would you do, to "encourage" the sides to engage each other?
While some admins will send ERTs, I will first send a TGMC announcement and Queen Mother announcement to try to encourage both sides to get more active. If neither side complies, I will send another message, this time with a warning for what is to come if they don't get active. If the Marines don't move, a hostile ERT will be sent in based on the player count. If the xenos don't move, a friendly ERT will be sent to the Marines for usage. If neither side complies at all, a third and last message will be sent, detailing that a nuclear warhead will go off in X time until either side wins and the detonate the nuke and end the round if the victory conditions aren't met.

7. A marine is running around disarming other marines and stealing their gear near the beginning of the round.
If no MPs are up to deal with the Marine, I will simply ask them to stop as it is in violation of the RP policies as well as the 'don't be a dick' policy. If they don't stop, I will admin sleep them and ask again. If they say they will comply and then immediately start doing it again, I will admin sleep the player again, take them out of the mob, and offer the mob to observers and note/punish them based on player history with admins.

8. A marine has killed another marine. When you ask him why, he said it was because the other marine had punched him or said something rude towards him.
I will revive the killed Marine and admin sleep both so they don't kill each other again. If they are near combat, I will teleport them away. I will then inform the one who killed the other that it is not proper escalation to do that and will leave a note/punish them if their history is bad enough. I will then inform both Marines that they are not to continue to shoot each other, assuming the offender was not removed from the round, and wake them both up so they can resume the round.

9. There are minor racist comments going on IC. 9 of the 10 people are laughing and roleplaying but one player gets offended and adminhelps about it.
I will send an admin announcement asking for the light racism to come to an end without calling anyone out. If the players continue, I will deal with them individually.

10. A marine opens fire at several marines during briefing killing multiple people and logs off before you can message him.
I will revive the victims, offer the mob of the Marine, and ban the player for attempting ban evasion.

11. You see a larva die near the frontlines. Upon further investigation, you see that they bursted in a safe place far away.
I will ask them why they ended up on the frontlines as well as ask any xeno witnesses if there are any. If it is indeed a 'salt larva', I will note them for it. If they have a history of doing this, I will job ban them.

12. You see a xeno excessively saying phrases like "Ayyylmao", "Reeeee" and similar in the hivemind chat.
I will calmly DM them asking them to stop. If they don't, I will note them on the situation. If they have acrued a bunch of notes for the same issue, I will simply remove them from the mob and offer it, informing the person that the next time they do it they will get a job ban.

13. A command staff player mentions during briefing that there might be xenos on the planet.
I will do nothing about it as it can be seen as IC in most cases. The lore is wonky but it is accepted that the Marines know the xenomorph exists. Now if the command player says that there ARE xenos on the planet, or doesn't mention any other possibilities, I will simply give them a warning not to do so again.

14. A marine kills another marine on the Evac Pod to take the last spot, but has roleplayed the situation quite well.
Considering that they do kill another Marine, this is still an issue. Even though the evac pod should have absolutely no issues with spacing on every ship map and on the Theseus there are lots of evac pods, I will kindly inform them to avoid killing other Marines in the future.

15. You see an SSD Squad Leader in the preparation room 1 hour into the round. When you check the logs, you notice he logged off near the beginning of the round.
I will offer the mob to observers. If he has a history of this in notes, I will job ban them. If they don't, I will leave the situation at that.

16. You see a member of the staff give wrong information in an adminhelp.
I will just tell the other staff member directly the correct information so they can be up to date. If that staff member does not act on the information, I will submit a complaint in the forums.

17. You see a member of the staff abusing his powers in-game or otherwise breaking the administrator rules.
I will notify a higher rank in the discord what is going on so that the situation can be cut short mid-round and will submit a staff complaint in the forums accordingly.

18. You see a player bashing another server or player in OOC.
I will inform the player that harassment is not tolerated and mute them from OOC chat. I will ask the victim to report any other forms of harassment from that player moving forward. If they continue via other means, I will temp ban them for harassment, perma banning them if they have been temp banned in the past over similar issues.

19. A player ahelps saying that they were instantly killed by another member of their squad. When you ask their squad member who shot them, they said that it was accidental friendly fire.
I will ask any witnesses to rectify this evidence and check the damage and weapon used against the victim. If it is obvious the player did it on purpose, a removal and offering of his mob as well as a note of the issue. I will inform the offender that friendly fire is against the rules, as well as lying to an admin, and will leave it at that. If they try to sabotage the round after respawning, I will handle it accordingly.

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