[Host] Reecespuffs - i dont even know

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[Host] Reecespuffs - i dont even know

Postby rererere25 » Thu May 21, 2020 5:13 am #562336

BYOND acount: Reecespuffs
Character name: jessi sanchez
Ban type: server ban
Ban length: permanent ban
Ban reason: access denied. Banned by Host: for horrible crude attempt at SS13 ERP, Not responding to admin questions.
Reason: i was in a heated fight or flight moment after i made a joke to a security guard(i did not get his name)i spoke. i like a man in a suit and they dragged me to the interrogation room and disabled me so i could not move and continued to ERP on top of me so i gave up and went along with it. the second part where i did not answer the admin. the reason is i simply as not paying attention to the chat i am pretty new to the game.Round id 137581.

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Re: [Host] Reecespuffs - i dont even know

Postby XivilaiAnaxes » Thu May 21, 2020 5:42 am #562338

Does it say which admin banned you? It's highly unlikely you got banned by the actual host.

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Re: [Host] Reecespuffs - i dont even know

Postby Vekter » Thu May 21, 2020 5:46 am #562339

If I had to guess based on the logs, Shaps is the one who banned you.

Also, that is super not what happened based on what I'm seeing here. Here are your say logs for the round (Warning for NSFW text):

Code: Select all
01:08:02   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "hey pretty boy"
01:08:23   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "hi handsome"
01:09:57   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "lets go private"
01:10:20   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "got any more"
01:10:24   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "people"
01:10:59   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "hey boys"
01:11:32   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "damn daddy"
01:11:52   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "yea"
01:12:34   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ouch"
01:12:46   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "im hear for something long"
01:12:57   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "hmmmm"
01:13:08   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "no"
01:13:13   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "oh yea"
01:13:59   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "now come and get it"
01:14:18   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhh yasss"
01:14:29   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "harder daddy"
01:15:54   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohh yass harder"
01:15:58   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohh myyy"
01:17:01   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "hmmmmm yassss daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
01:17:32   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhh yasss harder"
01:17:39   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "please give me more"
01:17:53   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "oiooooooohmmmmmmmmmmmm"
01:18:04   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "your sooo goood"
01:18:49   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "i was gonna ride"
01:18:55   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "bayyehhhh"
01:19:40   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "thats the spot"
01:20:07   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "now you red boy"
01:20:38   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "do me hard daddy"
01:21:24   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "threesome"
01:22:33   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "more"
01:22:35   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "more"
01:23:25   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhhh yasssss"
01:23:51   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ok boys"
01:23:58   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "reddy for more"
01:24:54   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ooohhhh boyyys im pretty wt in here"
01:26:29   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "i fucked you"
01:26:41   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "succky"
01:26:46   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "hing"
01:26:53   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "anything"
01:26:58   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "all of it"
01:27:20   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "oh toodles"
01:27:42   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "nice"
01:27:59   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "lets go"
01:28:14   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "hhmmm do i"
01:28:25   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "thats great honey"
01:29:45   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhh yess daddy"
01:30:13   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ok"
01:30:28   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhhh yesss"
01:31:07   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "tighten grip"
01:31:30   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "hmmm ohh yea"
01:31:46   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "drag click"
01:31:55   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "oh"
01:32:06   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "oh yess daddy"
01:33:17   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "this is soo fun"
01:33:41   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "your cock is so big daddy"
01:34:01   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "its deep penatration for me"
01:35:13   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "my clit rubbing on your shoulders is sooo gooodd"
01:35:25   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "grnnggggg"
01:35:41   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhhhmy"
01:35:52   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "immm ready for a pounding"
01:36:34   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhh yessss"
01:37:25   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhh yessss"
01:37:29   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ooohhmmmyyyyyyyy"
01:37:39   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhhhhhhhh"
01:37:42   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhhhhhh"
01:37:44   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhhhhhh"
01:37:49   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "uhhhhhhhhhh"
01:37:53   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "morrreee"
01:38:03   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "im sooo wet"
01:38:26   SAY   Reecespuffs/(Jessi Sanchez) "ohhh yessss"

The round started at about 01:04 UTC and, within three minutes, you're already in the locker room trolling for booty.

This isn't my ban, so it's up to Shaps on whether or not you come back.

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Re: [Host] Reecespuffs - i dont even know

Postby Shaps-cloud » Thu May 21, 2020 5:56 am #562340

Unironically if you're looking to roleplay having sex in SS13, I would recommend trying one of the following servers instead, they allow it and even have code features that cater to the experience

I think you'll find playing there much more fulfilling than tgstation would be
P.S. Shoot Dr. Allen on sight and dissolve his body in acid. Don't burn it.


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