Sylphet - Scrungulooose misunderstanding

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Sylphet - Scrungulooose misunderstanding

Postby Königstiger » Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:53 pm #570756

[b]BYOND account: Königstiger_II

[b]Character name: Syd Staymates

[b]Ban type: Server

[b]Ban length: Permanent

[b]Ban reason: As a non-antagonist CE, released the singularity, killing several people, and non-humaning the AI to kill anyone who tried to intervene.

[b]Time ban was placed:12:40:10 26/07/2020

[b]Server you were playing on when banned: Bagil

[b]Round ID in which ban was placed: 142832

[b]Your side of the story: At roundstart ot was proclaimed that i was captain of the station, as i was the highest ranking member on board. I decided to have a bit of fun and uploaded the law "the singulo must be made, and anyone who tries to stop it is non human" which i changed to "The singulo not existing is harmful to humans, the singulo hugs people and does nothing else" for non human reasons. I then started to setup a singulo containment field in engineering, before going ssd a while to double check what parts are needed to contain the singulo (i only wrenched and welded a single emitter into the correct spot for the shield at this point). When i got back someone changed the AI law, so i just gave up on that idea and made a normal SM setup. When i was done i proclaimed "I made a normal setup since you are all boring" to which the AI replied "Local human doesnt know that i dont care about self harm". I continue to make the setup and a borg intervenes,flushing out all the gas into space. The borg then tells me that he had set up a particle accelerator in the bridge. After a short stop at medical for some injuries that happened, the borg dragged me to the particle accelerator and pointed at the console. Note that i do not know how the particle accelerator works, nor did i know what that setup actually does. The borg then points to the console and leaves. I, intrigued, turn the emitter on. You see, me not knowing how this worked, i thought this was a jape when the singulo did not appear, after all the borg was asimov so it couldnt set up a singularity generator, right? So instead i just had a look at the particle accelerator more and how it was setup, what its purpose was, what all the different settings do. The emitter was still firing while all this was happening, which my guess is charged the singulo creator device enough to make the singulo. It started out 1 tile big, so i thought that as long as it wasnt super matter charged, it would stay that size and would be harmless, besides the shuttle was seconds from arriving so i just left it. The singularity grew and ate the bridge, so i decided to repent for my sins by throwing myself into it. The rest followed as you may guess

[b]Why you think you should be unbanned: This event was one large misunderstanding, at no point did anyone try to intervene, did no one communicate to me nor was it made clear to me that what was occurring is wrong. I apologize for any ruination of anyone's round that occurred and am willing to accept a shorter ban for the carelessness

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Re: Sylphet - Scrungulooose misunderstanding

Postby Sylphet » Sun Jul 26, 2020 2:21 pm #570758

Alright - I see that your account is new, you were misled by the borg, and without very much engineering time, so I'm willing to believe that this was a mistake. In future, please don't change laws to make crew members nonhuman as a non-antagonist. I'm going to be lifting this ban - please read the wiki page about the singularity before trying again, and remember that you can ahelp or ask other players if you need help understanding it.
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