Body fluids, new gloves, disinfection, fogger and more

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Body fluids, new gloves, disinfection, fogger and more

Post by panvxv » #621149

Ideas to make janitor work more complex aka harder aka more fun :D :wetfloorsign:

Deceased people(with organs) and organs will start to exude body fluids on the ground and clothes after some time(let's say 15 minute). Bodies inside of someting like crate or locker will also make those covere in body fluids and lockers will not stop fluids from soiling floors.

Blood and body fluids can start diseases. Being near them or picking up objects that are cover in them have a chance to infect you. Blood of person that had disease will cause the same disease no matter of time but clean blood will only infect when being on something for some time. Body fluids as they appear after 15 minutes will start infecting others after 1 minut. Blood and fluids on floor will also start infecting any objects so also floor and walls within 5 tiles(can't spread infection though walls) making them more and more"dirty".

Picking dirty objects will dirty your hands or gloves. Orange gloves are now new type of gloves. They are in boxes at the janitor's closet and can be store in a janitorial cart like signs. They are not special at all but they can be sent in cargo shuttle to receive new fresh ones. If you your gloves or hands are dirty objects you touch will get dirty. So orange gloves purpose is to be thrown away to get new ones. Picking dirty gloves will not make your hands dirty.

Janitor's glasses - I forgot to mension the dirt on dirty items can't be seen without them. Object that spread diseases will have purple borders when you have Janitor's glasses on. Objects with more than 5% (next part is about it) will have more bright purple color.

Cleaning rework: mop, rag and soap can remove fluids and blood but this invicible "dirt" will partially stay. So our dirty objects have their maximum how dirty they can be. So max dirty object will have 75% chance to infect person every 5 seconds when holding or 15 seconds when being nearby. Mop wet with water will reduce the chance to 30%, with vodka to 15% and space cleaner to 5%. Mop sadly work only on floors, walls. Rag works on items and it is like mop but rag that isn't wet will reduce the chance only to 50%. Also wet rag can only clean one time with it reagant. There is many soaps so nanotrasen soap will reduce the chance to 20% and Omega soap to 0%. Other soap something in between. So items that are dirty have to be put in the trash bag.

Backpack cleaner tank rework: pretty useless thing so I think it should be changed to fogger for disinfecting. It makes stream of smoke and can be filled with reagents. To clean floors and walls from 5% infection you need to smoke them with fogger filled with space cleaner. Items that can be picked up can't be clean fully unless you have Omega soap so smoking them will not work.

Cargo starts with new biohazard crate that will prevent dirty items inside from infecting other when this crate is closed. It job is to send dirty item in cargo shuttle, shuttle will come with new one. Those crates can also be ordered. Janitor's PDA can check where those crates are.

Morgue stops bodies and organs from making body fluids. No pressure also works and really cold temperatures.

Holographic sign projector is now Holographic biohazard sign that stops infection spreading and infected objects can't move though them. This also works on people with dirty hands or feet/shoes.

Using soap in hand will clean your hands fully. Omega soap will burn your hands a little. Target leg to clean feet or shoes. Purple galoshes (drying agent) will not get dirty.

Blood on clothing and items that are not lying around so on someone that is alive will not start infection process. Radiation was removed because of people walking when having thing that had rads so that's why not.

Funny things that will happen if this idea come though: this boy :clean: in the medbay will be finally turned ON to prevent blood from infecting everything :lol: Janitor needs to work with Cargo and Chemistry.
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Re: Body fluids, new gloves, disinfection, fogger and more

Post by panvxv » #621215

I also forgot to mention about machines that make items and what happen when those get dirty. So Protolathes, Techfabs, Circuit Imprinters and Exosuit Fabricators need to be deconstructed and every part will need to be replaced otherwise those machines will start to make dirty items. Recycling dirty items will also make those machines dirty and this is the only way for dirty item to infect objects as only blood and fluids can infect.

The will be of course problem with Protolathe's circuitboards as those can't be print. I have two ideas: one where those boards can't be dirty and second where sending dirty boards by cargo shuttle gets you new ones.

There is one more thing I want to mention, you don't need to send dirty items in cargo shuttle, you can simply destroy them using Fluorosulfuric acid or Destructive Analyzer and E.X.P.E.R.I-MENTOR. Of course also throwing them into space, SM and :singulo: if we had one :cry:
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Re: Body fluids, new gloves, disinfection, fogger and more

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Please, lets do it.
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Re: Body fluids, new gloves, disinfection, fogger and more

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I think this is kind of a bad idea, Jannitor should remain an easy job - it's both a good job for new players (in fact one I recommend above assistant for a new player), and it's a nice chill job for veterans if you just wanna chill and make stuff cleaner (it's also very satisfying)
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Re: Body fluids, new gloves, disinfection, fogger and more

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Blood used to cause viruses but they got rid of that a long time ago for performance reasons.

I like the idea of blood spreading to hands or gloves from bloody items, or things like closets or airlocks being able to receive bloody handprints. I also wish all stains would create footprints, instead of just blood.
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