Hygiene 2.0: Viro Nerf moment

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Hygiene 2.0: Viro Nerf moment

Post by Shadowflame909 » #641715

So when crag brought up hygiene due to the bar rp PR. I thought about what Finalpotato said about features that make you and your character to want the same thing...

Thus, here's my idea: Taking a shower will now stall a viruses stage speed progression for 3 minutes.

When you get sick or someone coughs on you, you'd feel gross! Little did you know your already infected, but you can definitely reduce the viral payload that ultimately enters your system. Thus, by fully stripping down and rubbing yourself with soap for a minute action-timer. You can prevent whatever instant death concotion viro has cooked up from entering its next stage for a whole 3 minutes! Just pray it already isn't in its final stage though. Because you took a useless risk!

This is good for the game because it adds a non-traitorous use for these shower-room, (Captain gets his own!) It creates gaps and openings that allow antags to deal with a more defenseless crewmembers someone in the mind of their character for both ic and OOC reasons, and it adds that sweet sweet RP potential coders have been looking for.

By keeping it an optional advantage like this, it firmly remains a choice to take a shower and prevent viro-stage speed increase. Like an alternative to spaceacillin, and it creates devious schemes like someone feeding a completely bare-bones neutered virus to their target in hopes of incentivizing them to weaken themselves!

Its a win for all types of players. Powergamers and rpers alike, only ones who lose are virologists who didn't add enough stealth and don't want someone to try and cure their virus with the 3 minutes of spare time. (Prep more! Destroy that public scanner so they cant find the cure in 3 minutes.)

I'd probably just add a cooldown for how long ago your character wants to do a full scrub down shower though so it isnt spammed into full on virology uselessness.
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Re: Hygiene 2.0: Viro Nerf moment

Post by FantasticFwoosh » #641726

The day the community forgot to shower, they started adding in stinky things.

Old radiation = cured by showering
Blood splatter virus infectivity/looking sus = cured by showering

Coincidence? Though other games just call this accumulative buildup "Grime" thinking of dwarf fortress as more kind of skin-dirt.

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Re: Hygiene 2.0: Viro Nerf moment

Post by nianjiilical » #641733

if you go more than 40 minutes without showering or otherwise being wet, having your jumpsuit removed should hardstun you for like 9 seconds and spawn a cloud of miasma as all the concentrated stank comes rushing out
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Re: Hygiene 2.0: Viro Nerf moment

Post by Pandarsenic » #641742

just like irl
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Re: Hygiene 2.0: Viro Nerf moment

Post by cacogen » #642198

hygiene and needing to take a fat shit are good ideas that work in other games and even in other multiplayer games only the implementation of hygiene was flawed

can't even say why the video game rust allows you to have a fully modeled dick and balls and australian teenagers can play that without sexually harassing each other (they just torture each other by stealing/destroying each other's hard work and imprisoning each other instead) surely a stank cloud people can make fun of you for isn't that bad

being able to ambush somebody in the shitter is a GOOD thing
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