Felinid Racial Wolverine Claws Mutation

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Felinid Racial Wolverine Claws Mutation

Post by Shadowflame909 » #642070

PR has been denied several times over. Just keeping this here for the inevitable felinid lover maintainer (which allows me as a human geneticist to gain more powers!)

Felinid Claws: Does brute wound damage. Or does it more easily if fists can already do that

Downside: Like real life cats, when your claws get too long. You can't balance good! Felinids will trip over themselves while running.

Power: Buffs wound claw damage

Synchroniser: makes you only trip over yourself while running half the time

Whatever the other one was: Nerfs the amount of DNA this uses. Trying to make it felinid hulk, so it brings it down from 30 to 20. I mean its literally an undisarmable wound weapon! Of course it should be expensive without the chromosome!
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Re: Felinid Racial Wolverine Claws Mutation

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I don't know how I feel about this.

On one hand I'm pro race specific mutations. "Human, but it talks weird" always seems absurd to me and I wanna see the genetic trees for each race get weird.

On the other, wolverine claws for cat people is too cool of a mutation for cat people. Not unless lizard people get a killer croc style hulk.
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