Jigsaw ideas i had lying around and suggestions for new trap based items

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Jigsaw ideas i had lying around and suggestions for new trap based items

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Turret run:
Build a thin, long corridor of turrets, with laser guns put in them (If admins are nice, they may give it a pulse laser or heavy laser turret"
Victim must run along, taking care not to get shot.

Greed: A highly desirable item is placed on a table, along a trapped hallway
If the victim leaves, they go free, if they choose to go after it, bolt and shock the doors, Tell them greed is a deadly sin, and gas them with plasma/Laser them to death with turrets/ Trigger a bomb. Unless they solve a certain puzzle.

Making the flammable jelly trap:

We can't fully make it, but here's the next best thing
Room full of plasma gas, an oxygen tank and mask, Cover spots with glass shards, and litter it with papers with random code combinations
If they fail to do so within the timer, ignite the plasma, burning them alive.

Bedroom trap:
Traitors can get eye snatcher tools for this, either rip out your own eyes or be gassed with plasma/Shot with turrets/ Trigger a bomb

Also, since jigsaw is something that is very obviously referenced as a traitor (You can literally obtain a reverse bear trap)
I think we should continue expanding, and now, i introduce.... John Kramer's' Legacy

A box containing the following:
4 reverse bear traps and respective keys
A box of fake keys
The suit and mask
A retractable knife implant, 22 damage, high wounding power, to represent the hidden blade mechanism inside a sleeve with autosurgeon
A construction kit with various turrets and turret only guns, (They can shoot pulse lasers, but you can't take the gun itself and kill people, have to put it in a turret)
An emag
3 shotgun rigging kits, When an airlock opens the shotgun will blast the victim with lethal buckshot, Also the damage is amplified so it crits if its actually used to rig a door instead of being used a weapon
A stimpak, for quick escapes
A chemical kit
Various signallers, timers, health sensors, ETCs, grenade parts
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Re: Jigsaw ideas i had lying around and suggestions for new trap based items

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Could be neat. Sleepy pen doesn't last that long though 😂
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Re: Jigsaw ideas i had lying around and suggestions for new trap based items

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The problem with the turret idea is emitter turrets can be entirely avoided by resting and for some reason popup turrets that you build are automatically locked and require some form of command level access!?!?! to even change the targeting on. (So if you build one as a scientist it`ll magically program itself to be immune to your alterations and you wont be able to edit what type of entities it targets.)
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