[BAN] [<MereWalker>] <Zupps>

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[BAN] [<MereWalker>] <Zupps>

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BYOND account: <Zupps.>

Character name: <I honestly don't remember, I assume it was one of the random generated ones.>

Ban type: <Permanent ban.>

Ban length: <Permanent.>

Ban reason: <"Blew up prep with grenades. Later went on to blow up alamo. This violates our rules of BLUE on BLUE. Since they DC'ed this will be a perma ban that they can try to appeal on the forums.">

Time ban was placed: <2021-09-28 02:14:49>

Round ID in which ban was placed: <11090>

Your side of the story: <Hello, firstly I want to put it out there that I take full responsibility for the accusations listed above. I 100% did everything the admin said I did, and I did it all with malicious intent, completely aware of the fact that I was griefing. As you can see, I very much regret the decision I made over a year and a half ago, and I am now writing this appeal in the hopes I can be given another chance.>

Why you think you should be unbanned: <As you have read above, I have no justification as to why I should be unbanned for what I did. However, I would like it to be known that during the time period in which my ban occurred, I had never really believed I'd stick with SS13 long-term and play it anytime in the future. Obviously, my perspective on this has changed, and I now view SS13 as one of my favorite games of all time, playing it more often than some triple-A titles I have in my game's library. With this new appreciation for the genre, I look back on my careless past with regret, as I've come to realize what I had been missing out on in TGMC. Recently, (and by recently I mean a few hours before making this post,) I had loaded into TGMC on an alternate account out of morbid curiosity about what had become of the server I was banned from. Upon joining, I was quickly informed by an admin that what I was doing was against the rules, but seeing that I didn't have any malicious intentions, they allowed me to play one round of TGMC and informed me to make a ban appeal after. So naturally, I played, and it took me a few minutes to learn the ropes of the game, but I quickly learned that most of the keybinds and basic principles of TGMC were still similar to CM. One thing I was not accustomed to was the PvP however, which I really did enjoy. It was very fast paced, action-packed, and overall very free in comparison to CM. After finishing my round of TGMC, I knew I had to try to make a ban appeal, and that's how I got here. I've realized how fun and enjoyable TGMC as a game and community can be, and it saddens me to remember how I was attempting to ruin the fun for others. There are no excuses for what I've done, so all I can really ask for is a second chance to show how much I've changed, and to show how much I can contribute to the community as I learn from it and grow closer to it.>

References of good conduct: <Yes, like stated above, I have become and been very interested in SS13, some of the servers I've played on and frequent are as follows,
CM, one of my goto servers, which I wouldn't doubt I've put well over 500 hours on.
BeeStation, I usually play on BeeStation when I'm looking for a more casual SS13 experience.
Fulpstation, I played on this server before moving over to BeeStation.
The Wasteland, I don't play this server as often as the others, but when I do it's because I'm craving a more grounded and realistic SS13 experience. (As realistic as Fallout can get.)>
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Re: [BAN] [<MereWalker>] <Zupps>

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Reading on your admission of your wrong doing, coming to realize that it was unfair to others with the genuine want to play on the server. You even went so far to use an alt account. This tells me and shows that you HAVE improved. The appeal is another form of showing your wanting back in the server. In addition of the good behavior and time which is nearly if not a year now. I see no reason to keep this permanent ban barring you from the server. Play on and have fun!

(I will have the ban lifted here shortly by myself or another admin.)

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