What went wrong with clock cult?

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What went wrong with clock cult?

Post by Itseasytosee2me » #651481

I only started playing on the tail end of clock cult's life span, and only ever got to play two rounds of it (I was a cultist both times.)

What were the main flaws? Why was it deemed unfixable? How fun was it?
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Re: What went wrong with clock cult?

Post by CPTANT » #651498

There were so many versions of it. I think it actually was best when it was just a cult variant with different gear/spells.
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Re: What went wrong with clock cult?

Post by Nabski » #651542

The number of different resources you needed to gather with no way to control what was generated meant you needed to set up giant resource farms which ended up best being done as a monster base in space instead of trying to find somewhere on the station. Some of those things got fixed or removed but by then it was too late.

Main version 2: the mandatory round end at 50 minutes would be either too short or too long. I found the hacking APCs part really fun, and the base building OKAY but the level of metaness required for a good assault defense got tedious after a while. Same sort of reason blob went from being a game mode to a side thing, if it happens often enough it gets bad
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Re: What went wrong with clock cult?

Post by oranges » #651553

Also construction/ deconstruction was not a particularly engaging mechanic and the crew didnt' have access to large amounts of destructive explosives because thsoe would ruin the normal rounds
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Re: What went wrong with clock cult?

Post by Shadowflame909 » #652757

Crew didn't like being forced through portals to go to war with reebee

I think the head coder for it admin abusing infinite resources as blob was what got the mode finally scratched though.

All in all it was fun, and the clock cult dust traps have returned as a maint mechanic. Now if I could get spear traps back somehow, the soul would fully return.
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Re: What went wrong with clock cult?

Post by Vekter » #652767

What it basically came down to was that Clock Cult required a gameplay style that doesn't really feel great in SS13 and was notoriously hard to balance. We would've likely kept it, but the person who was maintaining it quit coding and nobody else wanted to take it over.

I kind of wish we'd bring it back as its original variation (Cult but with a different god) but I get why that's not an option. It's a shame - pretty much every sprite that was made for Clock Cult was an absolute banger. I mean, look at this.


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Re: What went wrong with clock cult?

Post by Cobby » #653290

cult with the construction materials to cast the spells was the best dont at me.
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Re: What went wrong with clock cult?

Post by PKPenguin321 » #653689

it always felt kind of railroaded. where other antags sort of do their own sabotage and things play out in an emergent and unique way, clock cult had the same requirements to set things up and the same forced base defense that would abruptly end the round the same way every time. they even forced it on a unique separate dimension which i think was a big misstep. compare that to Gangs planting and defending a dominator or regular cult scrawling and defending a Narsie rune which is at least unique in the sense that it will typically be placed in a different spot each time
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