Cargorilla needs its own version of chef CQC

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Cargorilla needs its own version of chef CQC

Post by knacker48 » #652833

Right now the cargorilla is just a straight pacifist. Whats the point of having a big ass gorilla in your department if he can't atleast deal with some tiders breaking in? I think making it so it can only attack while in cargo a nice restriction, making people think twice about breaking into cargo
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Re: Cargorilla needs its own version of chef CQC

Post by VexingRaven » #652978

The reason the chef has CQC is because the chef's job by nature requires the kitchen be totally exposed to tiders. Similarly, the bartender has a shotgun because, again, their workspace is completely exposed. Cargo doesn't have this issue, they have restricted airlocks between them and the public. Chef and Bartender's workspaces are uniquely vulnerable and thus they have unique powers to protect them, giving those powers to other departments would defeat the point. The cargorilla isn't to protect cargo, it's just a meme.
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Re: Cargorilla needs its own version of chef CQC

Post by oranges » #653118

no, the reason the chef has cqc is because of a movie meme that I find funny.
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Re: Cargorilla needs its own version of chef CQC

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and Bartender has one because bar fights
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