[oranges]sinfulbliss - fnr approval headmin threads

Appeals which have been closed.
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[oranges]sinfulbliss - fnr approval headmin threads

Post by sinfulbliss » #664556

im not filling out the format cause you're not an admin so you dont deserve properly formatted appeal threads


Why you should be unbanned: i believe a joke on discord is not good enough grounds to FNR me from a subforum
(i joked that i'd give harder questions to the candidates i didnt want to win and softballs to the ones i wanted to win)

References of good conduct: i have never shitposted in candidate threads before so this is adequate evidence i should not be on this list

Anything else we should know: your little hyperlink doesnt even work
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Re: [oranges]sinfulbliss - fnr approval headmin threads

Post by oranges » #664578

You indicated you were going to

A) shitpost in the forum - https://file.house/bykv.png

B) Intentionally derail candidate threads you dont like - https://file.house/K28M.png

C) ask questions about specific players in direct violation of the forum rules - https://file.house/ykbs.png

Then when I told you that would get you put on post approval you said I wouldn't stop you - https://file.house/5vZB.png

Therefore, I put you on post approval pre-emptively.

Since you're still able to contribute to the election, I can monitor your posts via post approval to ensure you dont break the rules like you said, and your thread appeal shows a continued general contempt for both the election process and myself, I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request.

Have a nice day.
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Re: [oranges]sinfulbliss - fnr approval headmin threads

Post by Timberpoes » #664579

The election subforums are oranges' realms, so I'm simply moving this to resolved. There's no input from anyone else necessary considering it's only approval and not an outright ban.
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