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Re: final fantasy xiv general

Postby Timbrewolf » Thu May 14, 2020 1:46 am #561760

^^^^^ all good advice

The crafting and gathering stuff in this game is *chef kiss*

It's a whole game unto itself and the different crafting jobs are dependent on eachother for pieces and parts.
You don't just kill a lizard for 3 pieces of leather and then click a button and watch a progress bar turn them into a pair of boots.

You gotta gather that hide, tan it to make it usable with a reagent from an Alchemist
You might need some yarn of some sort to tie it all together, which a Weaver can spin from bolls
And then finally some rubber for the sole, which your Alchemist can make from latex (or you just buy it cheap from the supply vendor fuck that)

Then you actually have to play the crafting minigame to put it all together and try to get your chance of a High-Quality craft up so it's a really good pair of boots with bonus stats.

It might sound tedious, and in some ways it kinda is, but it feels really fucking good when you're picking all these choices pieces and parts out of your dragon's horde of random mats to forge together into some cool piece of glam or bettering your gear.
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Re: final fantasy xiv general

Postby Arianya » Thu May 14, 2020 11:25 am #561791

To be fair the crafting minigame is pretty simple

The high quality crafts on Ishgard stuff were the first time in a long while you've had to actually be challenged by that minigame.

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