Central Command

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Central Command Area
Central Command.jpg
Central Command
Glory to Nanotrasen!
Obvious exits Space
Purpose The place where the rounds (usually) end
Access level
Noteworthy contents Thunderdome, Cargo Bay, sleepers, admin prison, CentCom Office, Ferry Dock
Clearance Anyone
Security level Maximum
Style Centcom
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Nanotrasen's massive and tightly-defended Corporate Headquarters.

This is the place where the Escape Shuttle finally ends up after having left Space Station 13. Welcome back home.

Central Command Personnel

The CentCom Officials

The station itself is staffed by CentCom Officials who run the administrative side of things, assign station objectives, monitor station messages and sometimes get labelled as paper pushers. They mostly get recruited from successfull Head of Personnel who have shown Nanotrasen their loyalty through long service. These are also the people who get sent on inspections to Nanotrasen stations or ships to ensure they are being run properly.

The Emergency Response Teams

Then there are the Emergency Response Teams, these people are picked from the areas of Security, Engineering, Medical are experts in their field and get put through an intense training to make them effective in combating an variety of threats. Depending on the severity of the emergency they are responding too, they might also be equipped with Nanotrasens most rare and expensive equipment. These are the people to call when the station is in an emergency it cannot effectly combat by itself.

The Death Squads

Finally there are the classified Death squads. While their names are rather ominous they have one mission, to eliminate all enemies of Nanotrasen, be it raiding syndicate bases or exterminating an xenomorph outbreak out of control. Aside from their unmatched combat and coordination skills, little is known of them, while there are rumors that they consist of captured and brainwashed Nuclear Operatives of the Syndicate nothing is certain. These people are the strongest and best equipped forces on Central Command and have unwavering loyalty to Nanotrasen. These people get called when things have gone very wrong, and an encounter with them will most likely not be survived.

The CentCom Commander

While the identity of the person in charge of Central Command is unknown, their selection process is not, they are selected, from an pool of Captains who have run their space station or Vessel for 10 or more years and have had an excellent track record, by the Nanotrasen Board of Directors. They are given great autonomy and all Nanotrasen personnel in the sector are under their command. An encounter with them is unlikely to happen in your lifetime.

Only the docking and Thunderdome areas are explorable but there are many more areas including an prison for Nanotrasens high priority prisoners, an Cargo Bay with which the Stations counterpart is trading and an corporate office for the Commander alongside an briefing room for ERT's.

The Escape Shuttle is docked here when it is not at (or travelling from) Space Station 13. A small ferry is also docked at Central Command.

The Wizard's Den, the Syndicate Winter Outpost, and the Abductor's Pod happen to exist on the same z-level as Centcom. Go figure.

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