Cytology Lab

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Science Area
The abomination creation place
Obvious exits West to Xenobiology Lab
Purpose To grow creatures from cell lines
Access level
Noteworthy contents
Clearance Captain, Research Director, Scientists
Security level Medium
Style Laboratory
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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For the Guide to Cytology, click here.

The lab that specializes in studying microscopic cell lines and growing them into macroscopic creatures using large vats. The room contains all the basic equipment necessary for cytology, though you'll have to build a meat spike or a gibber if you want to butcher monkeys for protein. While the lab itself lacks a grinder and chemmaster, these vital machines can be found in the xenobiology lab to the west.

Be careful when growing creatures that may be hostile. The containment chamber window can take a few hits, but it can't keep an angry space carp at bay forever.

Requires Xenobiology access to enter.


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