Discord Rules

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  1. Discord is for discourse to happen.
  2. Do not disrupt the ability to hold a conversation. Be it with off-topic remarks, spam, dog piling, or excessive embeds and high height images. If a link has a excessively large embed, enclose it with < > to block the automatic embed.
  3. Do not harass other users on Discord
  4. Excessive, ongoing, targeted harassment of members of the discord is not allowed.
  5. Do not abuse role pings
  6. Abuse of mentions in such a way as to compromise the effectiveness of notifications by creating false positive fatigue will not be allowed.
  7. NSFW content restrictions
  8. No nsfw content is allowed to be embedded or attached, and links to nsfw content must be marked as such and enclosed in < > to keep the automatic embed from showing.
  9. Do not send blank or empty messages
  10. Messages with a blank message portion and an embed is not allowed. Embeds enhance the message, not replace it. (This does not apply to attachments)
  11. The #admin-free-hut channel is a content free-for-all
  12. Unless it is illegal content, no complaining about what happens in the hut to admins or server staff. Don't like it? Delete it.
  13. Do not resolve administrative matters over Discord or Discord pm.
  14. These matters should be resolved in-game or on the forums.
  15. Doxxing & Swatting are explicitly prohibited
  16. Doing it, encouraging people to do it, or joking about doing it, will lead to an immediate & permanent game, discord, and forum ban.
  17. Do not violate Discord's Terms of Service
  18. In addition to the rules above, you must also abide by the Discord Terms of Service. Your content must also be legal in the United States and the State of California.