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On one hand, it is with this that many players are allowed to supposedly continue life after departing Space Station 13. On the other, many players may die waiting for the shuttle to leave, due to either a shuttle brawl or a traitor who happens to want no company with him on his return voyage. The escape shuttle is also the cause of many arguments as to whether or not the situation on the station warrants an evacuation. (The correct answer is, if anyone is working in toxins, you should call the shuttle, just to be safe).

Let's not muck around here. You may have avoided death by asphyxiation thanks to some greyshit smashing windows for the hell of it. You may have dodged a bomb ripping the Medbay to pieces. You might not have breathed in the horrible, horrible virus that was "accidentally" released into the air system. But none of that my good friend, compares to the hell that awaits.

Any form of restraint that was previously displayed has a mysterious habit of vanishing in the last few minutes of a station's life. Friends turn on friends. Clowns become murdering psychopaths (more than usual). Security starts stunning everyone and anyone, and someone always drops a flashbang or two.

Welcome to the Escape Shuttle.

Calling the Shuttle

The shuttle can be called from a Communications Console by any Heads of Staff, the AI and its Cyborgs, or anyone with Bridge access. The same people, except the AI and its cyborgs, can recall the shuttle in normal conditions so long as it is not past half its journey (Red Alert allows for recall until 2:00 ETA). During Revolution and Blob game modes, the shuttle can be called and will arrive, but it will not depart from the station.

Once called, the shuttle takes twenty minutes total to outfit and travel to the station. A station on blue alert will gain some priority over shuttle traffic, cutting down the overall time required to ten minutes. Going to red alert will maximize priority on shuttle prep and transit from Central Command, further cutting down the overall time to just 5 minutes. Once the shuttle arrives on station, it will stay docked for 3 minutes. If the circumstances are dire, the heads are able to forcefully start the ignition of the engines to launch the shuttle, a process which takes 10 seconds flat. A traitor with an emag can also launch the shuttle prematurely. Transit to CentCom takes two minutes. Remember to sit down or you will be thrown around!

An alternative to the shuttle is to escape on an escape pod.

Shuttle Bridge

The shuttle bridge requires Bridge access and is reserved for the Heads of Staff, although the general crew gets a boner for occupying restricted areas and will try and slip in.

The bridge contains an intercom and many consoles, the most important one being the Shuttle Console. If at least three Heads of Staff swipe their IDs on it (or if a traitor emags it), the waiting time for the shuttle gets shortened to 10 seconds. Doing so as a non-antag and without a genuine, immediate emergency (rampaging singularity, nuke ops, mass murder, etc.) is a good way to make everyone, including the admins, hate you.

Shuttle Brig

The shuttle brig (marked with red flooring) should be used to house criminals long enough to be transferred over to Centcom security for further investigation and possible incarceration. Traitors within the brig when the shuttle arrives at Centcom will fail their escape objective. Requires Security access to enter.

Due to the fact that this, in effect, is Security's only haven on an otherwise chaotic shuttle, you can generally take it as read that walking through those airlock doors into the Shuttle Brig without being Security will get you robusted to fuck, or just outright murdered. Security are understandably incredibly twitchy on the Shuttle, so probably best just to leave them in peace as they beat their prisoners into submission for the Centcom bods.

Shuttle Medbay

A small medical area, containing sleepers and basic medical supplies. Nanomeds stocked with medical supplies can generally be found around the shuttle.

Shuttle Cargo

A small holding area with a few lockers and crates. Why does this exist? Nobody knows. Usually houses one or two people attempting to hide from the carnage outside.

The Shipyard

An enterprising station might find itself with some extra change in the vault. A captain can use this wealth to buy a variety of shuttles, though only 1 transaction is allowed by Nanotrasen.
Choose carefully.

Shuttle Name Cost Description Flavor Text
Standard Shuttles
NES Port 500 Sits about 30 in the central section.
Minimal facilities.
Smells like cheetos and sugary drinks.
"The Nanotrasen Emergency Shuttle Port (NES Port for short) is a shuttle used at other less known Nanotrasen facilities and has a more open inside for larger crowds, but fewer onboard shuttle facilities."
Birdboat Shuttle 1000 Sits about 20 in the central section.
Minimal facilities.
Standard shuttle of Birdboat Station, although you'll probably never see it used in it's intended setting.
"Though a little on the small side, this shuttle is feature complete, which is more than can be said for the pattern of station it was commissioned for."
Ministation Shuttle 1000 Sits about 30 in the central section.
Standard facilities.
Former shuttle of Ministation.
"Despite its namesake, this shuttle is actually only slightly smaller than standard, and still complete with a brig and medbay."
Pubbystation Shuttle 1000 Sits about 30 in the central section. Compartmentalized into several sections.
Standard facilities, comes with poker table.
Standard shuttle of Pubbystation.
"A train but in space! Complete with a first, second class, brig and storage area."
Omegastation Shuttle 1000 Sits about 30 in the central section.
Standard facilities, comes with poker table.
Former shuttle of Omegastation.
"On the smaller size with a modern design, this shuttle is for the crew who like the cosier things, while still being able to stretch their legs."
Boxstation Shuttle 2000 Sits about 30 in the central section.
Standard facilities.
Standard shuttle of Boxstation.
"The gold standard in emergency exfiltration, this tried and true design is equipped with everything the crew needs for a safe flight home."
Asteroidstation Shuttle 3000 Sits about 30 in the central section.
Standard facilities.
Former shuttle of AsteroidStation.
"A respectable mid-sized shuttle that first saw service shuttling Nanotrasen crew to and from their asteroid belt embedded facilities."."
Metastation Shuttle 4000 Sits about 40 in the central section.
Comes with EVA section.
Standard shuttle of Metastation.
"A fairly standard shuttle, though larger and slightly better equipped than the Box Station variant."
Kilostation Shuttle 5000 Sits about 40 in the central section.
Comes with EVA section.
Standard shuttle of Kilostation.
"A fully functional shuttle including a complete infirmary, storage facilities and regular amenities."
Deltastation Shuttle 7500 Sits about 50 in the central section.
Comes with EVA section.
Standard shuttle of Deltastation.
"A large shuttle for a large station, this shuttle can comfortably fit all your overpopulation and crowding needs. Complete with all facilities plus additional equipment."
Cerestation Shuttle 10000 Sits about 80 in the central section.
Comes with EVA section.
Former shuttle of Cerestation.
"The large, beefed-up version of the box-standard shuttle. Includes an expanded brig, fully stocked medbay, enhanced cargo storage with mech chargers, an engine room stocked with various supplies, and a crew capacity of 80+ to top it all off. Live large, live Cere."
Fancy Shuttles
The Emergency Escape Bar 5000 A travelling bar, serviced by a xenomorph maid and a drone.
Sit down, relax. Bathroom's in the back.
"Features include sentient bar staff (a Bardrone and a Barmaid), bathroom, a quality lounge for the heads, and a large gathering table."
Luxury Shuttle 10000 A luxurious golden ship, has a long banquet table and indoor pool.
Access to the main section requires payment (500 credits).
Poor people should use the rear section.
"A luxurious golden shuttle complete with an indoor swimming pool. Each crewmember wishing to board must bring 500 credits, payable in cash and mineral coin."
NT Lepton Violet 15000 A research vessel refurbished after the team mysteriously vanished.
It was found with the helm section boarded up and the aftermath of what appeared to be a rodent outbreak turned sour.
"The research team based on this vessel went missing one day, and no amount of investigation could discover what happened to them. The only occupants were a number of dead rodents, who appeared to have clawed each other to death. Needless to say, no engineering team wanted to go near the thing, and it's only being used as an Emergency Escape Shuttle because there is literally nothing else available."
Centcom Raven Cruiser 30000 Absolutely massive, sits about 100 around the several cabins of the ship. Equipped with shield generators and deadly turrets. "The CentCom Raven Cruiser is a former high-risk salvage vessel, now repurposed into an emergency escape shuttle. Once first to the scene to pick through war-zones for valuable remains, it now serves as an excellent escape option for stations under heavy fire from outside forces. This escape shuttle boasts shields and numerous anti-personnel turrets guarding its perimeter to fend off meteors and enemy boarding attempts."
Shuttle Name Cost Description Flavor Text
Engineering Shuttles
Scrapheap Challenge -1000 A second hand shuttle, recommisioned from a scrapper.
pretty cramped.
"Due to a lack of functional emergency shuttles, we bought this second hand from a scrapyard and pressed it into service. Please do not lean too heavily on the exterior windows, they are fragile."
Build Your Own Shuttle -7500 For DIY fanatics.
Trades the standard for a BYOS kit and the value difference. Although it comes with atmosphere, tools, and building materials, there's really nothing else. You could turn this shuttle into anything!
"For the enterprising shuttle engineer! The chassis will dock upon purchase, but launch will have to be authorized as usual via shuttle call. Comes stocked with construction materials."
Asteroid With Engines Strapped To It 15000 A big rock, with engines and an atmosphere. BIG rock. So big that it might end up smushing a couple of your crew. "A hollowed out asteroid with engines strapped to it, the hollowing procedure makes it very difficult to hijack but is very expensive. Due to its size and difficulty in steering it, this shuttle may damage the docking area."
Mother Russia Bleeds 5000 Da, is gud shootleh. Big room, many chairs.
Comes with a bear pit.
"Dis is a high-quality shuttle, da. Many seats, lots of space, all equipment! Even includes entertainment! Such as lots to drink, and a fighting arena for drunk crew to have fun! If arena not fun enough, simply press button of releasing bears. Do not worry, bears trained not to break out of fighting pit, so totally safe so long as nobody stupid or drunk enough to leave door open. Try not to let asimov babycons ruin fun!"
Snappop! 8000 Who let the clown pick the shuttle?! "Hey kids and grownups! Are you bored of DULL and TEDIOUS shuttle journeys after you're evacuating for probably BORING reasons. Well then order the Snappop(tm) today! We've got fun activities for everyone, an all access cockpit, and no boring security brig! Boo! Play dress up with your friends! Collect all the bedsheets before your neighbour does! Check if the AI is watching you with our patent pending "Peeping Tom AI Multitool Detector" or PEEEEEETUR for short. Have a fun ride!"
Tr%nPo2r& Z3TA 8000 Only available if someone manages to research Alien Tech. Comes with an experimental cloner and a void core! A glitch appears on your monitor, flickering in and out of the options laid before you. It seems strange and alien, you may need a special technology to access the signal..
Disco Inferno 10000 High quality dance floor, courtesy of Nanotrasen. Warning, may catch fire and kill all onboard. "The glorious results of centuries of plasma research done by Nanotrasen employees. This is the reason why you are here. Get on and dance like you're on fire, burn baby burn!"
THE ARENA 10000 Only available if someone manages to defeat Bubblegum.
No shuttle, but portals leading to a demonic arena.
One must kill in order to achieve redemption.
Only half of those that enter will get out alive.
To the victors, lavaland loot and transport.
"The crew must pass through an otherworldy arena to board this shuttle. Expect massive casualties. The source of the Bloody Signal must be tracked down and eliminated to unlock this shuttle."
Hyperfractal Gigashuttle 100000 A state-of-the-art shuttle powered by supermatter.
Is a bit cramped, luckily it comes with radiation suits.
"I dunno, this seems kinda needlessly complicated."

"This shuttle has very a very high safety record, according to CentCom Officer Cadet Yins."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, it has a safety record of N-A-N, which is apparently larger than 100%."

CURSED Shuttles
Oh, Hi Daniel. N/A I did not hit her! It’s not true! It’s bullshit! I did not hit her. I did not! Oh, Hi Mark. "How was space work today? Oh, pretty good. We got a new space station and the company will make a lot of money. What space station? I cannot tell you; it's space confidential. Aw, come space on. Why not? No, I can't. Anyway, how is your space roleplay life?"
MEAT N/A Meat, much of it questionable. Don't ask where it came from, the butcher tends to get mad. "Ahoy! We got all kinds o' meat aft here. Meat from plant people, people who be dark, not in a racist way, just they're dark black. Oh and lizard meat too, mighty popular that is. Definitely 100% fresh, just ask this guy here. *person on meatspike moans* See? Definitely high quality meat, nothin' wrong with it, nothin' added, definitely no zombifyin' reagents!"
Lighthouse N/A You're probably better off taking a pod. "*static*... ...part of a much larger vessel, possibly military in origin. The weapon markings aren't anything we've seen ...static... by almost never the same person twice, possible use of unknown storage ...static... ...seeing ERT officers onboard, but no missions are on file for ...static...static...annoying jingle... only at The LIGHTHOUSE! Fulfilling needs you didn't even know you had. We've got EVERYTHING, and something else!"
Non-Suspicious Shuttle N/A What's this about an "eldritch god?" "Looks like this shuttle may have wandered into the darkness between the stars on route to the station. Let's not think too hard about where all the bodies came from."
Secure Transport Vessel 5 (STV5) N/A Well, it's an arms cache alright. Probably best not to let too many people onboard this hunk. "Well, looks like CentCom only had this ship in the area, they probably weren't expecting you to need evac for a while. Probably best if you don't rifle around in whatever equipment they were transporting. I hope you're friendly with your coworkers, because there is very little space in this thing. Contains contraband armory guns, maintenance loot, and abandoned crates!"

Now departing: TG Station.
Never going back to that place again!