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Family Member
Access: Whatever your job is
Additional Access: Any place you or your family members have access to.
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Nobody
Duties: Convince people to join your family, wear your uniform, tag turf for the family
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: TUNNEL SNAKES RULE! We're the Tunnel Snakes! That's us, and we rule!

Gscans.png Families is a gamemode based off of Goonstation's Gang mode.

Isn't this just Gang War?

Nope! Gang War was removed a long time ago. This is a different gamemode. Notably, you can't spawn any weaponry, and joining a Family is 100% voluntary.

Tunnel Snakes Rule!

In this mode, three(or 11, if the admins will it to be) criminal families spawn on the station. Their goal is to accomplish their family's objective, and get the most points by the time the station evacuates.

At the 1 hour mark, the SPACE COPS arrive. Their gear and amount depends on the wanted level of the station. This is impacted by how much death has occurred on board.

Also on board is an Undercover Cop. They're given sunglasses that let them identify gangsters and what family they're in.

Wanted Level

Don't be alarmed by the stars in the top right of the screen. They merely show the wanted level of the station!

At 1 star, a few beat cops show up.

At 2 stars, armored beat cops show up.

At 3 stars, a SWAT Team shows up.

At 4 stars, the FBI shows up.

At 5 stars, the National Guard shows up. No, they don't get a tank.

Getting recruited

All it takes to join a gang is to ask an already-converted member to recruit you. Once you have your uniform and spraypaint, you're a gangster! Your goal is to work with your Family to win the round when it ends, and survive the Space Cops at the 1 hour mark!

The important stuff

The Objective

The objective you get is based on your Family's randomly chosen theme! The available themes are the Grove Street Families, the Ballas, the Los Santos Vagos, the San Fierro Triad, the Russian Mafia, the Italian Mob, the Jack Bros, Dutch van der Linde's Gang, the Tojo Clan, the Monarch Henchmen, and the Tunnel Snakes(THEY RULE!).

Make sure to read your objective and accomplish it at some point. Some objectives require team work to pull off, so communicate with your fellow Family members.


Points are super important, but not as important as the objective. Points are the deciding factor about what Family won the round if multiple families win their objectives.

You can gain points for the Family by wearing your uniform, convincing non-gangsters to wear the uniform, tagging turf, rolling with a crew of 4 or more fellow gangsters, and convincing people to join your Family.


When joining a Family, you're given two important things!

Spray Can
Spray Can
Found in: Autolathes, joining a Family
Used for: Claiming turf for your Family, and gaining points for the Family
These spraycans are specially modified to mark a territory for your Family. They can be used on floors and walls. Every

They cannot be used to tag areas that already has a gang tag in it, unless you spray directly on top of the old one.

Family Uniform
Family Uniform
Found in: Joining a Family
Used for: Repping your Family!
You get a set when you join the Family! It spawns with the complimentary spray can. Wear this! It helps your fellow gangsters identify you, and provides points for the Family when you wear them. Make sure to wear your Uniform!

Recruiting more members

That's easy! Simply hit the recruitment package button in the top left. It'll spawn a package that allows someone to willingly join the Family if they use it. Joining a Family is voluntary, so be nice to people if you want them to join. If you're told you can't recruit more members, don't worry! This is an autobalancing feature. Simply wait for the other Families to recruit more people, then you can make more packages.


If you tire of your current family, you can join a different family at any time! Just ditch your old uniform and go ask a rival family member if they'll let you join their family instead. They'll probably say yes! Just remember, people don't really like turncoats if they find out you're one.

WOOP WOOP, that's the sound of the POLICE!

At the 1 hour mark (or 30 minute mark on dynamic mode), the SPACE POLICE will arrive on the station!

Undercover Cop
Access: Whatever your job is
Additional Access: Any place you have access to.
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Space Police
Duties: Use your glasses to view gangsters and their affiliation, report to the Space Cops at the 1 hour mark.
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: Can you say that a little closer to my chest?

Their gear and amount is based on how much murder has occurred on the station. They are collected from the dead people at the 1 hour mark to form the police. So, be careful when murdering people.

The Space Police are the only people able to identify gangsters 100%, using their HUD glasses. The Undercover Cop has a pair, too.

They'll rendezvous with the Undercover Cop to get details on the situation. If security has been murdering everyone, they better watch out because the Space Police aren't Nanotrasen Employees. They work with the local government.

Hudcentcom.png Station Staff

Caught in the Crossfire

As a loyal employee of Nanotrasen, it is best to keep doing your job. However, if you want to join the family action, you can simply request that a Family member induct you at any time. They'll hook you up, probably. But remember, once you're in the life, you're in for good. You can't quit being a family member, only switching what family you're in.


Deconversion is impossible, as this gamemode is about voluntary conversion, and loyalty implants are forced conversion to the "good" side.

Murdering everyone as Security will get the Space Police on your back, so why not use permabrig instead?