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A convenient chart depicting the hierarchy structure of the codebase. Please note the role of the server within it.

Who are the Maintainers?

Maintainers serve as the primary managers for the codebase. They are born from coders who sold their soul for great power. They answer directly to the headcoder who appoints them and leads them.

Their job is to fix major issues, implement needed upgrades to old code systems, and generally make sure the codebase is technically functional. In addition to these general purpose duties, they provide two other important roles:

1. Merging or Closing Pull Requests (PRs)

As /tg/station is an opensource codebase, anybody can choose to contribute to it. When a coder does so, they make PR, which then will be reviewed by maintainers and others, and eventually a maintainer will decide to close it, or merge it, adding it to the game.

2. Providing Design Direction

Every maintainer has a role in guiding the design direction of the game. Although they are officially subordinate to the headcoder (or design lead when one is appointed) their opinions hold a great deal of influence, and they are often granted a latitude of autonomy for making personal decisions on changes to the game.


Headcoders are the ultimate authority on the codebase. Their focus is on directing their maintainer team, guiding contributors, establishing design guidelines, managing the codebase administratively, and ensuring separation of the project and server is absolute. There many be a number of headcoders at any one time, however usually there is always a first among equals, who is agreed to be ultimately in charge.

List of /tg/station Headcoders:

  • Mothblocks
  • Oranges
  • Hornygranny
  • Cheridan
  • Rockdtben
  • KorPhaeron
  • Cyberboss


Becoming a maintainer involves first ascending to the rank of coder, and then buddying up with the devil the headcoder. However, pure nepotism will not suffice, as one ultimately must prove their worth in the codebase. This is done chiefly through providing critical fixes and infrastructure upgrades to the code. Do this long enough, and you may very well catch the eye of a headcoder eager to add you to their collective. One who only adds new features will seldom be considered.

List of /tg/station Maintainers:

  • Timberpoes
  • LemonInTheDark
  • Fikou
  • ArcaneMusic
  • moo
  • oranges
  • Mothblocks
  • Rohesie
  • EOBGames
  • bobbahbrown
  • JohnFulpWillard
  • Watermelon914
  • JJRcop
  • actioninja
  • Emmett Gaines
  • AnturK
  • Aleksej Komarov
  • 81Denton
  • spookydonut
  • Jordie0608
  • Jordan Brown
  • Time-Green
  • dragomagol

Issue Janitors

In addition to headcoders and maintainers, issue janitors are tasked with organizing the thousands of issue reports on the repo. They have no real power other than that. It's a thankless job.