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MedicalDoctor.png Doctor.png
Medical Doctor
Access: Medbay, Morgue, Surgery, Mineral Storage
Additional Access: Chemistry Lab, Virology
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Save lives, run around the station looking for victims, scan everyone in sight
Guides: Guide to medicine, Guide to Surgery, Guide to Traumas
Quote: Oh, are you hurt? Here, let me kiss it better...

You are the Medical Doctor. But don't despair! You can still help people! Mostly.

You spawn with a First-Aid Kit in Medbay where there are spares along with more specialized kits. There're also two syringe guns if you can get to one of them fast enough. Ammunition in the form of chemical medication can be found in the nearby vending machine pharmacy, but it's got nothing on what chemists can make.

Bare minimum requirements: If injured people will let you heal them instead of breaking into Medical Storage, do so.

Doctor, Doctor!

When you are a Medical Doctor, your job is to heal people, save them from the brink of death, and revive the dead. You can diagnose injuries and diseases with the help of a health analyzer or even your PDA.

As a first step towards becoming a professional doctor, you are recommended to read the Guide to medicine. You will learn how to treat many different ailments.

Medical Storage

The main reason you'll come into this room is to grab one of the health scanners on the table. These fashionable eyewear pieces let you see people's healthbars over their head. Not only is this useful for finding critical patients quickly in a crowd, but the red cross next to their healthbar will change to a sickly face if they're infected with a virus, or a purple xenomorph if they're infected with an alien larva. Chemists and many others will sometimes want these, too.

Special outfits such as nurse suits and EMT caps can be found in the medidrobe, for your special needs. You can find biosuits for when the virologist fucks up. There are also spare first-aid kits.


Rooms with operating tables, surgical tools, and sometimes an observation chamber. You will occasionally come in here to perform varied types of surgeries.

The guide to surgery lists the surgeries you can perform and their step by step instructions.

Modern Miracles

A Deep Freeze

One of your first jobs as a medical doctor is to set up the cryo tubes. Learn how here.


If a patient has died recently, you may be able to use the defibrillator to revive them on the spot. The defibrillator can be found in Medical Doctor lockers (plus a more portable version in the CMO's locker), and is usually used by up-and-coming paramedics.

To use a normal bulky defibrillator, take off your backpack or satchel, put the defib on your back and click it, get your other hand free and activate the paddles to wield them in both hands, then click on the patient while targeting their chest. If the patient is wearing a thick suit like a space suit or firesuit you need to strip it off as well. STOP DRAGGING the patient, if you are, to prevent yourself from being shocked as well.

In order to successfully resuscitate a patient, several criteria must be met:

1. The patient must not be dead for more than fifteen minutes.

2. The patient must not have over 180 brute or burn damage; 179 brute and 179 burn is fine, just not 180 of one type. Reduce their damage below 180, and you can try again.

3. The patient must not be a suicide.

4. The patient must not be catatonic.

5. The patient must have a heart. Plasmamen do not have hearts, for example.

6. If the patient has a heart, it must not have decayed completely. If there's too much heart decay, you'll need to replace it or perform a coronary bypass.

If all these factors are met, then the patient will come back to life! However, this doesn't mean they can just get right back up. Instead, they'll likely still be deep in critical condition, as a successful revival only removes a bit of each damage type. They must quickly receive medical attention if you want to keep them alive. Make sure to use a health analyzer or your PDA to check how they died; if they have harmful chemicals in their body, they most likely still do (chemicals remain in bodies after death, but do not metabolize).

Alternatively, you can disable the safeties on defibrillators in two ways: emagging it or having it be hit by any form of EMP (you can re-enable safety by doing the same thing again). The emag does it silently, but the EMP makes the defibrillator emit a warning sound. When the safeties are off, help intent functions normally, but harm intent will instantly stun the victim for the duration of a stun baton as well as doing a large amount of stamina damage.

Medibots - Replace you, will they?

Medibots can make your life easier. if you have a medibot available, move it to a location where you think it will do the most good and set it to stop patrolling.

No Respect

You will, inevitably, have invaders. It's not your job to fight people but it's up to you if you want to try to defend your department from random people breaking in to steal things. If you're stressed it may be better to just look the other way and let someone else handle it, or call security. Your best defense is your coworkers - with up to 5 Medical Doctors, the CMO, Virologist, two Chemists and countless patients, Medbay is packed, and all of them feel the same sting of disregard cast at them by fellow crewmates. If you band together, you will usually far outnumber any lone threat that wants to break down every window and grille in your workplace.

Sometimes it may be necessary to shoot someone with some morphine (don't overdose!).


  • The medical belt can store all surgery tools.
  • You can cut bedsheets with a scalpel or wirecutter and use the resulting cloth to craft a chemistry bag Chemistry bag.png.
  • Bedsheets work as drapes for surgery.
  • If you implant a guy with a flashlight, he can still use it as a flashlight, and even toggle it.
  • Bruise packs and ointments are not 5-use items, but 5-item stacks of 1-use items. Never give science a full stack of packs again.
  • Raw carrots heal eye damage.
  • You can use a health analyzer on a body to see the time of death.
  • Star-Kist is just cola with orange juice. Thus will metabolize a bit faster and can be used as a very poor man's medicine to speed up CPR.
  • Cryo won't work on you if you have cold resistance:
    • Insulating items like hardsuits, ins. gloves, gasmask, firesuits - they all slow down cryo or even stop it from working entirely.
    • If the patient in question has cold resistance, you may want to try go old-school and actually apply some medicine yourself, lazy bum.
    • That is, of course, if there's only cryoxadone in the tubes, since those need cold body temperatures to work.
  • Wearing earmuffs will heal ear damage.
  • Wearing a blindfold will heal eye damage.
  • Attach a stethoscope on your neck slot and it'll make you look like you know what you're doing.
  • Showers (wrenched to be cold) work just as well as cryo, as long as you have the drugs in your system.
  • People with hardsuits on cannot be defibbed.
  • You can scan people with a health analyzer to see if they've been dead for a short enough amount of time so they can be defibbed. Health HUD shows the same thing, but maybe you lost yours.

Tips for Traitoring

  • The stethoscope can be used to break into the safe.
  • You can replace the cryoxadone with acid, so instead of healing people cryo will melt them to death.
  • Syringe gun is one of the most lethal weapons on the station. A simple 15 unit lexorin syringe will kill unless the victim receives medical care. Anyone with a thick suit will block syringes though.

Hello, I'm Dr. Death

So, you are a traitor? DON'T HIT SUICIDE JUST YET! There is so many wondrous, terrible things you can do. When people are injured, they are taken to medbay to be "doctored" by you and other people. You can then shoot them up with poisons, take them some place private in or near medbay and take what you want, or go for malpractice to end them. This is very good if you happen to be in a crowded area and stab the HoP and drag them back to Medical when people are in a panic.

To Conclude

You are a Doctor. Your job is to help people - sometimes forcibly - and dealing with the fallout from the numerous violent calamities that inevitably descend on the station. You serve both as go-between for the station and large and the more specialized medical departments.

If you seek respect in this job, you have to go out of your way to earn it. But never forget the damage you can inflict on the unwary.

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