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Access: Pirate
Additional Access: Any place a block of 4X will open!
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: The Pirate Captain
Duties: Listen to 1700s sea shanties, steal everything valuable, rattle your bones.
Guides: This page.
Quote: Yarr harr fiddlie dee.

So, those station-lubbers don't wanna give us our cut huh? Well, I guess we'll just go over there and take it!

You Are A Pirate

There's a low chance of the pirate event occurring during a game. The station receives a demand from the pirates for 80% of the cargo points present when the event triggers. If the crew cough up the money via the command consoles (typically in the Bridge), nothing happens.

If the crew refuses or stays silent, however, the pirate's ship will spawn. Each ship carries exactly three skeletal pirates; if less than three ghosts choose to be pirates, other players can still spawn in to claim unused pirate slots via the sleepers on the ship. Unlike some other antagonists, the number of pirates doesn't scale with round population.

The goal of the pirates is to loot the station of anything valuable. The minimum target is 50000 credits, with the figure scaling with the relative prosperity of the crew. To accomplish this, the pirates spawn with energy cutlasses, laser guns, a limited amount of explosives, and some appropriately nautical duds; looting the Armory is often the first thing on the pirates' to-do list in order to get better equipment.

One major advantage the pirates get is that they're skeletons. As skeletons, they're completely immune to temperature, pressure, radiation, disease and embedded items, on top of not needing to eat or breathe and having no blood. This means they can safely walk around in space without protective gear, break into the station from unusual locations, and force the crew to find spacesuits or hardsuits to chase after them. The biggest downside is their complete inability to process chemicals and thus healing medicine, but they can drink milk to heal their bones, so be sure to take some from the fridge before leaving the ship.


The pirate ship is where the pirates spawn. Similar to the White Ship, the pirate ship can be piloted across the station z-level, with a 3 minute cooldown between each jump. To move the ship, use the "bridge" consoles.

In addition, the pirate ship contains the following:

  • A small armory with weapons and explosives to raid the station.
  • A kitchen with some snacks, and more importantly, milk for skeletal healing.
  • A small plasma-powered generator to run the ship.
  • Some jetpacks, to maneuver in space.
  • The data siphon, as well as a booty detector, for detecting booty. Obviously.
  • Numerous other piratey items, such as rum and cigars.

Data Siphon


The data siphon is an optional means of looting the station. When turned on, this heap of machinery automatically starts siphoning credits from cargo, tech levels from the RnD network, and also creates a "hostile environment", preventing the cargo and emergency shuttle from entering or leaving. Meanwhile, it also locks RnD and supply consoles from being accessed altogether, so science can't research new technologies and cargo can't order stuff.

However, the data siphon also broadcasts a GPS signal ("Nautical Signal"), alerts the entire crew when it's been turned on, and can't be turned back off once activated. If you choose to use it, the entire station will be able to find your ship, and they'll be coming to destroy the siphon, so be ready for a fight if you turn it on!

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