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Skillchips are chips that enable a specific skill while implanted into the user's head. There are chips that provide mechanical advantages, and there are "just-for-fun" chips (takes 1 slot).

The skillchips that provide mechanical advantages have some limitations:

  • You cannot ever have more than one active at the same time.
  • You can change mid-round from one to another with the help from a skill station, but there’s a cooldown.

They are intended to provide balance-affecting advantages to performing the role they are associated to. Implanting a chip requires free chip slots, depending on complexity. You start with (3) complexity slots. Job skills require (2) slots. You can have at most (5) chips, even if they would need (0) slots.

List of job related chips:

  • Cyborg C1-RCU-1T skillchip - Roboticists start with them - Allows you to see cyborg wire assignments as if you are holding a blueprint.
  • Engineering C1-RCU-1T skillchip - Station engineers start with them - Allows you to see airlock and APC wire assignments as if you are holding a blueprint.

Implanting skillchips

Chips must be implanted with a skill station. You can only implant yourself. The process takes time.

After implanting, the chip must be activated. This is done with the same machine. Activation triggers a long cooldown, preventing you from activating a different chip.

Extracting skillchips

To remove a chip from yourself you must use the skill station.

To remove/steal a chip from someone else you must apply a sharp object directly to their severed brain.