Space Dragon

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Space Dragon
Access: None
Additional Access: You can crush through walls, you're a fucking dragon!
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: None
Duties: Breathe fire, chow down on Birdboat, hoard all the station's gold, summon forth the carptide.
Guides: This is the guide.
Quote: “All of the stations on the rim are out fighting space dragons, and what do I get? Announcement Duty.” - CentCom Officer Brad.

Nanotrasen space provides many hazards, which incidentally includes giant fire breathing dragons. Don't question how their breath remains intact as it travels through a vacuum.


Draco, newly born Space Dragon. says:
"I am a Space Dragon, soon to be leader of space carp in this sector. Much of the space around this station is uninhabited, however this stations inhabitants are stopping me from making my lair out here. Using my powers as a Space Dragon I will summon forth the carptide in order to claim this sector as my own! The inhabitants will obviously try to stop me, but by summoning three rifts I and my legion can destroy this station."

There exists an event to spawn a Space Dragon. This event can only trigger when there are more than 20 active crewmembers, and when the shift has been going on for at least 35 minutes. Sightings of space dragons are extremely rare, which is fortunate, since their killing potential, when in the right hands, is incredibly potent.

The Space Dragon, upon being possessed by ghosts, will spawn somewhere in the outskirts of the station, within space. CentCom will notify the crew of this, telling them to gear up for the inevitable carp tide.


The Space Dragon's goal will always be to open up three carp rifts. Once the third rift is opened, the emergency shuttle will be called, and will arrive in three minutes. Enough for the Space Dragon and its children to wreck havoc upon the station.


  • Health: 400
  • Melee Damage 35. 30 Armor Piercing.
  • Speed: Normal


  • Breathe Fire: When a tile is clicked outside of melee range, the space dragon sends out a column of flame from its mouth, dealing heavy damage and setting on fire anything that it hits. Virtually identical to the Ash Drake's fire breath, besides the fact that you're only spitting out one column of flame rather than three or nine. It leaves a fiery trail behind, which will also set the careless on fire. Very fast cooldown, can be used frequently. Will damage exosuits.
  • Crush: The Space Dragon can destroy walls by clicking on them. Regular walls take 4 seconds to break, and reinforced walls 12.
  • Gust Attack: The Space Dragon rises into the air for a short bit, then uses his wings to create a force which stuns and knocks back friend and foe alike in a 3 tile radius. The move doesn't come out immediately, but fast enough even with the animation tell to be successful. Enemies hit are sent flying away from Space Dragon, and afterwards Space Dragon will be temporarily vulnerable and unable to act. The first time this move is used, this downtime is relatively short, but the amount of time the tired animation lasts for is increased each time the move is used. The move will return to it's original snappiness over time, but it must not be used in order for it to happen.
  • Devour: When the space dragon uses a melee attack on a dead mob, said mob is eaten, healing the space dragon with half of the eaten mob's maximum health. This is what makes the space dragon so potent, as it provides staying power. Even a couple of human corpses enables the space dragon to survive a drawn out, prolonged engagement with security. Once the Space Dragon is killed, all corpses leave its body to be revived like slaughter demons.
  • Carp Rift: The main ability and the one you use to win. Upon spawning in you will have 5 minutes to place down your rift, if you can't do this you will despawn. Once placed a ghost controlled carp can spawn out of it, resetting every 40 seconds. Carp spawned by this rift aren't different from regular carp. You, and other carp, can heal on this rift for 10 health points a second. The crew will get a central command notice about its location after two minutes of it being up. You will have to defend the rift for four minutes for it to be fully charged. Once it is fully charged, it will become golden, spawn many unplayable carp, and become invincible, requiring no further defense. Additionally you heal completely, turn red, and move slightly faster for 30 seconds.


What you hopefully won't end up becoming.
  • It is useful to tell your carp buddies to disable gravity, as you can travel as normal in zero gravity, whilst the crew cannot.
  • Defending your rift is an important aspect of your role, if a rift gets destroyed there is no way to get it back.
  • Your absolute archnemesis is buckshot. You hold up well to slow, sustained damage, due to your ability to heal from corpses. However, 400 health isn't that much when you think about it, and 6 or 8 rounds of point-blank buckshot will quickly put an end to you. Rule of thumb: Don't let people with shotguns anywhere near you, spout fire at them.
  • Eating people while you’re at max health is a waste. Leave corpses laying around so if you need to heal, you can chow down and survive. Besides, corpses also act as bait for other humans, and when set alight, they can also catch others on fire.

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