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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.

Chief Ship Engineer
Access: Engineering Areas, Maintenance Passages, Command
Difficulty: Medium
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade(starting), Lieutenant(25hrs), Lieutenant Commander(50hrs)
Class: Navy
Supervisors: Commander
Duties: Supervise the Ship Technicians, and organize the repairs and constructions around the ship.
Guides: Guide to Engineering Guide to Fire Support
Quote:Damn it, no one built the FOB


As the Chief Ship Engineer, you are capable of doing everything your STs can do - and more - but as a command role, you are expected to delegate the work to them

Playing as the CSE

In the current way that TGMC is, you might find yourself being the only command member, or all command roles not being filled but that's okay. If Requisitions and Overwatch are already being manned by your fellow unga abusers, consider:

  • Recycling all the ship floor tiles into metal via the Autolathe
  • Check the fusion reactors
  • Re-arming aircraft
  • Loading the Orbital Bombardment Cannon
  • Deconstructing walls to gain metal
  • Yelling at the ST to bring you alcohol from the CL office
  • ERPing with the CL
  • Bragging about how cool and colorful your outfit looks compared to everyone else
  • Lying down on the floor
  • Crying because you don't have any unique mechanics and nobody needs you

Repairing Critical Machinery

These are some of the machinery that are critical for the ship's well-being. Make sure to memorize them if you can.


First, determine how the APC was damaged. If it's wires are simply cut (such as from a xeno swipe), simply use the wire cutters and mend every wire and replace the panel *with a screwdriver. If it was totally destroyed, move onto the next step.

  • If it was destroyed, remove the cover with a crowbar or whack it off with something, like a knife.
  • Remove the power cell with an empty hand.
  • Screwdriver the board loose.
  • Crowbar the board out (boards from destroyed APCs crumble when removed, necessitating a replacement).
  • Use wirecutters to remove the power terminal, you will receive 5 cable coil from this.
  • The power terminal 'must' be exposed first, crowbar up the floor tile in front of the APC if it's not
  • Use a blowtorch to weld the frame off the wall, you will gain 1 metal sheet from this.
  • Construct a new APC frame from two sheets of metal.
  • Pick-up the frame and attach it to the wall.
  • Install a power control module.
  • Screwdriver the board in place.
  • Install 5 cable coil into the APC.
  • Slot in a power cell.
  • Crowbar the cover shot.
  • Swipe the APC with an appropriate ID card and access the interface.
  • Enable the breaker.
  • (Optional) Lock the interface with the ID.

Fusion Reactor

Used to generate power basically infinitely How to repair If the screen is cracked:

  • WELD the fusion reactor.

If the wire is exposed:

  • WIRECUTTER the fusion reactor.

If the cover on the bottom right is opened:

  • WRENCH the fusion reactor.

If the bar on the right is pitch black:

  • CROWBAR the fusion cell out of the reactor, and replace it with a brand new cell

Orbital Bombardment Cannon

see: TGMC:Guide to fire support#Orbital Bombardment


As command staff, you have access to orders, which can be used to buff nearby troops with helpful effects. These also cause you to broadcast a quote over the radio(provided you have one) so people know when you're calling one out. After giving an order, there is a cooldown period until you can give another one. Give orders using the action buttons on the top-left of the screen.

Command Description
TGMC move.png

Move order

Increases movement speed. Great for chasing down or running away from xenos, or if you just want to move around fast in general, like on the ship. ROs love it!
TGMC hold.png

Hold order

Increases pain resistance. Helpful since pain slows down move speed, makes you drop stuff, and overall just sucks to have. Also saves painkiller supplies for when it's needed more.
TGMC focus.png

Focus order

Increases accuracy, which in turn increases total damage output because more shots actually hit the enemy. Also makes them hit friendlies more often, but that's out of your control, mostly.


Job Positions

TGMC Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer, Researcher
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Corporate Liaison
Silicon-Based Combat robots, Synthetic, AI
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva, Minions
Tier 1 Drone, Runner, Defender, Sentinel
Tier 2 Carrier, Hivelord, Wraith, Hunter, Bull, Warrior, Spitter
Tier 3 Gorger, Defiler, Ravager, Crusher, Praetorian, Boiler
Tier 4 Shrike, Queen, King, Hivemind
Others Zombie, Emergency Response Team, Survivor