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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.

TGMC liaison.png
Corporate Liaison
Access: Civilian
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Easy
Rank: N/A
Class: Civilian
Supervisors: Commander, High Command
Duties: Annoy the crew and send faxes.
Guides: Guide to Paperwork
Quote:"Hi! i like money!"


The Corporate Liasion is Nanotrasen's link to the TGMC. Their job is to oversee the operation to take back the surface which is, naturally, Nanotrasen property. Mechanics wise, the CL has no real duties or responsibilities. They are free to do whatever they please(within the server rules, of course) unless told otherwise by ship command. This is their ship after all, and they have lots of guns(which is the most influential thing, really). So be it setting up a bar at the FOB, running around in a xenomorph costume, or asking the CSE out on a date Acting like a complete wierdo, the CL has the lack of responsibility or skills to be the best useless person aboard the ship. Just roleplay like hell and spread the vibe. This is after all, an MRP server, and you can help remind people about it.


One of the core things you will be doing as Corporate Liaison is basically acting as a link between the ship and Nanotrasen.

You will be writing faxes to communicate to the company, requesting supplies, giving general reports of the operation, and just to talk to them.

Be aware that the faxes go directly to admins, and it is up to them to respond or not. Writing your forms in professional manner is crucial helpful in getting a response, as admins do not always like to write faxes back. Either that or they're busy doing something else, or lack the skills and the will to do anything really substantial. Also keep in mind to not bother asking for anything that might fuck up the game balance, as those are surely never going to be approved.

Job Positions

TGMC Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Corporate Liaison, Researcher
Special Synthetic, AI
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva
Tier 1 Drone, Defender, Runner, Sentinel
Tier 2 Carrier, Hivelord, Warrior, Hunter, Wraith, Bull, Spitter
Tier 3 Praetorian, Crusher, Ravager, Boiler, Defiler
Tier 4 Queen, King, Shrike, Hivemind
Others Emergency Response Team, Survivor