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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.

TGMC Defiler.png
Difficulty: Medium
Superior: The Queen and Shrike
Duties: Use Neurogas smokescreens to support pushes, and Defile sting to infect marines with quick bursting larvae.
Guides: This is the guide.
Quote: "It's baby time! Baby, you're the best, you're not like all the rest. It will be so much fun when you're the one that burst. No matter what you do I will be proud of you even if you receive a liberal arts degree!"

The Defiler

One of the more unique and recent castes to evolved from the machinations of xenomorphs, the Defiler provides the hive further refinement of xenomorphs' priority in chemical warfare by washing marines' eyes with chem trails, shashing terrified marines with its venomous claws, and stinging unexpected marines with a fresh larva.

Playing the Defiler

Considered as a high-risk high-reward caste due to its armor and health stats and demand of CQC, the responsibilities of the Defiler are:

  • Obscuring marines' line of sight with gas by being very, very close to marines
  • Going into vents and jump scaring marines by jumping out of unwelded vents and gasing them
  • Slashing marines with reagents
  • Attempting to OD marines with said reagents (unlikely, though)
  • Bobbing and weaving to not die instantly
  • Weeding areas to provide space to WASD marines
  • Planting eggs for tactical farts that deny area
  • Shoving up larva in marines

The Defiler is one of the most difficult support caste xenos to play, due to its forced front line fighting, requirement of knowing reagent uses, and low armor and health compared to other T3 xenos. Your defile sting is integral in getting quick infections on front lines, especially when the hive is without a carrier. You can place weeds, and your Emit Noxious Gas ability can lay down a smokescreen to allow xenos to push on fortifications that include turrets. If you master the defiler, you will be the thing marines have nightmares about when they sleep.

As a Defiler, it's very important to maintain in your mind that you cannot take as much damage as any other T3. Losing a Tier 3 Xenomorph is always a big setback for the hive due to Tier limitations and the time it takes to reach Tier 3 for any xeno. Your Emit Noxious Gas ability is integral for xeno pushes, especially in the absence of a boiler, start your channel out of marine sight, then run in as soon as your gas begins to vent. Reagent claws can be extremely useful, if you know how to use it. Keep in mind Reagent Slash can be channeled even while moving, so if you stay close to the target, you can get your full 3 slashes. Your defile sting is a 3 sting channel that infects marines with a larva on the first sting, and injects neurotoxin and Larva growth serum on the others. This essentially forces the marine to get the larva out, taking them out of the field for a time, or suffer death. Death can come faster when you pump them full of reagents, as each reagent in their system increases the larva's growth speed. A good strategy is to run in with the queen and Reagent Slash marines as she is screeching, you can ensure they stay down much longer than the short amount of time they are normally incapacitated.


The Defiler has the ability to use 3 different reagents, Neurotoxin, Hemodile, and Transvitox. The currently selected reagent is the one used by both Emit Noxious Gas and Reagent Slash abilities.

Name Description Metabolism Rate Overdose Threshold Critical OD Threshold

Larval Accelerant
A metabolic accelerant that dramatically increases the rate of larval growth in a host.
Gives you the shakes and dramatically increases the growth speed of embryos. Additionally, purges medicines at a rate of 3u per tick.
On overdose, causes 2 toxin and oxy damage; critical overdose stops breathing.
0.1 units per tick 30u 50u
TGMC Neurotoxin.png
A debilitating nerve toxin. Impedes motor control in high doses. Causes progressive loss of mobility over time.
Causes progressively increasing pain and stamina loss, increasing after ticks 20 and 45. Additionally, purges medicines at a rate of 1u per tick.
Doesn't overdose.
0.4 units per tick N/A N/A
Impedes motor functions and muscle response, causing slower movement.
Causes heavy slowdown that gets doubled in the presence of transvitox or neuro. Having both causes even greater slowdown.
0.4 units per tick N/A N/A
Converts burn damage to toxin damage over time, and causes brute damage received to inflict extra toxin damage.
Every tick, converts burn damage to toxin damage equal to 1/4th the current cycle, doubling the rate for each xeno-based toxin in the bloodstream (excluding larval, for some reason).
Whenever damage is taken, additional toxin damage is taken equal to 1/10th the current brute loss or damage taken, whichever is lower. This is multiplied by xeno-based toxins in the same way the burn conversion is.
The toxin damage has a max of 180 total.
0.4 units per tick N/A N/A

The target will have a HUD indicator next to their health bar in the form of a colored dot which shows if the target has a reagent in them or not. You can then examine them(with shift-click)to see what reagents are in them exactly.

Maturity Statistics and Evolution Paths

Maturity increases stats as follows.

  • Slash is the melee damage when the xenomorph is in harm intent and slashing marine. In the code, it's melee_damage.
  • Melee, bullet, laser, energy, bomb, bio, rad, fire, and acid are soft armor values, not hard armor, which means that they reduce damage by a percentage rather than a flat value.
Age Health Plasma Slash Melee Bullet Laser Energy Bomb Bio Rad Fire Acid
Young 300 400 23 30 25 15 30 0 30 30 25 30
Mature 325 500 23 35 30 30 30 0 35 35 30 35
Elder 350 550 26 38 35 35 35 0 38 38 35 38
Ancient 375 575 26 40 40 40 40 0 40 40 40 40

Defiler Abilities

Ability Description Plasma Cost Cooldown
Toggle Bump Attacks
This ability allows you to toggle bump attacks on and off. If for some reason you want to avoid them, toggle this off. The red arrow means it's on; the green arrow means it's off. N/A N/A
This ability is used to rest and get up, you will heal faster when resting on weeds. Easy N/A
TGMC Headbite.png
Psychic Drain
This ability is executed on dead marines. Every dead marines psyhic drained will give 60 psychic points and 1/8 of a larva. 100 Easy
Plant weeds.png
Plant Weeds
Can only be placed on a tile that does not already have a resin sac, and cannot be placed on rock, grass, or catwalks. Easy 75
Emit neurogas.png
Emit Noxious Gas
Emit Noxious Gas begins a channel that after a short amount of time begins to vent the selected reagent as a gas from your dorsal ports, you can move once the gas begins to vent. Medium 200
Defiler sting.png
Channel to inject an adjacent target with larval growth serum. At the end of the channel your target will be infected. Easy 100
Reagent Slash.png
Reagent Slash
Deals damage 4 times over 3.6s and injects 3u of selected reagent per slash. Can move while slashing. Easy 30*
Inject Neurogas.png
Inject Neurogas
Inject an egg with neurogas, killing the facehugger, but filling it full with neurogas ready to explode. Easy 30*
Lay egg.png
Lay Egg
Makes you lay a hugger egg. Easy 400

Defiler tips & tricks

  • Your Defile Sting ability can easily overdose hosts. Do not sting if you have slashed them more than 2 times with Neurotoxin Reagent Claws, without waiting a small bit for the neuro to tick out of their systems. Unless you want to kill them.
  • The first sting of your Defile sting ability will infect marines with a larva, this will be an accelerated larva with a rough growth time of 3 minutes.
  • Neuro claws should only be used for 2 slashes of any capture capture gameplay is dead.
  • Always start the channeling of your Noxious Gas Vent ability out of sight of marines, as if you move during the channel before you start to vent, you will have to wait the full cooldown period, consume plasma, and won't vent anything.
  • You can operate as an assassin of sorts, against a marine with just about any weapon but a shotgun, due to your speed and Reagent Claws ability.

Job Positions

TGMC Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Corporate Liaison, Researcher
Special Synthetic, AI
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva
Tier 1 Drone, Defender, Runner, Sentinel
Tier 2 Carrier, Hivelord, Warrior, Hunter, Wraith, Bull, Spitter
Tier 3 Praetorian, Crusher, Ravager, Boiler, Defiler
Tier 4 Queen, King, Shrike, Hivemind
Others Emergency Response Team, Survivor