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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.

Tool: Use:
TGMC Screwdriver.png
Rotates sentries, open panels on vendors and doors.
TGMC Blowtorch.gif
Used for cutting through walls, and repairing damaged sentries and barricades.
TGMC Wirecutters.png
Cuts wires.
TGMC Wrench.png
Used for securing and unsecuring many things.
TGMC Multitool.png
Multi Tool
Used for pulsing wires for hacking, and disarming mines,
TGMC Cable Coil.png
Cable Coil
Used as wiring, and repairing burn damage on robotic limbs.
TGMC Insulated Gloves.png
Insulated Gloves
Prevents electrical shock from tampering with electronics.
Light Replacer
Replaces broken lights quickly.
TGMC T-Ray Scanner.png
T-Ray Scanner
Displays vents and piping through floor tiles.
Welding Goggles.png
Welding Goggles
Used to prevent burning out your eyes while staring at bright lights, like from welding.

Power systems

Ship-side Fusion and Geothermal Reactors

The ship-side fusion reactors will start off in perfect condition and pre-loaded with a fusion cell at the beginning of each round, making it a simple matter of turning them on. The planet-side geothermal reactors however, will always be in the maximum state of damage. In the event that you need to repair or, for the ship-side reactors, replace the fusion cell with a fresh one, here's the simple steps to doing so.

  • First, assess the damage. If the reactor is undamaged, move onto the second step.
    • If the reactor looks like this TGMC Fusion Broken Severe.png/TGMC Geothermal Broken Severe.png, simply use the blowtorch to repair it to the next level of damage.
    • If the reactor looks like this TGMC Fusion Broken Moderate.png/TGMC Geothermal Broken Moderate.png, simply use the wire cutters to repair it to the next level of damage.
    • If the reactor looks like this TGMC Fusion Broken Light.png/TGMC Geothermal Broken light.png, simply use the wrench to repair it to mint condition.
  • Second, assess the power level (This only applies for fusion reactors, if the reactor you're repairing is a geothermal one, skip to the last step). This can be found out in two ways, the first is by examining it and getting a percentile readout, and the other is by looking for the bright blue bar on the right side of the reactor that gives a rough readout. If the reactor's on, the central screen will flash and turn red when the cell is running low.
    • If the power is out or running low, first turn off the reactor, if it is running, by clicking on it with an empty hand.
    • Next, crowbar open the maintenance panel and the power cellTGMC Fusion Cell Empty.png will drop on the ground beneath you.
    • After that, grab a fresh cellTGMC Fusion Cell Full.png from one of the tables to the north or south side and take the discarded cell to the recyclerTGMC Fusion Cell Recycler.gif to the right, the recycler will recharge it for later.
  • Finally, turn it on. If you did it right, the reactor should turn on. If it did not, read and review each step. If it still doesn't turn on, consider asking for help.



  • First, determine how the APC was damaged. If it's wires are simply cutTGMC APC Exposed Wires.png (such as from a xeno swipe), simply use the wire cutters and mend every wire and replace the panel with a screwdriver. If it was totally destroyedTGMC APC Broken.png, move onto the next step.
  • If it was destroyed, remove the cover with a crowbar or whack it off with something, like a knife.
  • Remove the power cell with an empty hand.
  • Screwdriver the board loose.
  • Crowbar the board out (boards from destroyed APCs crumble when removed, necessitating a replacement).
  • Use wirecutters to remove the power terminal, you will receive 5 cable coil from this.
    • The power terminal 'must' be exposed first, crowbar up the floor tile in front of the APC if it's not
  • Use a blowtorch to weld the frame off the wall, you will gain 1 metal sheet from this.
  • Construct a new APC frame from two sheets of metal.
  • Pick-up the frame and attach it to the wall.
  • Install a power control module.
  • Screwdriver the board in place.
  • Install 5 cable coil into the APC.
  • Slot in a power cell.
  • Crowbar the cover shot.
  • Swipe the APC with an appropriate ID card and access the interface.
  • Enable the breaker.
  • (Optional) Lock the interface with the ID.

Replacing power cell

  • Assuming the APC is undamaged, first unlock the APC if it is not already with an ID card with APC access.
  • Access the interface and disable the cover lock.
  • Crowbar open the cover.
  • Remove the drained power cell (if there is one) with a free hand.
  • Install a fresh power cell.
  • Crowbar the cover closed.
  • (Optional) Lock the APC with the ID. The cover lock will automatically engage.


SMES is short for Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage, but most people just call them power storage units. They're effectively similar to power cells but scaled up to the industrial level and are designed to store power and transmit it across power cables to the APCs, which powers the doors, lights and most everything else.

The SMES on the ship, at the beginning of the round, are fully charged and already set to output enough power to operate every APC on the ship, but in the event they are not, simply set the input side to "Auto" and then "MAX". For the output, you'll want to set each SMES to be anywhere between 50,000W and 150,000W - This ensures the SMES receives more power than it uses and provides the ship with enough power to fully operate. Make sure to do the same for the two on the upper deck of engineering.

The principle is exactly the same for the planet-side SMES units. While they shouldn't be damaged, it's possible a stray explosion from one of the PFCs or Specialists damaged the wiring. Don't worry, just remember that SMES will only receive power from one side, every other side will output it. You can identify this side by the power terminal, just lead a cable from the reactors to this terminal and follow the steps and you'll be fine.


Presently, disabling AI controls do nothing.


Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Power (2 wires) Disables power. May shock! Restores. May shock! Disables power for 2 minutes. You must cut and mend the wire to restore power.
ID lock Disable toggling the lock with an ID card. Restores. Unlocks APC interface for 30 seconds.
AI control Disables AI control. Restores. Very briefly disables AI control.
Status window
Name Status Shows that
Lock The APC is locked. APC is locked.
The APC is unlocked. APC is unlocked.
Power The APCs power has been shorted. APC is not working.
The APC is working properly! APC is working.
AI control The 'AI control allowed' light is off. AI/borgs can't interact with APC.
The 'AI control allowed' light is on. AI/borgs can interact with APC.


Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Main power Disables main power. May shock! Restores. May shock! Disables main power for 1 minute.
Backup power Disables backup power. May shock! Restores. May shock! Disables backup power for 1 minute.
ID scan Nothing. Nothing. Flashes lights on the door, as if someone without access tries to open it.
Bolts Drops door bolts. Nothing. Drops door bolts if they are up. Raises them if they are down and door is powered.
Bolt lights Disables bolt lights. Enables bolt lights. Toggles bolt wires.
Open Nothing. Nothing. Opens the door if it either requires no access or if ID scan wire has been cut.
AI control Disables AI control. Restores AI control. Very briefly disables AI control.
Shock Electrifies the door. De-electrifies the door. Electrifies the door for 30 seconds.
Safety Disables safety. Enables safety. Toggles safety.
Timing Causes the door to close almost instantly after opening. Restores. Toggles door timing.
Status window
Name Status Shows that
Power The test light is on. Door is powered.
The test light is off! Door is not powered.
Bolts The door bolts look up. Door bolts are up.
The door bolts have fallen! Door bolts are down.
Bolt lights The door bolt lights are on. Door bolt lights are on.
The door bolt lights are off! Door bolt lights are off.
AI control The 'AI control allowed' light is on. AI can control the door and hasn't hacked it.
The 'AI control allowed' light is off. AI either hacked a door or can't control it.
Safety The 'Check Wiring' light is on. Door safety is off.
The 'Check Wiring' light is off. Door safety is on.
Timing The 'Check Timing Mechanism' light is on. Door timing is broken.
The 'Check Timing Mechanism' light is off. Door timing is normal.


Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Contraband Nothing. Nothing. Toggles illegal/rare goods availability on/off (shown by a green light).
Access Rescinds access restriction (shown by a purple/yellow light). Restores access restrictions. Nothing.
Shock Causes the machine to electrocute people (shown by an orange light). Restores. Electrifies the machine for 30 seconds.

Minor Repairs

So you're guarding the barricade at the FOB and a big red xeno rushes at it, swipes your turret and barricades and dies. Whilst it's good that it's dead, your turret and barricade are now damaged and enough swipes like that will knock both of them out of commission permanently. No worries, you're an engineer (I'm assuming you are if you're reading this guide), you can repair damages like that easily.

Barricades and Turrets

These are easy fixes and simply only require a blast from the blowtorch. Simply examine the structure you wish to repair and assess the damage and how many blasts it will take. If the structure is destroyed, then you will have to rebuild it from scratch. Destroyed barricades will yield some metal to help rebuild it with but it is always less than what it was built with.

Security Cameras

Screwdriver open the panel and use a pair of wirecutters to mend all the wires. Close the panel with the screwdriver if you want when done.

Light frames

Either remove the broken light with an empty, free hand and slot in a replacement bulb from a box of spare light bulbs. Or, simply use a Light Replacer to remove and replace the broken light in one swift action.


Open the panel with a screwdriver, mend all the broken wires with a pair of wirecutters and the door should begin operation. Unbolt the bolts and repair the APC as needed.


When windows get smashed to pieces, they will need to be repaired. Upon a window's destruction, it will fall into a number of shards equal to the number of sheets used to make it (and if it was a reinforced window - an equal number of rods). A blowtorch can be used to reshape the shards into sheets to make glass sheets, clicking the sheets whilst you have rods inhand will convert one sheet and rod into a reinforced window. You may then either use the sheet in hand to make a directional window, or use them on a window frame. At time of writing, there is not a way to repair damaged but undestroyed windows