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Stealth/Combat XENO
Difficulty: Hard
Superior: The Queen and Shrike
Duties: Pick off lone wolves, finish off Marines, make marines hate you for delimbing them
Guides: no separate guides
Quote: "Your arm will make a fine addition to my collection."

The Hunter

The Hunter is the master of picking off lone marines. Using your stealth, you can move into unexpected areas and unleash a stealth attack on unsuspecting targets.

Playing the Hunter

Like the runner, you're still one of the weakest combat Xenos, so careful play and situational awareness are your main priorities. Your most powerful tools are your speed and stealth. Activate stealth to become semi-invisible at the cost of movement speed and expending plasma when you move while stealthed. Stay still while stealthed for 3 seconds and you will become almost completely invisible, making you extremely hard to see especially on certain terrain. You will see a message that "you're ready to use Sneak Attack while stealthed" Sneak attack adds damage and knockdown to your next melee slash.

A good Hunter will find holes in the enemy team's lines and begin stalking unsuspecting marines away from the front. Attacking lone targets moving along roads, distracted engineers building FOBs or doing other tasks with no protection, and even flanking the main assault and keeping the enemy wary and distracted are how Hunters help their Hives win. Your small size and speed also allow you to use vents, and when you master the complex mechanics of the melee combat system, almost no marine will be able to survive a one-on-one ambush from you.

Maturity Statistics and Evolution Paths

The Tier 3 upgrade of the Hunter is the Ravager.

Maturity increases stats as follows.

  • Slash is the melee damage when the xenomorph is in harm intent and slashing marine. In the code, it's melee_damage.
  • Melee, bullet, laser, energy, bomb, bio, rad, fire, and acid are soft armor values, not hard armor, which means that they reduce damage by a percentage rather than a flat value.
Age Health Plasma Slash Melee Bullet Laser Energy Bomb Bio Rad Fire Acid
Young 230 100 23 15 15 15 15 0 10 10 15 10
Mature 250 150 23 20 20 20 20 0 15 15 20 15
Elder 270 200 26 25 25 25 25 0 18 18 25 18
Ancient 290 200 26 30 30 30 30 0 18 18 30 18

Hunter Abilities

Ability Description Plasma Cost Cooldown
Toggle Bump Attacks
This ability allows you to toggle bump attacks on and off. If for some reason you want to avoid them, toggle this off. The red arrow means it's on; the green arrow means it's off. N/A N/A
This ability is used to rest and get up. You can only heal when resting on weeds, and will also regenerate plasma faster. Easy N/A
TGMC Headbite.png
Psychic Drain
This ability is executed on dead marines. Every dead marines psyhic drained will give 60 psychic points and 1/8 of a larva. 100 Easy
Jelly pod.png
Haunts the target, causing hallucinations and minor paranoia. Easy 25
Xeno Charge.png
Lets you pounce on any marine within a certain tile radius, temporarily knocking them down and disarming them. Has a 5 second cooldown at young. Intermediate 20
Xeno hide.png
This ability makes you semi-invisible at the cost of movement speed and plasma drain as you move. If you remain stationary for 3 seconds, you will become almost completely invisible. This also allows you to use Sneak Attack, adding damage to your next melee attack. Attacking, pouncing, and being shot or blown up will all cancel your stealth. Easy 10

Hunter Tips & Tricks

  • Remember that your sneak attack bonus only applies on a melee attack slash, not a pounce.
  • Attacking, pouncing, and being damaged will cancel your stealth. Or atleast it used to. Moving (hunt mode, but not stalk mode) will also bring you out of invisibility and into normal stealth transparency.
  • You can pounce near a marine to prepare for a sneak attack, but you will have to wait 3 seconds before using it. There is a cooldown and sound that will notify you of this.
  • As a hunter, you have almost perfect stealth if you stand still.
  • As a hunter, your Sneak Attack can be used on [Disarm] intent to do a super-powerful tackle.
  • As a hunter, you are can be more transparent when on the [Walk] intent, this can let you be somewhat hard to see even when moving.
  • As a hunter, what tile you stand on greatly effects how visible you are. Dark and clustered tiles will greatly hide you, and tiles that are undesirable to move across will decrease the chance of you getting shot.
  • As a hunter, stand in places that are near to where people will walk past, but not in places that people will poor suppressing fire through.
  • As a hunter, while on [Walk] intent, you can move one tile and slash someone while not losing your Sneak Attack, effectively allowing you to hit anyone in a 5X5 square around you.
  • As a hunter, you have high slash damage even without sneak attack, allowing you to hit objects and defenseless marine harder than most.
  • As a hunter, you are fast, but nowhere near as fast as a Runner, and your health is only slightly higher than said Runners, making your survivability very, very low in open conflict.
  • As a hunter, you can take out most people at the same rate, so try to hit high-value targets like Specialists and Smart Gunners.
  • As a hunter, your Sneak Attack has a very high Armor Piercing, so you are one of the few castes that can mess up a B18 equipped marine.
  • As a hunter, your Sneak Attack has a good chance to delimb people, aim for the hands and feet to put the marine out of action for a longer time.
  • As a hunter, if the hive is under assault, try hiding in the path of the marines and hitting them with a Sneak Attack before running farther up the path to do it again. This will slow them down considerably.
  • As a hunter, try to kill or delimb members of the backline, such as Medics and Engineers, to lessen their ability to heal and fortify.
  • As a hunter, Tactical Scanners don't detect you when you are in stealth.
  • As a hunter, your invisibility can be used for more than getting the jump on marines, use it to scout out the marine's Fortifications or where they are moving to.
  • As a hunter, your pounce will put you in [Run} intent, making you more visible but also faster. Don't use it when trying to be sneaky or attacking marines, instead use it as an escape tool.
  • As a hunter, you can bind a key to switch movement intents while held. If this key is a key other than [alt], you can use it to toggle between using [Walk] intent to move sneakier and using [Run} intent to get out of dodge, all while still being able to slash and use your pounce.
  • As a hunter, you can use your stealth on top of nested hosts and use [alt] + click to view the tile's contents above your chat window, allowing you to Sneak Attack the host when they get up immediately.

Job Positions

TGMC Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Corporate Liaison, Researcher
Special Synthetic, AI
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva
Tier 1 Drone, Defender, Runner, Sentinel
Tier 2 Carrier, Hivelord, Warrior, Hunter, Wraith, Bull, Spitter
Tier 3 Praetorian, Crusher, Ravager, Boiler, Defiler
Tier 4 Queen, King, Shrike, Hivemind
Others Emergency Response Team, Survivor