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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.

Military Law is the code of laws which all members of the ship's crew are expected to follow, to be enforced by the Military Police force and the CPT. If neither of them are present, the IO and FC may enforce it too.

Crime Reference Table

Severity 1: Assault 2: Disobedience 3: Theft 4: Hooliganism 5: Sexual Offenses 6: Miscellaneous
Minor Petty Theft Hooliganism Trespass
Medium Assault Insubordination Theft Disorderly Conduct Sexual Harrassment Resisting Arrest
Major Aggravated Assault Sabotage Manslaughter
Capital Murder Sedition Grand Theft

Operating Procedure

Arrest Procedure

Compliant Suspect

  1. Verbally inform the suspect of the charges against them, and that they are under arrest.
  2. Instruct them to either get on the ground or stand against the wall.
  3. Secure them.
  4. Bring them to the Brig and process them.

Non-Compliant Suspect

If the suspect runs from you every time you approach them or otherwise attempts to prevent their own arrest, you may do the following instead:

  1. Secure the suspect using non-lethal means, such as a taser.
  2. If the area is secure, inform them of their charges; otherwise, move them to a secure area before doing so.
  3. Bring them to the Brig and process them.

Dangerous Suspect

If the suspect is armed and threatening people around them, you should follow these steps:

  1. Neutralise the suspect, doing your best to not kill them. If they die, you should do your best to get them defibrillated.
  2. Secure them.
  3. Bring them to the Brig, inform them of their charges and process them.

Search Procedure

  1. Secure the area, you may evict anyone unless they are necessary for the function of the area (e.g. doctors and patients in medbay)
  2. Search the area as needed.
  3. Do your best to return the area to its pre-search state.

Brig Processing

The prisoner should be brought in front of their cell, and be either allowed to dress themselves or dressed by you, at your discretion. Once they are dressed, they should be brought inside their cell and their timer should be set. Every prisoner has a set of rights:

Medical Treatment

Prisoners must be healthy for their sentence. If they require treatment, they can be brought to the Medbay or a doctor can be called to the Brig's medical area. Their sentence timer should not be paused for medical treatment.


Prisoners have the right to appeal their sentence to the CMAA or the aCO. The appeal should be handled in a timely manner, with the person responsible for the appeal reviewing evidence and passing judgment, not having participated in the arrest or accusation. The appeal judge may commute, pardon or nullify the original sentence.


Every prisoner has a right to have a radio unless they abuse it.

Non-Judicial Punishments (NJPs)

For non-capital crimes, you may issue non-judicial punishments in lieu of brig time. These generally consist of menial tasks (e.g. running around the hangar with legcuffs, cleaning prep rooms). Creativity is encouraged, but the task shouldn't be degrading for the prisoner (e.g. forcing them to take pictures in their underwear).

FOB Duty

  • You may deploy at any time, unless forbidden by the CMAA or aCO.
  • While deployed you must remain within the FOB area; if a suspect leaves the FOB you may not pursue them.
  • If the FOB is under attack, you must cease any arrests until evacuation occurs or the situation is otherwise resolved.
  • You can use anything to help defend the FOB.


Executions are allowed to be open to the public, the method of execution is up the the person performing it. Whenever an execution is to occur, an announcement must be made beforehand stating:

  • The time the execution is to be performed
  • The method of execution
  • The prisoner's crimes
  • The person who authorised the execution


Crimes are to be punished by their severity. Only one crime may be chosen and applied per incident, choosing the one with the highest severity. For example, if a marine stole the boots of another marine, that's 1 incident, and instead of applying both hooliganism and petty theft, only one should be chosen. If someone broke into requisitions and stole a box of grenades, that is 2 incidents, and trespass/disorderly conduct, depending on the severity, and theft should be applied.

If a person commits the same crime again after being released, the range of the length of the punishment should be doubled. If their timed sentence were to reach 30 minutes or higher, it may be treated as a capital crime.

  • Verbal warning
  • Brig sentence of 1-2 minutes
  • NJP of equivalent duration
  • Brig sentence of 3-5 minutes
  • NJP of equivalent duration
  • Brig sentence of 5-15 minutes
  • NJP of equivalent duration
  • Permanent imprisonment
  • Execution if authorized by the CMAA and aCO
  • Execution if authorized by High Command or Provost Marshal


1: Assault

Code Name Severity Description
1A N/A Minor N/A
1B Assault Medium Intentional harm of another person.
1C Aggravated Assault Major Intentional harm of another person with a deadly weapon.
1X Murder Capital Intentional killing of another person, by any means.

2: Disobedience

Code Name Severity Description
2A N/A Minor N/A
2B Insubordination Medium Disobedience of a valid order from a higher ranking officer in the chain of command. Orders are considered invalid if they are extremely and needlessly dangerous to those involved, or require breaking the law to complete.
2C N/A Major N/A
2X Sedition Capital Organisation of, or participation in, mutiny against the current command structure or joining the opposing faction.

3: Theft

Code Name Severity Description
3A Petty Theft Minor Taking of an easily replaceable item from another person without their permission.
3B Theft Medium Taking a rare or hard-to-replace item from another person without their permission.
3C N/A Major N/A
3X Grand Theft Capital Stealing of secured items of high value, of a sensitive nature, and/or those critical to an operation.

4: Hooliganism

Code Name Severity Description
4A Hooliganism Minor Performing of low-tier shenanigans which disrupt an operation
4B Disorderly Conduct Medium Intentional disruption of the primary operations of the ship, or failure to perform one's duty to an acceptable level.
4C Sabotage Major Deliberately destroying, damaging, or obstructing something to gain an advantage against the commanding structure.
4X N/A Capital N/A

5: Sexual Offenses

Code Name Severity Description
5A N/A Minor N/A
5B Sexual Harrassment Medium Harrassment of another person of a sexual nature.
5C N/A Major N/A
5X N/A Capital N/A

6: Miscellaneous

Code Name Severity Description
6A Trespass Minor Entering an area which your ID does not confer access to, without the permission of someone with access to said area.
6B Resisting Arrest Medium Resisting a valid arrest by those permitted to enforce the law.
6C Manslaughter Major Unintentional killing of another person through negligence.
6X N/A Capital N/A