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Command XENO
Difficulty: Very Hard
Superior: Queen Mother
Duties: Guide the hive and obtain hosts to grow your ever expanding hive.
Guides: N/A
Quote: "Queen! The marines have outnumbered us! 4 marines to 1 xeno!" "Then it is an even fight."

The Queen

The big bad, and the ruler of them all. The Queen is the single most important member of any hive, and the rest of your children's lives depend on you to stay alive. If you die, the xenomorphs you command will lose all direction and hope, as well as being unable to heal until a drone or Shrike steps up to become a Queen. The decisions you make can make or break a hive as early as round start, so it's important you strive to achieve.

Chances are, you didn't want to be a Queen, and you're afraid of failure. Know that as long as you have practical knowledge of how xenomorphs play in the first place, then this guide will be able to get you out of the tight spot you're in. Even if you don't want the job, the less you delay, the greater the chance you get live longer, because as long as you're putting out larva, there will always be drones to replace you.

If the Queen and Shrike die, then the hive will be orphaned and collapse within 2 minutes. If there is no Queen or Shrike in that time period, there will be a marine major.

Big Mommy Slaps Marines' Cheeks

The job you've been handed is no easy feat. You play as a tactical role that xenomorphs look to when making decisions on engaging against marines. Fundamentally, you support xenomorphs by:

  • opening opportunities to push with Screech
  • rallying the hive for a push
  • making corrosion of reinforced walls to allow for xenomorph maneuverability
  • promoting a select few xenomorphs to hive leadership
  • Emitting Pheromones for your sisters
  • melting CAS flares and OB beacons
  • healing nearby xenomorphs
  • building resin walls to reduce marines' firing lanes and increase CQC chance
  • looking for flanks to hurt marines
  • spitting at marines with acid

Your Queen Zoom allows you to see further than xenos normally can so that you can scout out openings in marines' defense.

If a xeno is not following orders, or evolved against your set specifics, you can De-evolve A Xeno. If they continue to disobey orders, you may want to take it up with the Admins.

Your Call Burrowed ability can be used to call upon ghosts to become a burrowed larva that will spawn at your feet.

Through overwatch, you can assign hive leaders to carry pheromones, give xenomorphs plasma, heal xenomorphs, and be able to watch through their eyes as well as send them private orders. Early into the round, it is best to make a drone a leader and emit recovery pheromones for optimal hive building, and then change it to any of your more combative classes and emit warding or recovery. Frenzy may seem tempting, but its effects more often than not lead to xenos being killed instead of killing.

It is of utmost importance that you survive, no matter what. A rule of thumb is to always flee at half health, and stop fighting entirely when lower. The longer you live, the longer the hive lives on. Make sure to order your xenos to do the same, as a dead xeno is never an ancient xeno.

Maturity Statistics and Evolution Paths

Maturity increases stats as follows.

  • Slash is the melee damage when the xenomorph is in harm intent and slashing marine. In the code, it's melee_damage.
  • Melee, bullet, laser, energy, bomb, bio, rad, fire, and acid are soft armor values, not hard armor, which means that they reduce damage by a percentage rather than a flat value.
Age Health Plasma Slash Melee Bullet Laser Energy Bomb Bio Rad Fire Acid
Young 425 900 20 50 50 50 50 80 45 45 100 45
Mature 450 1000 20 55 55 55 55 80 50 50 100 50
Elder 475 1100 23 60 60 60 60 80 55 55 100 55
Ancient 500 1200 23 65 65 65 65 80 60 60 100 60

Queen's Abilities

Ability Description Plasma Cost Cooldown
Toggle Bump Attacks
This ability allows you to toggle bump attacks on and off. If for some reason you want to avoid them, toggle this off. The red arrow means it's on; the green arrow means it's off. N/A N/A
This ability is used to rest and get up. You will heal only when resting on weeds and will also regenerate plasma faster. Easy N/A
TGMC Headbite.png
Psychic Drain
This ability is executed on dead marines. Every dead marines psyhic drained will give 60 psychic points and 1/8 of a larva. 100 Easy
Corrosive acid.png
Corrosive Acid
Lets you expel acid from your body onto any structure/object you are able to. Queen acid is maximum strength, stronger than all other acids such as Sentinel's but similar to a Boiler's acid. Easy 75
Resin trap.png
Place acid well
Place an acid well that can put out fires when a xenomorph steps on the acid well. Easy 75
Plant weeds.png
Plant Weeds
Can only be placed on a tile that does not already have a resin sac, and cannot be placed on rock, grass, or catwalks. Easy 75
Call Of the Burrowed.png
Call of the Burrowed
Sends a ping to all ghosts allowing them to join the xeno team as burrowed larva that will spawn on you. Do not use near combat or the new larva can easily die Easy N/A
Resin wall.png
Choose Resin Structure
Click to choose which resin structure you wish to build with Secrete Resin. It will always default to Resin Wall upon evolution. Easy N/A
Secrete resin.png
Secrete Resin
Builds whatever resin structure you have chosen in Choose Resin Structure on your hotbar, on your current tile. Easy 75
Heal xeno.png
Queen Heal
Allows you to heal xenomorphs that you can see on a 16 second recharge. Easy 150
Give plasma.png
Give Plasma
Allows you to refill the plasma stores of a single targeted xeno. Easy N/A
Drone sting.png
Larval Growth sting
Begins a 3-part channel that injects larval serum into a target, speeding up a larvas growth. (Overdosing causes oxygen damage) Easy N/A
Set leader.png
Set leader
Allows you to designate a xeno of your hive as a leader, which act as a beacon for your pheromones. Easy 0
Toggle Queen Zoom.png
Toggle Queen Zoom
Zoom out for a larger view around wherever you are looking. Easy 0
Watch xeno.png
Watch Xeno
See from the target Xenomorph's vision. You can still use your Queen Zoom, Queen Plasma and Queen Heal abilities while overwatching. Easy 0
Xeno spit.png
Resin Spit
Allows you to spit a sticky resin at range that places a thin sticky resin at the target Easy N/A
Emit pheromones.png
Emit Pheromones
Emit one of the three Pheromones. The Queen has some the most powerful Pheromones available to the hive. Your pheromones will grow stronger as you mature. Easy 30*
Rally hive.png
Rally Hive
allies the hive to a congregate at a target location, along with an arrow pointer. Gives the Hive your current health status. 60 second cooldown. Easy N/A

Tips and Tricks

  • Your Corrosive Acid can help quickly melt flares, walls, and guns. In addition, you can tear open walls that have had a hole put into them from acid with your claws (Ctrl-click on a hole to tear the wall open).
  • Xenos directly benefit from your orders. Your voice is the one that turns a group of rag tag fighters into an organized group, so don't hesitate to give out orders.
  • Don't rush to fight. You are much more useful supporting your allies while alive than not, so much so you might find yourself never having to screech once.
  • LOCK THE SHUTTLE. If you don't lock the shuttle, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye. To lock the shuttle, approach the pilot's room, and click on the middle computer/controls. You don't have to launch it, just interacting with it is enough.
  • Remember that you are fighting a war alongside your children, make sure to always make note of what xenos you have at your disposal and coordinate them accordingly, every xeno has a niche that they fill, and when using these specialist in the right way can turn the tide of battle in your favor.
Job Positions

TGMC Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Corporate Liaison, Researcher
Special Synthetic, AI
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva
Tier 1 Drone, Defender, Runner, Sentinel
Tier 2 Carrier, Hivelord, Warrior, Hunter, Wraith, Bull, Spitter
Tier 3 Praetorian, Crusher, Ravager, Boiler, Defiler
Tier 4 Queen, King, Shrike, Hivemind
Others Emergency Response Team, Survivor