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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in OOC issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.
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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.

Main Rules - read these if nothing else

  1. Enforcement of these rules is at the discretion of admins.
  2. Admins are fully accountable for any consequences should they invoke this rule. Admins are also allowed to intervene in rounds when it is in the best interest of the playerbase.
  3. Don't be a dick.
  4. We're all here to have a good time. Harassment, hate speech and bigotry are not allowed here. We'd like our server free of racism, homophobia and sexism as much as possible, both IC and OOC. Going out of your way to negatively impact or end the round for someone with little IC justification is against the rules. See escalation for specifics.
  5. Do not use information gained outside of in character means.
  6. I.e.. metagaming. This especially refers to communication between players outside of the game via things like Discord, known as metacomms. Characters are otherwise allowed to know everything about ingame mechanics or antagonists, as well as keep persistent friendships or relationships with other characters when not for the purpose of unfair advantage by teaming up together for little IC reason.
  7. Keep a modicum of RP and separation between character and player. The server is intended to be MRP.
  8. Do not say in character (IC) things in an out of character (OOC/LOOC) chat channel and vice versa. You must have a first name and last name with no honorifics attached. Nicknames in-between are fine. Synthetics must only have a human first name or nickname. If it wouldn't fit in a non-comedy sci-fi work, it likely won't fit here. Xeno names are brief descriptions of the creature, one to three words. Ask if in doubt to get your name approved. If you need to explain a gameplay mechanic to a player, use LOOC.
  9. The game is divided into factions. Cooperation is expected between members of the same faction and those outside of it are considered valid targets.
  10. Current factions are:
    • Marines, Civilians, NanoTrasen's Private Military Contractors (PMCs), Freelancers, Survivors.
    • Xenomorphs.
    • Union of Progressive Peoples (UPP)
    • Colonial Liberation Front (CLF)
  11. Players in authority or limited roles require a minimum amount of effort.
  12. If you cannot play these roles and must leave use the hypersleep machine if human or just find a secure location and ghost as xeno, to free up the job slot, and make an attempt to inform other players ICly. If you for some reason can't make it, either ahelp or ping an administrator on Discord. Abuse of a job position, particularly Rule 1 breaking abuse, is not allowed.
  13. In-game administration rulings are final.
  14. Incidences of admin abuse, negligence or disputed rulings can be taken to the forums. Admins are under no obligation to reveal IC information. Deliberately lying or misrepresenting facts in adminhelps is not welcome.
  15. If you regularly come close to breaking the rules without actually breaking them, it will be treated as the rules being broken.
  16. Repeated instances of the same rules being broken may be met with harsher consequences. Trying to get other people to break rules on your behalf is not welcome.
  17. Erotic/creepy stuff is not allowed.
  18. No form of erotic roleplay is allowed on the servers, including things that could be construed as sexual by unwilling participants.
  19. Losing is part of the game.
  20. Your character will frequently die, sometimes without even a possibility of avoiding it. Events will often be out of your control. No matter how good or prepared you are, sometimes you just lose.
  21. English is the language of the server.
  22. It's fine to play a foreign character with an accent, to use foreign expressions or to hold short conversations in another language. But when it becomes systematic it excludes the part of the server that doesn't speak that other language. English is expected to be understood and spoken by everyone in here, and should be used for communication. If you can read and understand these rules then your English is probably good enough.


The game mode is based in factions versus factions, as opposed to antagonist paranoia. Shenanigans must be kept harmless. If they end up with harm of same-team members, making their job severely more difficult or annoying (such as stealing essential gear), or depleting resources in ways that actually affect the team, then they have crossed the line.

Legitimate conflicts do happen from time to time. This can mean a disagreement or even a brawl. The key to determining if they are valid or not is whether they are RP-fitting. If an action would realistically cause you to be executed, permanently imprisoned, or dishonorably discharged at best, then it’s probably not fitting in the context. Try to err on the side of caution and follow the chain of command when in doubt. Report it to the admins if your superior is being completely unreasonable.

Examples of non-fitting behavior: intent to kill a fellow marine (using guns, melee weapons or to keep attacking them after they’ve been downed), attacking a superior officer, starting a brawl in a combat zone, RPing to be mentally unstable or otherwise unfit for work or duty.

Murders or executions are unlikely to be legitimate.

Note: Battlefield executions and mutinies are not a thing in TGMC. If you have a problem with a player or with the command staff, try to find other means to solve it or ahelp.

Roleplay standards

The server is for Medium Roleplay (MRP). This means that players are not forced to roleplay like in a Heavy Roleplay (HRP) environment, but have a few restrictions unlike in a Low Roleplay (LRP) environment. These vary according to rank and role.

  1. Essential roles such as Commander, Synth, Xenomorph Queen and heads of staff require a certain degree of knowledge of the game mechanics and are held to higher standards than the other roles.
  2. Command and leadership roles such as Executive Officer, Requisitions Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief of the Military Police, Military Police, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer and Squad Leader require active commitment to the success of the mission, making sure the departments under their purview are properly running, and making use of their extended access to guarantee it.
  3. Limited support roles such as Doctors, Cargo Technicians, Maintainance Technicians, Squad Engineers and Squad Medics have the loose responsibility of supporting the team instead of playing solo.
  4. Limited combat roles such as Smartgunners, Specialists and Tank Crew have must not be wasting their tools or completely disregarding command.
  5. For PFCs and Survivors the requirements are more lax, but they should never be sabotaging or impairing the mission.

Military Police/Command Policy

  1. The MP force in TGMC makes use of Military Law. They shouldn't commit any crimes that have a victim, nor ignore that type of crime. They should try to come up with a good IC motivation for any laws they break.
  2. All of MPs and command are expected to work towards the success of the mission. Arbitrarily limiting gear, such as weapons or attachments, or arresting marines for petty things such as unsecured equipment are examples of non-fitting behavior.

Examples and exceptions to the main rules.

Read for detailed clarification on each main rule. Players are subject to precedents but depending on how much of a dick they were, they can be either merely informed of the precedent or simply be banned for it.

Rule 0.
  1. Rule 0 should only be invoked by admins when it is in the best interests of the server.
  2. Admins may intervene if one of the factions is delaying the game severely.
  3. Admins may mirror bans from other servers at their discretion.
  4. Admins may ban accounts linked to the use of proxies, CID randomizers, DLL use, or other similar things, at their discretion.
  5. Admins may ask players in possession of multiple alt accounts to choose one to play on and ban the other accounts.
Rule 1 Precedents.
  1. Spamming any channel is not allowed, this goes for radio spam, emote spam, and other forms of spam that generates messages for other players. Spam, spam, spam. And bacon.
  2. Unprovoked grief (occasionally known as greytiding), repeated cases of minor unprovoked grief and unprovoked grief targeted towards specific players or groups (i.e. metagrudging) fall under rule 1.
  3. The intent of this rule is the preservation of human respect more than merely the removal of uncomfortable language.
  4. "Hilariously edgy" content is not desirable here. Memes and jokes are not a valid way to bypass Rule 1. While we don't necessarily ban underage players that act maturely, we have no interest in immature ones, regardless of age. You may be asked to tone down or stop silly or unfitting behavior, either in IC or OOC.
Rule 2 Precedents.
  1. Metacomms, the use of methods of communication outside of SS13 IC channels, is a very serious rule violation and may be met with permanent bans for all related accounts. If players are sharing the same IP or know each other in real life or the like, inform the admins first, otherwise it may look suspicious. Players are allowed to introduce new players that they know to the game but all communication and explanations should be done in game if possible. Admins can also help in these situations if requested.
  2. Character friendships should not be exploitative in nature or be used to gain an unfair advantage. Having an IC friendship with another player does not, for example, justify giving the best equipment every single round for little reason.
  3. Marines are not allowed to remove or weld the ship’s piping before there is a credible threat of hostile xenos on board. This is mostly for balance purposes.
  4. Xenos are not allowed to camp the LZ at round start. This is mostly for balance purposes.
Rule 3 Precedents.
  1. Excessively OOC and memey names fall under Rule 3. Make a minimum effort to have your name fit in a setting involving a futuristic military faction.
  2. References to the current round, even if vague, are IC in OOC.
  3. Stupid shenanigans which would otherwise be considered LRP can be allowed as long as harmless and is beneficial to the general enjoyment of the players. As long as it's engaging for others, and not toxic, it pretty much flies.
  4. Smileys :), netspeak (lol), SPEAKING ONLY IN CAPS LOCKS and other forms of grammatical or punctuation abuse fall into the context of this rule.
Rule 4 Precedents.
  1. You are allowed to assist members of an opposing faction given sufficient IC reasoning but assisting them doesn't mean you get to act like one . If in doubt, ask an admin if a particular action is okay. Depending on the level of assistance, sufficient IC reasoning could be simply treating everyone who goes into medbay regardless of them being an enemy combatant or not, all the way to being threatened under pain of death by them to do something.
  2. Events may alter or create new factions. Their relationship with the existing ones is defined by the RP or event guidelines.
Rule 5 Precedents.
  1. Ranks with IC authority have the duty to tend to their own departments and keep them functioning. Examples: Commanders, Executive Officers and the Synths must guarantee all departments are working fine. SOs must guarantee that the CIC is manned and every squad has an overwatch. Chief Engineers and Maintenance Technicians must keep the ship powered and functional. Chief Medical Officers and Doctors must provide healthcare and surgery. Squad Leaders must actually lead their squads. Xeno queens must lead the hive.
  2. Xenomorphs are part of a greater hivemind enslaved to the will of the Queen. Xenos should prioritize following the directions of their Queen where possible.
  3. For balance reasons some roles are limited. Get into the hypersleep machine and ask to be sent back to lobby if you don't want to play them. Don't suicide or otherwise close the slot instead. Each limited role has special access and responsibilities to be followed.
  4. Suicide on non-essential roles is not an issue as long as it's not disruptive to the game and setting. There is a difference in offing yourself in the middle of the battlefield, filled with corpses, and joining just to shoot yourself in the middle of briefing or similar.
  5. Some light memery is fine and dandy, but in excess it can be detrimental to the tone of the game. You may be politely asked to tone it down if it gets too excessive, though it shouldn’t be a problem unless it becomes a recurrent issue.
  6. Abuse of position; as in being deliberately incompetent or malicious in their position is not allowed. Deliberate incompetence or malice can result in warnings or bans, depending on severity. Example would be a Requisitions Officer or Cargo Tech ordering stuff for themselves and deploying, neglecting the operation.
Rule 6 Precedents.
  1. Incidents of admin abuse or negligence should be reported along with a date and time, along with details to pinpoint the incident in the logs, to the headmin via Discord or forum PM.
  2. Incidents of poorly conducted admin events may also be taken to into a feedback thread, for less serious complaints. Try to remain constructive and polite.
  3. Lying in adminhelps, misrepresenting facts deliberately, or logging off when an admin has asked a question may result in permabans. Admins will not automatically place bans for players logging off however, and will generally wait a while in case real life situations caused a player to disconnect or go afk.
  4. Adminshopping is not allowed. Respond to the staff member speaking to you and respect their ruling. You may appeal that after the round is finished but do not attempt to get a new ruling from a different admin to counter it during the round.

Discord Rules

Rule 1
  • Be very nice to each other. If you are being a butt you'll may be kindly showed the way out.
  1. Doxxing & swatting: doing it, encouraging people to do it, or joking about doing it, will lead to an immediate & permanent game, discord, and forum ban.
  2. Bigotry falls under this category. Unironic racism or similar has no place here. Err on the side of caution.

Rule 2

  • Discord is for discourse to happen. Do not disrupt the ability to hold a conversation. Be it with off-topic remarks, spam, dog piling, or excessive embeds and high height images.
  1. If a link has a excessively large embed, enclose it between < and > to block the automatic embed.
  2. Messages with a blank message portion and an embed is not allowed. Embeds enhance the message, not replace it. (This does not apply to attachments)
  3. Abuse of mentions in such a way as to compromise the effectiveness of notifications by creating false positive fatigue falls into the scope of this rule.
  4. Shitposting belongs in #shitposting

Rule 3

  • Keep things tasteful and don't be a creep. Avoid pornography and erotic content.
  1. NSFW content is not allowed to be embedded or attached, and links to it must be marked as such and enclosed in < > to keep the automatic embed from showing.

Rule 4

  • Do not resolve administrative matters over discord DMs.

Rule 5

  • Don't do anything that would make Discord or nation states mad at us.