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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.


DMCA Medic.png
Squad Corpsman
Access: Squad Corpsman Equipment Room, Squad Room
Difficulty: Hard
Rank: Lance Corporal
Class: Marines
Supervisors: Squad Leader
Duties: Keep your squad alive, send seriously wounded back to the ship.
Guides: Guide to medicine, Guide to Defibrillation
Quote: Don't be such a baby. Ribs grow back!


The Corpsman are the frontline medics of the TGMC. Utilizing the latest in Nanotransen technology, you're equipped to treat almost every type of damage, keeping marines in the fight, medevacing them to safety, or even bringing them back to life if they've been killed.

Playing the Corpsman

As expected, you are a critically important asset to any marine force. Your main priority is to treat injured marines, but you must also be ready to fight. Unless assigned to a FOB or other objective, you must be at the front but never on the front, keeping yourself safely in the rear-lines where you can treat and evac the wounded. The fight is your secondary responsibility, but you are still a marine and will often encounter flankers, harassers, or an entire assault force bearing down on your position. This balancing act of managing casualties while protecting your rear-lines, or being able to support a push with backup firepower, is one all Corpsmen must master.

The role of Corpsman is very difficult but equally rewarding, and every marine knows they wouldn't last long without you.

Vendors, Equipment, and Weapons

Your Gear

Medicbag.png Medic Backpack

The backpack you start with has a defibrillator charger attached to it, and a power cell for the charger. Useful if your defib unit runs out of charge. Has more space to hold supplies than the medic satchel but needs to be taken off your back to access it.

Medicbelt.png Lifesaver Belt

The belt you get from your equipment vendor comes with a variety of pill bottles, some splints and trauma/burn kits, and a couple injectors with useful chems. The guide to medicine will tell you what items treat what, and your health scanner will also tell you what medicine to use.

DMCA health analyzer.png Health Scanner

Your health scanner will show you whatever injuries a person has. At the bottom of the pop-out window, you will get advice for what steps you should take to heal the person you've scanned. Certain injuries will require a body scanner to locate, and will require surgery to fix.

Rollerbedfolded.png Roller Bed

Roller beds are very useful for getting wounded marines out of danger before treating them. You can drag an unfolded roller bed onto your sprite to re-fold it.

Medevacbedfolded.png Medevac Bed

Similar to roller beds, you can put a wounded marine in a medevac bed that's linked to a beacon and teleport the bed to your linked beacon.

Emp grenade.png Medevac Beacon

Links up to a medevac bed. Use it in your hand where you want the beacon placed, then use the medevac bed on the beacon once it's on the ground. The beacon needs to be placed in a powered area.

Hypo.png Hypospray

The hypospray can be used to quickly inject chemicals into people. You can set how many units you want it to inject, and you can fill it with any pill or bottle.

Cryobag.png Stasis Bag

Stasis bags will slow down bleeding, internal bleeding, larva growth, and keep critically injured people alive for long amounts of time. Might cause some genetic damage later down the line.

Defib 3.gif Defibrillator

Brings recently killed people back into the living world. If someone has an electricity icon on them, they can be saved. Needs to be recharged after a while, the sprite will give a rough estimate of how much charge is left: green, yellow, and red. As long as you have medical training, defibbing someone will heal damage; the more advanced your medical skill, the more it heals.

Doing your job

Once you put on your medical hud, you will see a health bar over anyone who is hurt. Using your medical scanner on them will tell you how much damage they have, and other info such as any bone fractures or trauma. If you don't know what to treat them with, check the guide to medicine or follow the advice at the bottom of the popout window. Remember to set up your medevac beacon before you leave the ship!

The Health Analyzer Pop-out window

You'll mainly be treating brute damage, burns, bone fractures, and pain. You should use brute or burn kits on any body part that's been hurt, and then use chems to treat the remaining damage. Don't forget to give anyone wounded some painkillers. Do NOT give someone medicine if someone else is already treating them. You'll probably overdose them.

What do do if someone overdoses

If some idiot (you) ends up overdosing someone on a chemical, you should use Hypervene to purge any chems from their body. You'll also want to heal the toxin damage with dylovene.

When to send people back

Sometimes people will have life-threatening problems that you can't fix in the field. If they can't walk back, you should either put them on a roller bed and bring them back to the dropship, or use a medevac bed if you don't have time.

If someone has:

  • Internal bleeding - Give them quickclot and send them back for surgery.
  • Bone Fractures - Splint the wounded area. They might need surgery later, but in most cases they can still fight.
  • Been Infected by a facehugger - Send them back for surgery. If you're far away a stasis bag will keep them alive longer.
  • Embedded objects - Send them back for surgery. Even if they seem fine, they won't be later.
  • Low blood - Have them go back for more blood. If there's food around feeding them can also work.

Dealing with the recently deceased

If you see someone who's dead and has a lightning symbol next to them, they can be saved. If there's a skull next to them, it's too late to help them. If the lightning symbol is yellow they have just died and you have some time. If it's orange, you're starting to run out of time. If it's red, they're about to die! Using your defibs on them will either bring them back to life or reset how much time you have to save them. There is a more detailed guide to this, but the basics are:

  • Remove any armor covering the chest.
  • Check the lighting symbol to see how much time you have.
  • See how much damage they have. They won't come back to life if they have over 200 total damage.
  • Give them treatment for whatever damage they took, and some inaprovaline to keep them from dying again.
  • Shock the fucker.


  • Don't try to treat anyone who can't run if you're in danger. Put them on a roller bed and get somewhere safer first.
  • You can buy more hyposprays in your vendor, and you can mix different chemicals in them and change how much is applied. If you know what you're doing, it can help a lot.
Job Positions

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