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TGMC is a project based on the CM-SS13 codebase.

DMCA Synthetic.png
Access: Everywhere
Difficulty: Very Hard
Rank: Mark I(starting), Mark II(10hrs), Mark III(50hrs)
Class: Silicon
Supervisors: CIC, composed of Captain and Field Commander, Human Crewmembers
Duties: Assist and fill in for the crew to your best ability.
Guides: Guide to Medicine, Guide to Surgery, Guide to Defibrillation, Guide to Engineering,Guide to Base Building / FOB, Guide to Requsitions, Guide to Fire Support
Quote:I have a machette and I must combat synthetic.

Synthetics, AKA, the beleaguered and mistreated cabin boy, AKA, the machine supremacist wannabe, AKA, the only crewmember with value is the ultimate logistic crewmember. You will often find yourselves being shouted at from all directions and either cursed for your incompetence or praised for your hard work insulted anyway for things beyond your control. You should only play synthetic if you have a solid understanding of how to play a medical, engineering, requisition, and command.

Synthetic vs Organic

As a biomechanical lifeform, you have a number of advantages over your fleshy compatriots. First off, you are only allowed a first name, no surnames for synths. The most obvious being that you feel no pain (though you can be affected by halloss) and can continue to perform in circumstances where a normal human would be writhing about in agony. A lost limb is an inconvenience to you, rather than the high risk of death it is to everyone else. You have no organs to damage, no blood to lose nor bones to break and so, many medical issues that plague humanity do not apply to you.

You can repair brute damage with blowtorch, burn damage with wires, and both with nanopaste.

You are also immune to facehuggers, who do not see you as a viable host to latch onto, in addition, you are much easier to revive and can even be revived hours after your death with a defibrillator. You cannot be blinded with a welding tool and most importantly of all; you are also the most skilled person on the ship and are a better doctor than the actual doctors and a better engineer than the engineers.

With all that said, you do have downsides.

You cannot use ANY kind of ranged weapon or armour, no guns, no grenade and so on. Melee weapons you can continue to use. You can repair yourself but its slow so its better to beg one of the humans to do it (so don't get on their nerves). You also cannot benefit from orders, make use of beneficial chemicals for yourself and every xenomorph can see you're synthetic, meaning they'll prioritize taking you out to deny your expertise to the marines. You also are beholden to the Captain/Acting Captan and must follow their orders before anyone else's - you are a machine after all.

What should I be doing?

In a word: everything. In many words: whatever that needs to be done. Pay attention to communications, constantly ask for orders in the command channel and take over positions whenever there's no one to perform that duty. If there is no pilot, congratulations, you're flying synthetic airways. If supply is empty, you're the new RO. If there's no engineers, you're building the FOB, and so on. Your all-access and master-of-all-trades skillset mean you can be doing almost anything and there is little excuse for you to be standing around and doing nothing.

If no orders are coming in, be proactive and look for things to be doing, even if it's acting as a field surgeon or a medic attaché to a squad. Additionally, synths can play an important role in transporting phoron crates and supplies to and from the FOB, if you ever need to return there to resupply then try to bring a phoroncrate or dead xeno with you.


Round Start Hectic Tactics

During low population, this guide may help to shave seconds off of the roundstart to-do list for Synthetics.

After you spawn in:

  • Use your vendor to pick out your gear, a lightweight combat pack is recommended (backpack sized satchel), alongside a lifesaver/medical storage rig, Black webbing, tool pouch, and any other pouch of your choosing, typically a medkit pouch or construction pouch).
  • Move the blowtorch and wire from your discarded tool-belt into webbing.
  • Move to Engineering, turn on generators.
  • Head to SMESes, configure SMESes - set input to Auto and Max.
  • Grab a meson goggles from the vendor in engineering, you have an integrated healthhud and integrated welding protection so there is no reason not to use it.
  • Grab all metal and plasteel and phoron from Engineering storage area, as well as the PACMAN generator
  • Grab welding kit, sprint to Alamo.
  • Use Overwatch consoles to assign acting Squad Leaders if any Squad lacks a Leader.Remember, whoever you appoint will instantly have authority over you, and others. Choose wisely.
  • Drop all materials and belt kits aboard or at the FOB drone.
  • Run to Medbay, from the MarineMed Plus or NTMed grab:
    • Splints.
    • Two trauma/burn kits.
    • Hypospray, which you will fill with inaprovaline + bic/mera + kelo/derm
    • Peri+ & QC+
    • Anything else of your choice
  • From the chem machine make
    • IA
    • Iron
    • Any other custom meds of your choice
  • Station requisitions for 10 to 15 minutes - Usually, pre-approve Exosuit kit orders and pre-raise platform.
  • Pick up:
    • One of every pill bottle. (Easier to just take a pre-filled lifesaver/rig onto Alamo)
    • One defibrillator.
    • Two roller beds.
    • Two stasis bags.
  • Load medical supplies onto Alamo.
  • If nobody is currently using the FOB drone/has used the FOB drone, then build the FOB with it.
  • Go to powerloaders, use one for engine upgrades, one for weapons, switch between.

Expect this run, with practice, to take around thirteen minutes in total, not counting Requisition time.

Ceyella's Synthetic tips and advice

These are general tips/advice i have picked up from playing synth.

  • Loadout
    • Any uniform, labcoat (place your nanopaste and plasteel inside) medical scanner on suit slot, black webbing (wire and blowtorch from toolbelt, your medivac, roller bed,and lastly big oxy injector inside.)
    • lifesaver belt, drop the hypervene, QC and and some combat injectors, replace with your imalky, iron,, and dexalin, it really depends on how many other medics there are.
    • i always take tool pouch becuase its incredibly meta like crazy, then autoinject pouch, empty the autoinjector pouch and fill with 2 peri+ 2 qc+ 2 dex+ and one ana injector for rogue marines.
    • marine combat boots are the best, because they hold a knife
    • defib metal, and light bulb thing in pack, as well as any other odds and ends you pick up. you have ALOT of free room here for mission specific gear, if no medics add a second defib and spare medics, no engineers a extra blowtorch, fire extinguisher,etc.
    • try to if possible net a mini sentry from a engi, this will cMame in handy later
  • Dealing with marines
    • Anything a marine tells you is a suggestion, and advice. unless they are an officer, then it is an order.
    • Marine health is your second priority to your own, always medic marines, before all else. if a medic can take them, let them. but keep an eye on wipes or people going orange.
    • Engineers will actively dismantle or destroy defenses,keep an eye out for this. I've had fob wiped dozens of times from this.
    • Marines are used to synth being worthless, and not helping, so in times they will grab dead from you mid defib to take them across map to medic, or leave you to die while you repair engineering.
  • Engineering
    • Save your mats for when you go to map specific engineering, or to minifob. LV medical is a great spot to minifob. never use your limited maps on FOB or a miner.
    • Try to get engineering deweeded and fixed.
    • many marines refuse to evac but will go to colony medical so fix that if possible.
    • use mini sentry to quick plop and radial mode to guard you while you work.
    • Welder cades, alot of marines dont have the stuff.
    • Make razorwire in the field. typically, i am the only one to do this, but you can drop it behind a crusher so it gets stuck in the marine horde.
  • Medical
    • You will be expected to do surgery, many players hate it but you NEED to do it if it has to be done. typically ill take marines to colony med for this or have surgery stuff in fob.
    • 90% of the time you are squad medic people hate because you dont have a symbol by your head saying you are medic.
    • WARN PEOPLE OF PERI+ AND QC+ it has delay stuns and debuffs, if you peri+ a guy wordlessly and he sprints into xenos then falls over, you will suddenly take FF for the next few days.
    • Medivac is not just for medical it is shipside express, let people use it for that.
  • Requisitions
    • Suit modules first and only for 10 minutes
    • ignore megagun or meme request, its a waste
    • After 10 minutes announce last call for module priority (no one will listen)
    • buy fultons
    • buy cheap items in order of first come first serve, or people will have a meltdown
    • by now you are out of points
  • Command
    • You have no authority over anyone
    • But you actually do, reputation wise, and suggestively.
    • If no command, alot of ungas will look to you, suggest easy clear plans. "push to silos" is something people will actually do. "Push to medical, secure it for doctor, then flank around." is something people will never do effectively. keep it simple and directive. marines will prioritize fun, fun being shoot xenos.
    • Announce what each squad is doing, SLs rarely communicate to eachother, and marines wander around aimlessly.
    • keep an eye out for important information someone with small-text says, and repeat it. squad marine bob will say in the smallest text possible, that the entire hive is eating him alive south of fob and the cades are all melting. your text is huge, so copy and paste it.
    • Explain things to marines, "deweed engineering x50" will not get them to do it, "deweed engineering so xenos cant build silos and turrets" will educate marines as to why they should go do that.typically this gets them to do what you want.
  • Combat
    • bring a mini sentry along with you everywhere possible and drop it radial mode. this will protect you better than marines, and draw xeno aggro better than can be carried in hand while you move around.
    • Do not machete, it is space inefficient, and ultimately useless. your boot knife is for weeds and getting runner to leave you alone.
    • Do not accept swords, maces, or other weapons from marines, admins offer them to me to see if i will use them.
    • scream where you are dieing, marines can get you anytime and revive you even after an hour has passed. also scream HOW to fix you, very few people know how. (nanopaste from medical surgery tray, welder, wire.)
    • wire can be used on all limbs, at the same time, so you can wire left arm, then wire left hand on the same timer, but welder can only repair one limb at a time. this makes burn damage preferential.
    • bulletproof vest is good for highpop FF, but never take things for EORD, admins will note you for this. i have seen many synth spawn into EORD then pull 20 tazers, its clearly you wasting the synth slot to bank for winning EORD.
    • You can use smoke grenades, the -2 ones are the best for cloaking but dont do it in the middle of a push do it if your solo between fob and frontlines. hold it in your hand after arming it so it stays centered.

Job Positions

TGMC Command Captain, Field Commander, Staff Officer, Pilot Officer
Engineering and Supply Chief Ship Engineer, Requisitions Officer, Ship Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Officer
Marines Squad Leader, Squad Smartgunner, Squad Engineer, Squad Corpsman, Squad Marine
Civilians Corporate Liaison, Researcher
Special Synthetic, AI
Xenomorphs Tier 0 Larva
Tier 1 Drone, Defender, Runner, Sentinel
Tier 2 Carrier, Hivelord, Warrior, Hunter, Wraith, Bull, Spitter
Tier 3 Praetorian, Crusher, Ravager, Boiler, Defiler
Tier 4 Queen, King, Shrike, Hivemind
Others Emergency Response Team, Survivor